Favorite Christmas Songs


I'm a little bit behind on my photo challenge, and I don't feel getting up and taking pictures so I'm going to post some of my favorite Christmas music.  I know some of you might not have limited internet and not be able to watch all of these, but if you can, or if you go to the library, in my opinion  they are worth watching.  Enjoy!  =)

*By the way, I am just reposting these from YouTube.  I do not own any of these songs or the videos.*

At the end the person who made this messed up the lyrics a little, but the song is worth it.
Very powerful lyrics.

I like this song, it's very peaceful. =)

I loved "Mary Did You Know" as soon as I heard it. 
Powerful lyrics

I love this song, it is mainly instrumental.

I don't know about the video playing during the song, but it was the only video I could find. =)

Well, that is all for this post.  Of course, I love a lot of Christmas hymns, too.  Like "What Child is This?", "The First Noel." and "Angels We Have Heard On High."

I'll be posting again, so hang tight!  =)

Merry Christmas!  =)  <3


  1. I LOVE Mary did you know and Carol of the Bells!! They are some of my favorite Christmas songs!! Anyways, this is my random comment! =)

    1. Me too! (Duh, haha) When I do puppet shows, at "intermission" we blow bubbles for the kids. They go crazy for bubbles! haha But we always have Carol of the Bells playing. So when I hear that song I instantly think of little kids laughing and parents smiling with Christmas colors and laughter every where. It is nice. =) Besides the "While you were sleeping" (And the two that you mentioned) the others I just heard this year.


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