Tacit Tuesdays! {25)

Hey Ya'll!

   Today I'm at the library all day.  The library is basically our second home; I've been volunteering here for years and years.  We had to be here at 9:45 today (15 minutes before the library opened to the public) to run through our puppet shows once more; then at 10:30 was the actual show.  Julia, 2 friends, and I do the shows for the toddlers.  It is really fun, but pretty tiring on your arms. lol  Then we had lunch here hosted by the library as a thanks for our work.  Then we blew up balloons and hung up decorations for the tween party at 3.  And now I'm waiting around for our 6 o' clock party to start.  Once this post is published I'm going to go help again.  So, anywho, I've been in the library for 7 hours already, and I will have been at the library for over10 hours by the time we leave.  Yuppers.  Haha.  It's pretty cool.  Plus piiiizzzzzaaaaaaa..... Ahh...

Anywho, here are some random pictures taken around my room.  Enjoy, peeps.


 These are some of my posters in my room. =)

The bottom of my pointe shoe. =)

Okay, you might have a Nancy Drew collection.  Those nice, beautiful yellow hardbacks.  Most of them probably look like the one below:

But, the truly old ones are the real deal:

Oh, man. <3 <3  Hand me an old book like this and I am in llooooovvveee!!!!

And this is from India, given to me by my bestest real life friend, Rachel. =) <3

Well, this was a short one, but at least it got published! lol  =)




     Hey, guys.


    Well, actually, I have some really good excuses, and I feel like typing them so your just going to listen to them. ;)

   This week at our church is SBC, which stands for Summer Bible Club, a Vacation Bible School basically.  So this week the only day I was online was Tuesday, and I was going to post Tacit Tuesdays.  I sat down to do it, and I even started typing it.  But, see, the problem with having friends that are AMAZING writers is that sometimes out of the blue they send you random stories that they typed up.  Innocently, I thought I would have time to scan over the story, go back and publish my post, and then read the story later.  Well, see, the problem with scanning an awesome story is that you catch parts of it and immediately have questions.  Well, I reasoned, I could read a couple of pages of it, just to get the story line.  Sheesh.  Okay, ya'll, as a warning, never start reading something of Mikayla's if you have something else to do!  Before I knew it an hour had passed and I was so engrossed in the story I didn't even notice.  Ya'll, I finished a 35 page story in one setting.  That's how good it was.  It was absolutely amazing.  And so sweet.  And I just loved everything about it.  Ahhh....I've thought of that story for days.  It was so...beautiful...sigh....ahh.....

   Okay, so anyway, you can all blame Mikayla for sending me awesome stories that take up my "writing blog post" time. ;)

     Well, anyway, I don't really have anything to say.  I'm sorry for disappearing this week without notice.  I'll post tomorrow or the next day, probably.  Or Tuesday, as long as Mikayla behaves herself. ;) hahaha

   Also, as a random note, today for the first time I used my car key to straighten the part in my hair rather then go out to the car to get my hair brush.  Not that you needed to know that, but, um, anyway...

Also, in case you've never been around, like, 30 kindergarteners trying to keep them from bouncing, running in circles, and injuring either others or themselves, then let me just tell you now:  They have unlimited energy, and the worker has none.  Man, that's exhausting.  This week I have been more tired then I think I even have before.  Whoo!

Oh kay, thus ends this extremely random post.  Goodbye *tips hat*


Added Note!!:  Thank you all SOO much for your positive opinions of my Prince Charming post!  I wasn't sure how it would be taken and all of your wonderful, beautiful comments meant way more to me then you will ever know!!  Thank you VERY VERY much!! =D


You Don't Want Prince Charming!

Ah, Prince Charming.  Pretty amazing fellow, isn't he?  Just when all hope seems lost, and the damsel is going to be subject to a life of dreary pain and suffering forever, in swoops our hero.  Clad in fine looking clothes, riding his majestic steed, and of course, terribly handsome.  And so, after experiencing love at first sight, the two ride off into the sunset to a wonderful life filled only with love and happiness.

  Totally realistic, right?

Besides the fair tale factor, there are a lot of things in this mindset that are wrong; and most of them we don't even notice.  For example:

  First Off, Who is This Guy Anyway?
           Think about it.  Let's start with the very first Disney prince: Snow White's hero.  Ahh, yup.  He meets all the Prince Charming requirements: Handsome (That's number one, of course,) strong, nice clothes, and a horse.  Add a bit of charmingly romantic good timing (he shows up at the well, he shows up just in time to kiss her, etc) and he is a complete package!

   But, if you stop and think about it, those are all outside things.  Anyone can dress nicely, or ride a horse.  And there certainly isn't a low on good looking guys.  So, what makes him the "perfect" one?  What if Snow White rode off with him only to find out that he is a tyrant who cares nothing of the well fair of his kingdom.  What is he is a lazy bum who is content to do nothing with his life?  What are his traits?  Is he honest?  Does he have a bad temper?  None of these questions ever get answered.  

    But hey, he has a nice smile.
~ ~ ~
  Once You Get Married, All The Work Disappears...Right?
        Oh, how about Cinderella's man?  Here she is living a dreary life of work and chores and no fun.  But then she went dancing.  Ah yes, that is definitely the best way to choose your spouse.  And talking is overrated too.  Why do you need to exchange names when you can gaze into each others eyes?

  But, while my point about Snow White's prince applies here too, there is something else here.  Before Prince Charming saved the day, all Cinderella did was work.  But now, work is all behind her, right?  Well, is work all that bad?  Yes, Cinderella was overworked, but yet married life isn't a cakewalk either.  So the view point that after you get married you will never wash another dish or scrub another floor is waaay off.  In reality, once married you will probably end up doing more work, and this becomes especially true when children come.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

     Why Think Logically When You Can Have Love At First Sight?
     And finally, Aurora steps in.  Her prince at least has a real name, but Charming applies to his personality more then all the other princes combined.  Finding a beautiful girl in the woods singing to herself, and then joining in and sweeping her off her feet, literally?  Mega Charming points.  End your very first encounter gazing out at the sun with your arms around each other talking softly?  Oh boy, can you get any more romantic?

  But, quickly, this raises problems.  Both of them are supposed to already be marrying someone.  But, you just had an "always-true" love at first sight experience.  And your very first, heart thumping, sigh-worthy, sight of "the one" couldn't be wrong.  No way.  All those sudden emotions are all completely trust-worthy.  


~ ~ ~ ~

    See, when you really think about it, often choices that these characters make could turn out bad, but because it's a story, of course that doesn't happen.  But, that doesn't always happen in real life. ;)  Especially as we all get older, it is important to keep some things in mind before throwing ourselves into relationships.

  1.  Things Aren't Always What They Seem
        Charm is deceptive.  Anyone can be charming if they want to be.  If someone wants to fool you into liking them, they can turn on the charm and make it seem like they are such great people.  But, it is their walk with the LORD, and their virtues that matter.  One who is handsome and gives you lot of attention may seem worth going after, but only someone who strives to live for the LORD and to please Him is truly worth your time.  Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't trust anyone, and judge their every move.  I'm simply pointing out that anyone who wishes to have more than just a friendship should be someone who is following the LORD.
  2.  Sudden Bursts of Emotion Cannot Always Be Trusted
       Our emotions can change so quickly and they change often.  It is easy to base decisions, some rather important, on our emotions at that second.  While emotions are not bad, and can even be very good, we still need to be careful not to rely on them too much as reasons for making big decisions.  I plan on doing a blog post about this in the near future. =)

  3. Hard Work is Not a Bad Thing, and Marriage Will Be Hard
      Obviously I haven't had a ton of experience being married ;) but still I want us to be careful, especially as we grow older and the possibility of marriage become closer, that we don't think of marriage as a "way out."  Being married, raising children, and running a household is hard.  The LORD did not promise us an easy life, even if we don't get married.  Even if we never have children.  But, no matter how hard this life gets, we can still be used by the LORD in marvelous ways.  I can't wait to see how He uses me.


*Disclaimer: By using the Disney Princess examples, I was in no way saying that Disney movies are bad.  I personally love Disney princesses.  I was simply using them as a story example.*



Tacit TUESDAYS! (Ha!) ;) {24}

Well, just to get back at you guys for calling it Wednesday's Tacit Tuesdays (Which is true most of the time, and it actually made me laugh really hard) I made sure to post it today! ;)

  Also, Julia, I decided to be extra nice to you and I went out and took summer-y pictures. ;)

I also felt like editing today, so a couple are edited. =)



ps. Sarah Margaret, congrats on getting your own account!  I'm honored to have you as one of my "official" followers! =) <3

One of the edited ones <3

The other edited one =)

A selection of my music. =)

<3 <3 My Paris poster. <3 <3


Admiting Defeat / Liebster Award

Okay peoples.  I'm finally admitting defeat.  I can't even hope to do those award posts.  I'm terribly sorry.  But, from now on, I'm going to force myself to do them as soon as I'm awarded.  Like right now.

   I had decided to just drop all the awards and just start over, and then Jaime awarded me the next day.  I feel kind of bad being unfair to the rest of you for not doing yours, but I thought that I might as well do Jaime's while she had just awarded me.  So, once again, I'm terribly sorry to the rest of you.  I hope you enjoy it anyway and I will do the award posts from now on.  'Kay 'kay?

The Rules:

Thank and link back to the person who nominated you
List 11 facts about yourself
Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
Nominate 9 bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers (you can’t nominate the blogger who nominated you)
Ask them 11 questions
Let them know about the nomination
 Okay.  Well, thank you, Jaime Lynn for nominating me!  Jaime's blog is: Diligently Waiting, and she is sooo funny!  You guys need to read her blog.  She is so awesome and cool and random and hilarious and I just love her.  The award post link is: http://www.diligentlywaiting.blogspot.com/2014/07/extremely-late-liebster-award.html

  Hmm, 11 Facts.  Let's see...

   {1.} I love the color pink (Can't you tell by my blog? hehe)
   {2.} I love all of my wonderful followers.  Your sweet comments mean more to me then you will ever know.
   {3.} I'm learning Spanish and one day I hope to work with/be a missionary to Hispanic people.  I just love the culture, the language, the people, etc.
   {4.} I cannot play any instrument
   {5.} I cannot play any sports.  Seriously.  I'm terrible
   {6.} I could not live without my little sis. <3
   {7.} I've been blogging for about 9 months now.  Wow!
   {8.} This is my 100th published blog post!!!
   {9.} Math is my favorite subject in school
   {10} Science is my least favorite subject in school, followed closely by grammar!
   {11} I love fancy fonts/writing
And bonus:
    {12} I love old books; their smell, the feeling of old leather or hardback lining, ahhhh...<3

   Okay-dokey.  Now onto the questions! 

{1} Do You Like Tangled or Frozen More?
    Ohh, this is a hard one, but Frozen wins.  I like that a guy didn't end up saving them, and I especially liked that the first guy who seemed like Prince Charming just like all the other movies wasn't who he seemed.  Because things hardly are ever like they seem at first.

{2} What's Your Favorite Genre of Book?
   Realistic Fiction.  Fantasy every once in a while, when I feel like it.  I'm not into science fiction, so it has to be a very special SF book in order to get my approval.  City of Ember is one of those books.  But, that's another story. ;)

{3} Mocha Frappucino or Peppermint Tea?
   Gorsh, this is hard.  Well, I can't exactly remember ever having a mocha frappucino, but I like mocha and I know what it is, and so I'm pretty sure I would like it.  But, I love hot tea...Hmmm...I'll get back to you on this one. ;)

{4} Are You...Dauntless, Erudite, Candor, Amity, Abnegation?
    I haven't read the books or seen the movie, so I have no idea.
{5} What's an Ideal Friday Night in Your Opinion?
   Hmm.  Hanging out with my best friends.  That, or dressing up nice and fancy and going to a nice restaurant with my family.  Now what I really do on Fridays?  Sit at home on the computer and waste time on Pinterest. =P

{6} Favorite TV Show?
    I hope you don't mean recent TV show, (haha) because I don't watch TV, but I love old episodes.  My favorite shows are Perry Mason, Colombo, and Get Smart. =)

{7} Would You Rather Be A French Fry or a Peanut Butter Sandwich?  Think Hard Before You Answer.
    This question is basically Jaime's personality summed up. ;)  Hmm... I do have to think hard.  I suppose a peanut butter sandwich.  For one, that is my grandpa's all-time favorite food, and plus, as a peanut butter sandwich you fill people up much more then simply one french fry.

{8} What is Your Greatest Talent?
    Oh, hmm...  I guess writing?  I like doing it, that is for sure.  I hope being a good friend is another.  Public speaking is really easy for me, and I love talking to people.
{9} Which Duo Are You and Your Best Friend (Be Honest) Most Like?
      A.) Izma and Kronk 
      B.) Arthur and Merlin
      C.) Megamind and Minion
      D.) Captain America and Bucky
      E.) Anna and Olaf 
      F.) Sherlock and John
      G.) Fili and Kili
To be brutally honest I don't know some of these. LOL, Hmm, for Israel and I, I would say Megamind and Minion.  For Rachel, I'm going to break the rules and pick a duo not here, Scooby and Shaggy.  Haha.  Simply because Rachel and I are so alike, and neither of us are super adventurous.

{10} Weirdest Nickname You Have?
     I don't have many nicknames.  The only ones that come to mind are what Israel calls me occasionally:  Bub and Idiot Boy.  Best friends, great, aren't they? ;)

{11} Imagine You Are In The Hunger Games.  Which Of These Are You Most Likely To Do:
     A. Kill everyone at the cornucopia.  
     B. Go berry-picking.

    C. Find a way to escape the games (sort of like Katniss does in the end of Catching Fire)

D. Disguise yourself as a tree and chillax at the river.

E. Duck-face at all the cameras in the arena and hope you get sponsors.

F. Fall off the pedestal early and meet an early fate. 


Once again, I haven't read the books or seen the movies, but probably D or F. lol

Okay, now for YOUR part!
My nominees are:
  Sarah Margaret
  Sarah (Sister of Bernie)
  Julia (Sister Of Sarah Margaret)
    {Too Many of You have double names! LOL ;) }

And my questions are:
   1.) What is Your Favorite Genre of Music?
   2.) If You Could Have One Of The Following Talents, Which Would You Pick?  Do You Have Any Of These Already?
     A. Singing
     B. Being Athletic
     C. Good Public Speaker
   3.) If You Could Live The Life of One Person, Either Dead or Alive, For A Week, Who Would You Be?
   4.) Do You Ever Wear Makeup or Nail Polish?
   5.) Do You Like Bagels?
   6.) Do You Like Hot Tea?
   7.) What Is Your Least Favorite Chore?
   8.) Do You Ever Wear High Heels?
   9.) If You Could Have Any Super Power, what would you have?
  10.) Would You Rather Visit Britian, France, or Japan?
  11.) Do you prefer old or new houses?
And that is it!  Thank you again, Jaime, for nominating me!  And once again I'm sorry to the rest of you.  I will do the award posts next time!
ps. Happy 100th post!!!! WHOOOOO!!! =D



Drum Roll Please! ;)

I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!! And by now, by back I mean back to blogging.  I'm sorry that I didn't make my appearance these last couple of days.  I must admit I actually got back Friday, but I was so wiped out I couldn't write anything, and then Saturday we were busy!  Then of course Sunday is today and here I am!  First off all I want to say thank you to all of you for your sweet comments.  They all brought a smile to my face and some made me laugh!  They all made my day. =)  I feel so loved. *Beams*

    Anywho, camp was AMAZING!!  It was awesome.  Spectacular.  Encouraging.  Thought-provoking.  Fun.  Yummy (I'm a sucker for camp food. ;)

    I went with my best "real life" friend.  You have probably seen her commenting; Rachel B.  Ya'll, she is amazing.  Just letting you know. ;)  Julia, Rachel and I were all in the same cabin, obviously, but about 4 girls that were in our cabin last year were also in our cabin this year.  They were all so sweet.  We also got to meet some new girls too.  Everybody was so awesome.

   Okay, I am now going to actually pretend to be scheduled and have my ducks all in a row (that's an expression hehe) and so let's try to do this orderly, shall we? ;)

This was our theme of the week.  Sharing the Gospel.

   First off, cabin mates.  There were 11 of us.  6 of us (included Julia, Rachel and I) were together last year.  They were all wonderful.  We shared a lot of jokes and had a lot of laughs.  It was super cool. ;)

   Our cabin leader was super awesome too.  We had a main cabin leader and then there was a cabin leader "assistant" I suppose you would call her.  She slept in the same cabin as us and everything.  But the assistant is going into a military college.  So at one point it came up about marching.  She is the commander of a platoon, and so she got to call out all of the "Attention!"s.  Anyway, we asked if we could march somewhere.  So anyway, that's the story about how our cabin became a platoon, and how we marched everywhere.  It was AWESOME.  We discovered that we march faster then normal walking, and so at one point we almost ran another cabin over! Haha!  That's when our "commander" shouted back, "They only stop for the commander!"  =D  At one point we went out when it was a foggy and damp and we marched on the pavement, learning how to turn right, left, and 180.  We learned how to halt correctly, what all the fancy words and commands are, and even how to salute correctly.  It was glorious.  We had so much fun!  And what made it the best was that the cabin leader teaching us was SO happy.  While we marched and shouted, "Ay Ma'am!" she was grinning from ear to ear.  She kept saying over and over, "This is so cool!"  And when a video was taken of us marching she showed it to everyone.  She was so happy.  So that made us happy.  Plus, it was fun.  =)

We took notebooks and decorated them with scrapbook paper.  Rather than covering it with all one piece, like they said we could, I used the scraps of other people to make my own!  This is the front.

And this is the back.  I think I liked this side better. =)

  There were a lot of activities.  As teens we got to go night swimming!  If you have never done that, you have my pity.  It is AMAZING! Haha =D  Rachel and I did a creative arts track, which meant that everyday we did things like drama, puppets, acting, and interpretive movement.  We learned one interpretive movement in front of the whole camp! =D

  We also went canoeing.  Rachel and I talked a lot about doctrine and stuff like that.  Haha.  I told you she was awesome. ;)

  The food was really good too.  Yum!  We had a cookout, we had a taco bar, we had chicken sandwiches, etc, etc.  Soooo good!

   We all jumped off the diving board, even Ms. Terrible Swimmer over here.  Haha.  It was fun, but i didn't do anything extra impressive.

Yes, it's Julia's book.  I couldn't find mine to take the picture with! Haha! =D

  I think that is about all.  Course, a lot more happened, so if you have any questions I'll tell ya'! =) 

Sorry about taking so long to write this post.  Thank you to all of my guest posters!  I loved reading your posts.  You guys are so sweet.  I love ya'll. =) <3

~Jessica Joy


Guest post: Hello again! ;)

I just wanted to do a quick post to ask you all a question. :) So, here it is. ;)

 Is it just me, or do you also miss Jessica's awesome blog posts?! Comment below and tell me what you miss most about Jessica! =) ♥

-Julia Ryan


Guest Post ~ Chocolate Chip Cookies / Abigail

Hi girls!

 Here is the chocolate chip cookie recipe I promised. I made them for the first time when I was about 8 or 9, and I've been making them ever since! My whole family absolutely loves them, and I hope y'all will too :) So, without further ado, the recipe!

Cindy's Chocolate Chip Cookies (taken from tasteofhome.com)


  • 1 cup butter, softened
  • 1 cup shortening
  • 2 cups packed light brown sugar
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 4-1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking soda
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 2 cups (12 ounces) semisweet chocolate chips
  • 1 cup chopped pecans


  • In a large bowl, cream the butter, shortening and sugars until light
  • and fluffy. Beat in eggs and vanilla. Combine the flour, baking soda
  • and salt; add to creamed mixture and mix well. Stir in chocolate
  • chips and nuts (dough will be sticky). Cover and chill dough for 1
  • hour.
  • Drop by tablespoonfuls 2 in. apart onto greased baking sheets. Bake
  • at 350° for 10-12 minutes or until lightly browned. Remove to
  • wire racks to cool. Yield: about 11 dozen.
Nutritional Facts: 2 cookies equals 160 calories, 9 g fat (4 g saturated fat), 20 mg cholesterol, 145 mg sodium,


Guest post by Mikayla

Okay so there is no way I could do a post half as well as Jessica but I guess these are just to tide us all over til she gets back. =P I guess I'll just tell you a bit about myself... 
My name is Mikayla, I am fifteen, I live in the beautiful state of Texas with my five sibling and my parents. I love writing, reading, photography, art, blogging and making new friends! I'm also very quirky, just so you know. =) 
I like taking pictures of nature mostly so I thought I would share with you some of my cloud pictures, I hope you enjoy them! =) 


If you'd like to know more about me or want to see some more of my photography go ahead and hope over to my blog http://thebubblegumballerina.blogspot.com/ =)
Thank you for having me today! 


Guest Post: Sarah Margaret: My Favorites things

Hello all! 
My name is Sarah. =) I love crocheting, reading, sewing, and crafts. I especially LOVE crocheting!! I recently made my own Etsy shop. I am selling party favors, crowns, tiaras, and headbands so far. :) Jessica wrote out some questions for me to answer, so here I go! ;) You can check out my blog here at:

What is your favorite color?
Hmm... I like a light purple, or a light blue.

What is your Favorite Pet Animal? (Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Horse, ect.)
Dogs!! We used to have a chocolate lab named Maggie, but she died.. :(

What is your Favorite Book of the Bible? 
Hmm.. Esther, Ruth, Matthew... It's too hard to decide!

What is your Favorite Season? (Winter, Summer, ect.) 
Summer all the way! :D

What is your Favorite Movie?
Ohh... I really don't have one! Now that I think about it.. Everything is usually just "okay," nowadays. ;)

What is your Favorite Quote? 

What is your Favorite Dessert? 

If you Could Change your Name, Would you? If So, What Would you Change It To? 
Ohh.. I like my name, I just don't like writing it. :P Hmm.. I really don't know! It's hard to imagine myself with a different name.. ;)

What is your Favorite Book?
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I possibly choose?!?!?!??!!?!?!?! The Bible or course! Then, the Little House on The Prairie Series.. :)

And Finally, Who would be your Favorite Person From Either the Bible, or History in General? 
Ohh.. My favorite person from the Bible is Esther, she was so courageous! :) Favorite person from History.. Florence Nightingale and Clara Barton! :)

And that is the end of the questions! Thank you, Sarah! =) <3 

Thank you Jessica! That was fun! :D I hope you enjoy your time at camp! :D 
In Jesus' name,
Sarah Margaret♥


Well, I Suppose I Better Get Around Posting

Hey Guys

   I'm sorry about not posting for the 4th of July.  I know, being a holiday, I should have...Ah, well.  In my favor I am sick. =P  I got sick on Tuesday and I'm STILL sick. Uck.  Also, Eb and Natasha, you guys don't even celebrate 4th of July.  (Eb, it is kind of a negative holiday for you all, right? ;D Haha, sorry, I couldn't resist.)

   Anywho, I'm leaving for camp in a couple of days.  Thank you once again for all my guest posts!  I loved every single one of them and I'm going to go and sneak a few comments in.  I look forward to next weeks ones! =D

  Also, I thought I would mention, that today is the lovely Mikayla's birthday.  If you could stop over at her blog and wish her a happy birthday, I'm sure she would be thrilled. =)

  If there are any questions, or if there is anything that I need to do before I left that I forgot, please comment or email me.

Thank you all, my lovely followers. =)



Guest Post ~ Origami Cat / Eb

Hello ! My name is Eb and I am from the blog the Fearless Fox. 

First of all I would like to apologise for not posting when I should have. I have been very busy and I felt so guilty for not posting then. But I have a post now so hopefully it makes up for it a bit ! Sorry Jessica ! 

Today I am going to show you how to make an origami cat. This was originally going to be a dog but then it got mixed up and looked more like a cat ! Either way I know Jessica has cats and dogs which I thought made it quite suiting ! 

Hopefully it should be quite clear although I do apologise if you are unable to understand it as it is difficult to explain which corners go where and stuff ! I'll answer any questions if needed !

1 Fold the paper in half one way, and then the other. This means that the piece of paper is separated in to quarters.

2 Open the paper out fully and take the top two corners of the squares and fold them in to the middle. 

3 Take these corners again and fold them out to meet the fold on the edge. Do this to both sides of the paper.

4 This photo is pretty hard to see but you basically need to fold the corner which I am pointing to up to meet the other edge. Do this to both the sides of the paper.

5 Then fold the two edges together to meet in the middle.

6 Open it out and it should look like this !

7 Fold the two corners back up again like you did in step 4.

8 Turn the paper over and then fold the two sides inwards to meet at the middle.

9 Then fold the two bottom corners under the piece so they are on the other side.

10 Flip the piece over and it should look something like this. 

11 Fold the top triangle under approximately where the top of the ears are.

12 Fold the piece in half.

13 Keeping the paper at the same angle as previously fold the top right corner down as shown. Mine ripped a bit when I did this but it isn't visible. You might find a way around it anyway !

14 This step is a weird one.  I just did a variety of folds across the head and played about a bit until I got it how I wanted. You basically need to make a fold across where the ears are. And make sure the triangle where the neck is stays in the gap kind of ! Haha. I hate explaining origami !

15 Fold the tail in as shown !

16 Add on a little nose and even eyes if you like !

And your little cat, or dog if you like (!) is finished. I hope you like it and if you give it a go let me know. This is really cute just to stand on a bedside table and is quite quick ! I think it looks really cute and to be honest my photos give it no justice.

Thank you Jessica for letting me post on your blog and again I apologise for being late ! Have fun !