Busy Week!

Hey peeps!

I'm sorry I came back and then left again. lol  I had a super busy week.  My birthday was, of course, Monday; Tuesday was a science lab, Wednesday we did school and all that fun stuff.  I also completed a brain teaser that supposedly was developed by Einstein.  Supposedly only 2% of the population can figure it out.  Whatever.  Anyway, I solved it. XD  I love those kind of things. lol  Here is the puzzle: HERE    

Thursday was like spring!  We had all the windows open; did a little spring cleaning.  It was so nice!!

Then Friday came.....

It was cold, wet, rainy, damp, freezing, foggy, slippery.  Oh, it was terrible.  It was terrible to drive in. lol

Today I had a little birthday party, with some people from church.  It was really nice!  I had a lot of fun. =)

I'm sorry this is such a sad, short post, but I'm really worn out.  I hope to get back into the whole blogging thing soon. ;)

~ Jess <3


I'm Back!!! *DUH DUN DUM!!!!*

Hey ya'll!

Okay, so seriously, how has a month passed since I've been writing??  It seems like my break flew by.  I guess the fact that I was traveling more than I was home, and that I didn't have a free day from not being out of the house for the ENTIRE MONTH until, like, January 16, I guess it does make since.....Anyway.

So, yeah....I'm here.

And this post is a day late.  But let's forget that, shall we?

Guess what yesterday was!!!!??

No really, guess.

(And I'll give you a hint:  Not Martin Luther King Jr. Day, or National Popcorn Day.)  *Okay, so actually it was, but BESIDES that....*

MY BIRTHDAY!!!  Yup.  Whoo!  *throws confetti in the air as you all clap sullenly* ;)

So I'm officially sixteen.  16.  One-Six.  The big sweet sixteen.

Which means I'm going to take drivers ed so I can get a restricted license, so I can drive to a job, so I can get a job, so I can get a bank account, so I won't be broke.  HAha.....

Okay, so I'm like only slightly insane right now from a lack of sleep and science and homework and trying to not spazz about everything.....

So hey, what's up with you?


*this post is to be stricken from the record as Jessica is unable to type normally and actually have sane coherent thoughts.  Please try again later.*