Things Are (Almost) Back to Normal (Yeah, Right!)


    I'm sorry that I have been somewhat distant these last days, weeks, month?  I can't even remember.  Anyway, the point is that I hope to quickly get back into a routine of posting regularly.  For now, I'm just going to ramble mainly and scatter a few pictures that I have taken recently. =)

   Right now I just finished dinner and I am sitting in a chair with my feet propped up on a heater.  It's quite comfy, actually.  I'm listening to some music, scanning Pinterest, and typing the post, and sorta-watching two movies.  Talk about multi-tasking! ;) Haha.  By the way, if any of you have Pinterest accounts, let me know and I'll check you out. =)

    I just wanted to take a moment and let you guys know how much you all mean to me, even those of you that I haven't met in real life.  I now have 12 followers.  Of course, three of them are my own family, but even though there are not a ton of you, you still mean a ton to me.  I'm thankful each and every one of you.  And your comments make it even more special.  I have seen blogs that have close to, or even 100 followers, and yet have hardly any comments.  Yet you guys comment on every single one of my posts even multiple times.  The fact that you are willing to listen to my ramblings means more to mean than you will ever know.  Thank you. =)

     It snowed last Tuesday, and the snow was on the ground until Thursday.  It was nice.  We all went out and played in it.  I didn't really get any pictures when it was heavier, but we got about an inch.  =)

    I made some chocolate chip cookies today.  Wait, let me rephrase that.  I made chocolate chip cookie DOUGH.  I didn't cook it...For all of you out there that worry about the raw eggs, I'm sorry.  For one, our eggs are farm fresh. (I even know the farm they came from! ;) hehe) and cookie dough is just too good for me to worry about eggs... =)  I plan on posting the recipe here in a little while.  (Don't worry, they will include the cooking instructions!)

      This is my baby.  I took this picture a while ago.  We had to sell them, but the lady works at our library and lets us come over and see them every once in a while.  This is Holly, because she was born on Christmas Eve.  You can just see her big brother's nose in the corner. (They are twins, but he is older by about a minute and a half!) If you would like to read their birth story (which is pretty amazing) you can go to my previous post HERE.

    I painted this not to long ago.  It's Bambi.  What do you think?  I think it turned out pretty good; one of my best. =)

   I like this picture.  I'm quite weird about how I like pictures at odd angles or of odd things, like the picture of the brick wall.

    My brother and sister (10 and 13) decided to share a room for a little while, which means that for a couple months I get the room to myself!  =D  I'm happy about that! =)

Well, it is time for me to log off.  Thanks for letting me ramble. =) 
God Bless,
~ J.

ps. I hope to do a movie review and that cookie recipe soon.  No promises, but hopefully I'll get around to it! =)


  1. Oooo snow and cookies and pictures ! Keep posting
    Eb x !

  2. A room to yourself?! Nice! I liked the pictures! Especially the rose and the bricks (I too like to take pictures of weird things at weird angles with a weird focus! =) ) And chocolate chip cookie DOUGH is awesome!! (the cookies are good too, though) I (and I think other people do too) love when you ramble!! Another awesome post by Jessica!! =) <3

    1. I thought that you would like the "room-to-yourself" idea. Do you still share with both of your siblings? And Julia's dresser and stuff is still in my room, but her bed is moved out. I don't know exactly how long it will last. ;) LOL You should send me some of your pictures, or start a blog to post them on; I would love to see them! Aw, thanks. I love when you ramble, also. ((We still need to call!!!)) <3 Love ya. =)

    2. Yes I still share with my sibs.. I don't mind the room-sharing part; sometimes I did wish I had my own bed tho... I have thought about starting my own blog, mainly to post pics and such (I even have come up with a title) but right now, I am waaaaay to behind in school work to start a blog... maybe later.. *sigh* I might be able to call you tonight. :) <3 =) Now to go prove that I am not a robot....

    3. Yeah, your own bed would be nice. Maybe for your 15th birthday you could convince your parents to get you your own bed...If you want me to help with the convincing part, I will! ;) Yeah, I'm to far behind in school also...Okay, that works for me! If not this week we have nothing until Friday, and then Wednesday night church, of course. And school....so if another night this week works for you, it works for me. =) Haha! Your "robot" comment made me laugh! =D Yeah, that can get pretty annoying....

  3. Jessica, your rambles are what make you so awesome, I love rambling. :D I think you know my Pintrest account, we've been trading quite a few photos of late. :D I love your picture of Babie, I've tried water color and painting but non of it turned out well. :P Yours is awesome. :D
    Glad to have you back, I've missed you.

    1. Aw, thanks Mikayla! Your comment made me smile. =) Yes, I do know your Pinterest account, and I know I am following at least a couple of boards. You have awesome pins. =) I used to be terrible at painting, too, but last semester and this semester we have taken an home school art class, and the teacher is really awesome, so I have improved a lot. I should post pictures of some of the projects we have done. =) I still need to email you; I am going to get around to it!! ;)

    2. A lot of people seem to like my "Books to be" board. Its fun. :=D That place is addicting. =D
      I did an art program to but I don't think I worked hard enough to really get better. :P
      That would be fun. :) I did one post on my art to, that was fun. :) What program did you do?

    3. That is such a perfect title for a story inspiration board. Yes, Pinterest is VERY addicting! Haha We didn't use a program, a home school mom taught us. She is an art major and her husband and her make their living by painting and wood carving, and then going to shows to sell it. A couple of their children also went to/are going to college for art-type majors. So the lady didn't use a program. She picked a painting, and then we (tried hehe) to recreate it. And she used different paintings to talk about and learn about different kinds of paint and different styles, etc. It's pretty cool. There is a girl that follows my blog (on two different accounts, actually) and her name is Israel Long. Her mom is the one that does the art class. Also, Israel is on Pinterest, so if you want to look her up just go to my list of people I'm following. (Wow, this was a long comment...LOL)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm glad you like it. It's one of my better ones. =)


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