Tacit Tuesdays: 8 (Funny)

Tuesdays: Funny (8)
Hey, I'm actually posting Tacit Tuesdays before Tuesday is over.  Can you believe it??  ;)  Hehe  Anyway, I know I already did a Funny one, but everyone seemed to like those and I have some new material so I thought I would do another.  Enjoy. =) Ps.  I'm sorry about the crazy sizes....I don't know how to fix that...


  1. All so true ! I love these posts too ! Brighten the day !
    Eb x

  2. I'm glad you liked them, Eb! They made me smile, too. =)

  3. The last one is the best, though I love the one about your bed being the place where you remeber everything. =D

  4. Hehe!! Too funny! I love the third one. That's sooo me. ;)


    1. Thanks for commenting, Jaime! =) Yes, most of the time what makes them funny is the fact that it is so true! hehe =D


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