Living Joyfully, 
formerly known as (Almost) Perfectly Pink, 
was started back in Fall 2013 as an online journal.
Now, two years later, while still holding (sometimes a little too tightly) to its roots,
Living Joyfully has become a lifestyle (sounds much more professional, no?) 
and writing blog.

I'm Jessica (17), the girl behind the blog as they say. 
I live in the middle of nowhere
 (you literally have to pass roads called "Billy Goat Bridge" and "Bubba Lane" to reach my house)
but I love it.

I am a Protestant Christian, meaning I believe in Jesus Christ as my LORD and Savior who walked on this earth, died to pay for my sins, rose again, and sits at the right hand of God today.  Only through Him can we be saved from our sins.  I get my truth and opinions on current events based on the teaching from the Bible.

I really am a "best of both worlds" sort of person.
I love the country and the city.
Writing poetry and writing novels.
Social and lover of the quiet. 

I'm the big sister to two not-so-little siblings,
and officially the "mom" of every friend group I'm part of.
I'm homeschooled, which is actually way different from basically every stereotype.
I have the coolest job ever:
Cleaning house for an elderly couple. 
(Pro: Awesome stories about surviving the Great Depression and WW2, being missionaries, owning an emu farm, etc.
Con: I literally vacuum and kill spiders for a living.  But ya do watcha gotta do.)

I love dancing, writing, reading, photography,
wasting time and hanging with my soulmate, a.k.a my dog. 
(Want to hear me rant about how awesome he is?  See the bottom half of the post here.)

 If you want to get in touch with me, head on over to my "Find Me Elsewhere" Page where you can stalk me on about 8 different social medias.  You're welcome.

Have an awesome day!