Book Review: My Fair Godmother

Title: My Fairy Fair Godmother
Author: Janette Rallison

   Introduction: I saw this book on Pinterest actually, and I looked it up because it sounded interesting. Then I forgot about it.  But a couple of weeks ago I saw it at the library and decided to get it and see if I liked it.  I did.  The plot, ad my sister said, was "Amazing, extraordinarily, awesomely, wonderful."  The only part that she didn't like was the romance.  It was in the teen section of my library, which pretty much guarantees that there is romance in it.  It did get a bit mushy at parts, but I just consider it my romantic splurge of the...year?  Haha.  It wasn't that bad.  Mainly just the girl wanting a boyfriend so badly.  =)  But Julia (My sister)  is the kind that looks away and gags when there is kissing in a movie.

   Plot Overview: Savannah's life is pretty much crumbling.  First off, her boyfriend dumps her for no other then...her sister.  Then she is super embarrassed at a pool party.  Plus, to top it off, she has a $315 prom dress sitting in her closet that she now has no use for.  So when a fairy and a leprechaun  show up in her room to grant her three wishes, she naturally wishes for a prom date.  That would solve all her problems, right?  But her fairy godmother is less then stellar.  So first Savannah gets sent off as Cinderella.  Next she is transported to the life of Snow White.  And finally, she makes it back home, her final wish being for a prince, just like all the other times, but from her own time.  So instead of sending Savannah to the middle ages, she sends a boy from Savannah's class.  Now Savannah has to go back, defeating Cyclops, dragons, and discovering the secret identity of the mysterious Black Knight.  "Lighthearted fantasy and part romantic comedy, My Fair Godmother proves that finding your one true love can be a Grimm experience!"  (The last part in quotes was from the back of the book.

   Positive Notes: Near the end of the book, despite the boyfriend differences, the two sisters do get along.  Savannah, rather then staying in the modern world like she wants too, sacrifices comfort to go back and help her friend.  At the end of the book, one of them stays behind to help the others get home. 
   Negative Notes: The main theme of this book is having a boyfriend.  The book doesn't wrap up with a point of boyfriends not being the most important thing.  Rather, it sends the message that every thing turns out right as long as you continue to go after the boy.  The parents of the sisters, who don't show up in the book very much, further this message.  especially at one point where the mom says to Savannah, along the lines of, "You're not looking, at this point, for a future husband.  Dating goes up and down and at this point it should just be for fun, to figure out relationships and what to look for in a guy." 
                          This mindset, of course, is not what we should have as a single person.  Our single years should be God-honoring, and we should not take dating lightly.  It can causes emotion
 and physical lose of innocence and can lead to serious regrets.  Dating, of course, can be a good thing, once you are older, as long as it is "used" correctly.  If you are more interesting it this topic, please look up and get a hold of a copy of "I Kissed Dating Goodbye."  Even if the subject at first glance may seem boring, please take a step to read this book.  It is very good.
                         Besides the major boyfriend issue, there is no swearing besides one use of the word "suck."  But it is used in the context of leeches, but it also suggestions the other use.
                         There are 4 or 5 kissing "scenes" but only 2 of them mention more then the word "kiss."  The others mainly talk about the emotions going on during the kiss.

   Conclusion: After writing that long "Negative Notes" paragraph I almost feel like a hypocrite for saying I liked it while all of that is going on.  But most of the time the plot covers most of the romance.  I just wanted to cover the "behind the scenes" theme.  The book really starts when Savannah goes back in time to help the boy from her class, Tristan.  The real mystery is who the Black Knight is and how he fits into all the clues collected along the way.  It is really surprising, and by the time you get to the end, it is literally a "can't put down."  (Hint:  This was the book that I stayed up until 2 in the morning reading.)
                       Overall I enjoyed the book.  The author is a good writing and it really catches your attention and hold it.  So if you are ever in the mood to splurge on a good book with a little romance, this is a good one to try for.  And also check out the "I Kissed Dating Goodbye."  I would recommend that to everyone.  It is especially good to have that at the back of your brain as you survey the world with it's twisted view of how to find your "One True Love."

Have any of you already read this book?  What did you think? If any of you read it, let me know.  And I'm always open to thoughts about this or any other book.  Would you like if I posted other book reviews?  The others wouldn't be so romantic, I promise! =)

Merry Christmas, Lovelies!


  1. I enjoyed this book review and can't wait for more! (are you going to do a book review on "A Reluctant Queen?" [the book that I had at camp and that you were reading avidly?] ) ;)

    1. Oooh. Well, of course, I may need to read it again just to make sure that I didn't forget any important parts, right? Haha. Yeah, I was going a little crazy at camp! =) Which is really unusual, because I am never crazy, right? ;) =D Yes, I may have to. I'll get it from the library. Or maybe you could do a guest post review of it? =)

  2. By the way, I just realized how messed up the font is on this post was. I'm sorry everybody!!


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