The Beginning of the End and the End of the Beginning!

    Wow.  Can you believe that 2013 is already over?  It has flown by.  There has been a lot of sadness for me this past year, but also a lot of hope and victory.

     I can't do a big long post, but I just wanted to give everyone a quick jump start to the new year.  Not only is every day a new page in our life-book, but each year is a new chapter.  But just because one chapter ends, one year gone, doesn't mean that it is the end.  No, it is only the beginning!  That is the very best thing about endings.  After a end is always a beginning. 
     We never know when our the LORD will end our book and take us home.  But we shouldn't worry about it.  We should just make sure that our life-book was one worth writing.  Because the greatest author of all is behind it!  =)

     The end of the year is always a time to look back and see all the has happened.  All of the firsts, the regular, the unusual, and even, the lasts.  But let us make the new year even more full!  But remember; every day is a new day to start over, get a fresh start, a clean slate.  Enjoy life, and live it to the full.  And remember to live for the LORD, and to do as he would want.  

    Think of this as not only as a ending, but also as a beginning!

~May the New Year be for Christ! 

Happy New Year, Everyone! =)

(ps.  You may have noticed that I never finished my photo challenge.  I actually have some of the pictures already taken, but there are some that I cannot take until tomorrow.  January is my birthday month, so maybe you guys can give me an extra day to finish it? =)  I'll post it tomorrow, hopefully!)

Tacit Tuesday: Funny (3)

Well, it's Tuesday again!  So here is the third Tacit Tuesday.  While not all will have themes, this one does, and the theme is funny.  So sit back, and get ready to laugh.  =D

The poor idiot...Haha!

And here is another homeschooling one:

You can't read the print on this one, but it's worth it too look it up.

Here is the Link: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/105553184989882817/

And that concludes the third Tacit Tuesdays!  Hope you enjoyed it!  =)

Happy Last Day of 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AHHHHH!!!!  How is this possible!!???




Okay.  Sorry everyone that this post took so long.  Christmas was over half a week ago, but better late than never, right?  Anyway, here is the start of my post:

  Ahh, the bliss of Christmas morning; your eyes fly open and suddenly you remember:  It's Christmas!!  You throw the covers aside, and rush out of your room, run straight to the kitchen, grab a bottle of formula, s start feeding the crying baby goats by the counter, head to the tree to open presents...  Wait a minute, feed goats in your kitchen?  Since when was that part of normal Christmas morning?  For us, as of last Christmas Eve. 
    Julia and I sat out in the very cold on a very, very cold cement floor watching a mother goat in labor.  This goat, Lacy, had given birth to stillborn babies twice and this was her third time giving birth.  So Julia and I watched her and timed the contractions.  Then my mom came out and we all sat, and waited.  Finally the baby started to come.  And he was coming backwards, back feet first, which messes everything up.  But the baby was coming anyway, so Mom pulled and Lacy pushed and I prayed.  And we got him out and it was so cold, so wet, and so alive.  I wrapped a ton of blankets around him and cleared his nose and mouth and breathed in his nose and called aloud to God to keep him alive.  And I turned and looked and Mom was holding another one.  So I breathed in that ones nose and they both coughed and were breathing.  Tears were streaming down both my mom and I's cheeks and we were crying out praises to the LORD.  It was the most stressful and spirit lifting experience I had this year I think.  But it was totally worth it for these little guys:  (Note; these were taken right after they were born; less than an hour.  I have more recent pictures, but I can't access them right now and that is a different post anyway. =) Enjoy)

    Aren't they darling?  =)  I love them to pieces <3  So right now they are in a tub by our front door, and every so often we have to get up and feed them.  But they are really, really sweet.  The one with all the spots is a girl, named Holly.  The other one (In the last picture) is the boy named Isaiah.

  Alrighty, moving on.  Next, I'm going to go through some of the stuff I got for Christmas.  I've never done this before, but I decided just to do it for fun.  Enjoy! =)

I have recently learned how to crochet scarves, but this one was done actually by a daughter of a friend.  There is an elderly lady that Julia and I go and see, and this lady's daughter does beautiful sewing work.  So she made scarves for each of us kids.  They are beautiful.
 Dunkin' Donuts!!!  (No explaination needed) Plus, it says Joy.  =D
 If you have not tried these, you need to get a hold of some.  They are pecans covered in caramel, covered in chocolate.  How can you go wrong?
Nancy Drew video games are awesome!  You act as Nancy Drew and solve the case, so it is super fun.  Plus the graphics are awesome.  You collect clues, talk to people, solve puzzles, and try to decide what to do next.  If you can, you can look up "Nancy Drew Game Trailers" or something along those lines and watch some of the trailers.  They are pretty awesome.

I think that www.herinteractive.com even has the official trailers.  You might want to check that out before heading to YouTube.  You can buy them almost everywhere.  Walmart and most office supplie stores that have video games, like Office Depot, have them.  You can even order them online at the link above, either as a physical copy or by just downloading it.  If you have any questions, just ask me.  =)


 The I got a spa kit from my aunt.  It is really cute. 

And the kit came with slippers, so I am now a proud owner of sheep slippers.  Haha.  They are really fuzzy though.  =D


 Next I just got some stickers...
 And some perfume.  The stuff in the white box is really, really pretty.  I love it. 
 I also got this gift set which also includes perfume.  This smells nice too!

And the crowning glory...

 An mp3 player!  My old one was kaput (See below)
 Yeah, kinda hard to chose the song when you can't SEE anything!  Haha.  Look at the screen on the new one:
 Check it out, man!  I can see the songs!  =)  Haha
And that's all.  It's quite a bit, a lot more then I thought, and I loved everything.  What did you guys all get?  I hope you liked it! 

Sorry again for how long it took to get this post published.  It's almost New Year! 
*Oh, No, I have ONE more day to do the pictures for my challenge!  AHH!* ;)

Toddles, and Happy New Year!  =)



Tacit Tuesdays: Christmas (2)

Hi!  It's Tuesday again, but it is also Christmas Eve!  What does your family do on Christmas Eve?  Most the time we just enjoy preparing for Christmas, and we may open some gifts.  Most of the time we are in Michigan over Christmas, so we wake up in a hotel room to see snow on the ground and covering everything.  But we will be staying home this Christmas and according to the weather the last couple of days, Christmas will be a very wet 60 degrees.  So, in celebration of the wonderfulness of Christ's birth, enjoy these simple reminders of the season.  Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

 Okay, winter is here, but the picture is pretty.  =)