Tacit Tuesdays: Nature (10)

Well, I should start calling it Tacit-Almost-Wednesday!  LOL  Sorry I always post it so late at night!  Anyway, some of these pictures are old, but I figured that you guys wouldn't mind, especially sense they are all new to you!  I took all of them, except the rose ones at the beginning were taken by my grandma.  And none of them are edited.   Enjoy! =)

This is the grave of a still-born (if you will) chick...It was fully developed but it never hatched.  My sister made it a grave.  Isn't this the most precious, beautiful, yet saddening animal grave ever?

I love this one, for some reason.

 Okay, these two pictures...cuteness OVERLOAD!

"Now, get of the computer and get some work done!"

~Jessica Joy.

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How to Complete Housework Quickly, Efficiently, and Cheerfully


   We all know what it's like.  That day when the house just seems in disarray.  Maybe it was a busy week, the family was sick, or company was over.  Or maybe it was even just a normal week with extra-messy tendencies.  Whatever it was, there are times when the house just needs a major cleaning.  It might be your mom that is pulling you off the computer, or whatever else your doing.  Or, you might realize that you have to do something your self.  Whether it is one of those times when everything is messy, or you simply feel like tidying up, these following tips will help keep you focused and on track.

   First Off, Get Dressed!
      This may sound weird, but before I explain myself, let my justify it with an example:  Imagine you needed some work done, and two people show up.  One is dressed from head to toe; hair up in a tight bun, clean clothes covered by a crisp apron, and tennis shoes on their feet.  The other is in frumpy clothes, or even pj's, hair loose and tangled, and wearing flip flops.  Without seeing either of them work, you already know in your mind which one is probably going to get the most done. 

     Now, the one is pj's might be an amazing worker, while the other is not.  It all depends, and obviously I'm not saying judge people by their appearance.  But, still, being dressed just has an air of preparedness.  So, even though you don't work for a maid serviced and you can easily clean the house in your pj's, I would suggest getting ready. It gives, not other people, but yourself a feeling of being prepared. 

     It all matters to you, but I like to put my hair up in a ponytail, so that it doesn't get in my way.  You could do anything, but I would at suggest at least brushing your hair well.  Put working clothes on.  Do whatever you need to feel ready.  If you want, even spritz on a little perfume or put some lip gloss on.  Don't be afraid to make your self feel special.

   Shoes on Your Feet and an Apron on the Front.

      These are two things that are important when getting ready.  If you're not going to do anything in the paragraphs above, at least put on shoes.  It helps in persuading yourself that you have a purpose and that is needs to be done.  Plus, it's comfortable, and allows you to walk faster and with more purpose, rather than bare feet or socks.   

     An apron is not as important as shoes, but I still find it a good thing to have.  First off, it covers your clothes from getting wet from washing dishes.  Also, it's like a hand drying towel that is always with you.  The more I wear aprons, the more I find myself liking them and wearing them more.  No wonder women in the 1800's wore aprons all the time!  If you don't have an apron, you can find them at most places that have kitchen supplies, or make that your next sewing project.  You won't regret it.

  Turn Up the Music!

      I don't know how you feel about working with music.  For my mom and my sister, music only distracts them while working.  If you are like that then feel free to skip this section.  But, for me, music gives my a beat to work to; adds a spring to my step.  This attributes to that "Quick and Cheerful" part of the title.  If your listening to a song you like, not only does it make you less gloomy of all the work ahead of you, but it keeps you moving.  So next time the dishes call your name, flip on a radio, pop in a cd, or plug in the headphone.  When cleaning I prefer something more "jumpy" if you will, such as Christian contemporary or Christian pop.  Bands like 1Girl Nation, pureNRG, Jump5, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Britt Nicole usually deliver.  But I know not everyone is into the kind of music, so if not, classical works great, too!  Especially Beethoven.  He is good at slipping in those sudden bursts of energy! =D And don't be afraid to dance, or sing along, either.  As long as the kitchen is clean, I'm sure your family won't mind. ;)

  Keep a Checklist.

*Yes, it's for school.  Just bear with me, it's the only checklist picture I have! =P*

      Sometimes it can be good to sit down and make a list, to keep on track.  Plus, it gives you a good feeling as you check off each thing you complete.  The problem with checklists, though, is that sometimes you can get distracted and spend more time with the checklist than actually cleaning.  So use checklists in moderation.

  Reward Yourself.

    Set a reward for yourself at the end of cleaning.  It will keep you motivated and working.  What the reward should be is up to you, as everyone is different.  Maybe computer time, or a snack.  *ps. This is also a great way to get siblings involved, too.  Nothing says "Help your big sister work" like promises of making popcorn, playing games, or watching a movie.

Set a Timer! 

    Depending on the mess or job your doing, different time frames will work better.  I like setting it for 15 or 20 minutes.  Put the timer in a place where you can see it so that it will keep you working.  Extra bonus if it is one that ticks.  Once the timer goes off, you can either reward yourself with one of your rewards, (say, a snack) or set the timer for 10 minutes or break.  It's best if the break is a couple minutes shorter than how long you were working.  Never have the break longer than the working time.  And watch out, if you let yourself take a break for too long, it will be to hard to get back into working.

Well, for not that is all I have.  I hope these tips were helpful.  Let me know what you think! =)

~Jessica Joy




   I'm sorry about not being active.  I've been feeling very overwhelmed and so this is just going to be a regrouping post to get caught up.  I'm skipping Tacit Tuesdays this week.  I didn't have time to put it together yesterday and because I'm typing this post I'm just going to skip it.  It will be here next week, though, don't worry. =)

   Okay, first off, responding to comments. 

   Thank you Abigail, Natasha, and Jaime Lynn for commenting/following!  I'm so glad you guys found my blog and that you like it!  It makes me so happy! =D  I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you. =)

   Plus, Jaime, I really liked what your brother said about turtle necks being a really weak guy strangling you all day!  That is so funny, and so true!  Haha! =D

   Ty, (and everyone else) the link to the article about the blog pictures is: http://www.blogher.com/if-emily-posted-fair-use  I personally read through it and it doesn't make much sense to me.  I guess it's just over my head!  So I just decided better safe than sorry.  Also, I clicked on another article at the bottom about the same issue and Pinterest.  That link is here: http://www.blogher.com/pinterest-and-intellectual-property-conundrum  *Please note, I don't know much about this website, so while these links are safe, I can't vouch for all of the posts or the advertisements.  Thanks. =) * 

   Also, as a side note, you can get pictures that are free to use off of Google.  If you go to Google Images and type in something random, like dog, it will come up with tons of pictures.  Go over to the gear sign at the top right and click on it.  A drop down menu will appear.  Click Advanced Search.  When a page load, scroll all the way down to the bottom.  The last "bar" will be a thing called usage rights.  If you click the little arrow a drop down menu will appear allowing you to change it from: not filtered by license to a whole list.  Click on the free to use or share button.  Then the big blue Advanced Search button right below that.  Your search will not be filtered so that you can use it.  Now, make sure you check it, because I think it undoes that every time you type something new into the search engine.  Also, it greatly limits the choses.  But, it's always worth a shot. =)

Mikayla, I'm sorry you didn't get any snow!  We got about 6 inches!  It was nice. =)  But I wasn't sad to see it go, either.

    Okay, now I have some questions!

I now have 14 wonderful followers.  I'm thankful for each and EVERY one of you.  I went through the list the other day and I was surprised how many of you I don't know in real life!  I'm very glad you all found your way to my blog.  Anyway, I was wondering what your opinions are.  Do you prefer blog posts that are more organized; that have a theme and a point, or ones that are random, where I more just ramble?  Are things that you would like me to talk about?  Would you like more tutorials, or useful things such as that?  I'm more than willing to listen to your thoughts and ideas.  You can email me or just comment. =)

   And just random things going on...

As always, I'm trying to catch up with school, and working on editing my books.  One is almost done, and the other is almost...started...Yeah, I really need to work on that second one.  I'm actually thinking of, once I have edited it, posting chapters at a time.  How would you guys like that?  Of course, if I post the first couple chapters and you guys hate it because it is terrible, I will save you the misery of reading the rest.  But I think you'll all like it. =) (See how I said you'll all to try to stay northern?  I'm turning southern...I'm startin' to take the "g" off the end of thangs.  My Yankee-ness is slipping away...) ;)  It has been exactly a month today since m birthday.  And I have driven about 10 hours.  Yah!  I love driving!  =D

  Well, I suppose I ought to get another lesson of math done.  Thank you for reading, everyone.  It seems kind of weird that I "own" the blog and the rest of you are "following."  I feel more like it's a community!  LOL  Thank you all for commenting.  Each and every comment makes my day!  And you guys add so much, not only to this blog, but also to my life in general.  =)  <3

  God Bless,
Jessica Joy.



Tacit Tuesdays: 9 (Winter)


   This is officially the first new-and-(hopefully)-improved Tacit Tuesdays!  I'm still working on going back and "fixing" all the other ones. 

  Today's theme is Winter because it snowed today!  Which is rare for South Carolina, plus, this is the third, yes, THIRD time it has snowed this winter!  Which is quite amazing.  So, I know that these are mainly pictures of snow, and I assure you that the other Tacit Tuesdays will be more interesting than this.  Enjoy! =)

ps. All of these were taken today. =)

Well, that's about it.  Um, as a random fact, Shirley Temple died yesterday at 85.  I don't really know that much about her besides her career as a child.  I hope she knew the LORD.

~Jessica J.


Slight Changes


   Recently my mom was reading some articles/blog posts that she emailed to me, so I read them too.  They were about copyrighting laws and the possibility of even getting sued for using pictures that don't belong to you.  While I haven't been using many pictures off the internet and I think I'm safe, since the stuff I did use wasn't photographs, I still would like to be on the safe side.  So, I'm going to try to use all of my own pictures/creations. 

   I'm thinking of this as more of a challenge than something to sulk about.  Tacit Tuesdays will be changing a little bit.  Instead of the stuff I have been doing, I'll be using it as a time to post some of the pictures I have taken recently, and I will add words and edit some of them, so it will be interesting. =)  For now, I'm going to go back and take down some of the pictures from Tacit Tuesdays.  But the funny ones, as long as they aren't pictures, I'll keep or maybe re-do them so they are mine. 

   Plus, we own two cameras and I have the ability to take lots of pictures.

So, don't worry, not that much will change, but I just wanted to let you guys know. =)



Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe!


   I know that some of you have been waiting for this.  These cookies are so good!  Of course, I don't think you can have a bad cookie, let alone a bad chocolate chip cookie, but that doesn't diminish the fact that these cookies are, well, epic.  (Sorry, I have a little brother and so that words is around our house a lot hehe)  As long as you are not worried about raw eggs, this makes awesome cookie dough.  If you are more careful about not eating raw eggs, or don't feel like cookie dough, the baked version is amazing.  Just the right about of gooey, crunchiness.  I prefer my cookies on the softer side, rather than hard, and these cookies deliver.  So, without further ado, the recipe. =)

Chocolate Chip Cookies:

 2 cups: All Purpose Flour
1 1/2 (1.5) cups: Oats, uncooked
1 tsp. : Baking Soda
1 tsp. : Salt
1 cup (1 stick): Butter
1/2 cup: Sugar
1/2 cup: Brown Sugar
2 : Eggs
1 tsp. : Vanilla Extract
Chocolate Chips

       Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.  Mix flour, oats, baking soda, and salt in a large bowl.  Set aside.  In a mixer bowl combine butter, sugar, and brown sugar at medium speed until well blended .  Then add eggs and vanilla extract, also at medium speed.  Slowly add the flour mixture, stopping the blender  and scraping the sides if necessary between additions.  Once the flour is well mixed into the batter, add the chocolate chips.  Spoon the dough onto a cookie sheet and bake for about 10 minutes.  Allow cookies to cool for a couple minutes before removing them from the pan.
     Makes About 25 Cookies

*A Note About Ingredients*

  ~ You may notice that I didn't put an amount of chocolate chips.  That is because I do not know exactly how much I put in.  The original recipe (which I have altered) calls for a whole 12 oz. bag!  Which is quite a few chocolate chips.  I probably put half or less of that in the dough.  Most the time I just add a bit at a time and stop when it looks like there are enough chocolate chips to go around. 

   ~ It is best to have softened butter when you start the recipe, because it mixes with the sugar better.  I hardly ever remember to take butter out of the fridge before hand, so I have become accustomed to baking with hard butter.  I try to take it out as soon as I decide to make cookies, which is usually about 5 minutes before I use it. *tehe*  You can take knives and try to "chop" the butter up into smaller pieces, and then blend just the butter, to try to soften it.  I would recommend pulling butter out early enough that it is completely soft, especially for the first time trying the recipe.

   ~ While the recipe calls for both sugar and brown sugar, it really doesn't matter.  I mostly only white sugar, and sometime I use all brown sugar, depending on what we have.  If you only have one kind or another, don't fret.  It tastes the same.  Just remember to put in both amounts. (ex. 1 cup all white sugar, because 1/2 cup for the brown and white.)

  Well, that's about it.  If you try the recipe, let me know!  And even if you didn't, you can still comment. 

God Bless,



Tacit Tuesdays: 8 (Funny)

Tuesdays: Funny (8)
Hey, I'm actually posting Tacit Tuesdays before Tuesday is over.  Can you believe it??  ;)  Hehe  Anyway, I know I already did a Funny one, but everyone seemed to like those and I have some new material so I thought I would do another.  Enjoy. =) Ps.  I'm sorry about the crazy sizes....I don't know how to fix that...