Tell Me About YOU

Today I'm stealing an idea from Emily (Who is a totally awesome person and way more sophisticated and cool than I will ever be. haha) and instead of talking about me I want to talk about you.

Tell me in the comments:

1. What is your real name first name vs. a nickname or middle name you go by?
2. What is one crazy awesome dream that you have?
3. What is your favorite musical artist/band at the moment?
4.  How are you REALLY doing today?  Do you need a hug?
5. What are you doing to get the most out of life?

love, jess.


  1. This is so cool, Jessica! You might know some of these...
    1. My name is Sarah Rose and I go by many nicknames, such as "Rose Ramboozie." (My dad thinks of them all)
    2. I have a crazy awesome dream that I might one day be experienced in playing the piano, violin, and guitar. I'm getting there:)
    3. Taylor Swift, though I do really like Sabrina Carpenter right now.
    4. Honestly, I'm a little stressed because of school, but it'll get better. I would like a hug...because I live for hugs. Lol!
    5. I try to be happy as often as I possibly can and never lose my sense of wonder:)

    You're so sweet, Jessica! I'm sorry I haven't commented on your posts. Love you<3

    1. Awh, thank you! I did not know that your middle name was Rose! That is GORGEOUS!! That is an amazing dream because it is something that you can work towards a little bit each day! I'm sure you will get there. =) I've never heard any of Sabrina Carpenter, I'll have to check her out! Stressed for school; your right up my alley, sista. {(HUGGSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!)} (Hopefully I'll be able to give you a real life hug someday. =) A sense of wonder is something incredible that we should always have!

      Awwwh, thank you Sarah. It's totally fine; I'm just as guilty! I love you too. =) <3

      ps. If you get a chance shoot me an email sometime. I've been trying to get around to chatting with you but I never can remember when I'm online!

  2. This is a cool idea :)
    1. My full name is Lauren Elizabeth...which most people do really call me Lauren but sometimes Laura. It's a name some people started calling me on a Missions Trip when the flight attendant lady called me that...I guess she didn't see the rest of my name.
    2. I would love to go to Hawaii with my friends. It would honestly be such a dream come true <3
    3. I'm really enjoying Ben Rector at the moment.
    4. Eh, I guess jealous when my best friend is doing something else and I don't get the time to talk to her...I would love a hug <3
    5. I'm trying to find joy in Christ, and not from the circumstances around me, that way I will be more of a joy to be around and spread Christ's joy to others!

    1. Thanks! I thought it was too! Lauren and Laura are both really pretty. That would be AH.MAZING! Can I come too? ;) Awh, I know how that is. I have a lot of friends that either live far away or have very different lives than me and it is really hard to watch them hang out with people or do things that I can't do. =/ {(HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!)} <3 <3 <3 If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here for ya. If you want I can email you my phone number so we could text. <3
      That is an amazing way to summarize what we should be doing in Christ! Thank you! =)

      Love ya! <3

  3. 1. My name is Devanshi.
    2. Travel the world-- camera in one hand, journal in the other.
    3. Arjun. Hands down. :P
    4. I'm amazing :) Hugs never hurt, though.
    5. Happiness. Being happy with my life, despite its little imperfections which I'm learning to overlook.

    Thanks for this post, Jessica. It's good to be asked about once in a while.

    1. That is a beautiful name! =) Can I join you on your world traveling? That would be the best thing ever!! I'm so glad you are amazing. The world needs amazing people! =) That is true, though. Hugs make the world a better place. =) (Hug!)
      Wow. Beautifully said. I need to remember this too because I can get caught up in details and imperfections, and it is easy to lose sight of what is important. =)

      I'm very glad! Thank YOU! =) <3

  4. Thi is awesome Jess! Even though you know pretty much everything, I'll go ahead. ;D

    1. My name is Mikayla and I get called pretty much a different nickname from every freind. My favorite being KK, though I really only let my family call me that. =)
    2. To meet all my online friends.
    3. TobyMac. =)
    4. A little confused and nervous, I just woke up and a lot is happening, including my mom having to go to the doctors. You know me, hugs are awesome no matter what, this morning it would be especially welcome. =)
    5. Well, lately I've been trying to give a little more to others because I read a verse that really made me realize I was being a bit to self centered about a lot. Its made me feel amazingly better about life. =)

    Your awesome!

    1. Haha, well I'm glad you know basically everything about you. You are a pretty awesome person. ;) Mi-Kay-Kay is my favorite nickname for you because that's what Julia calls you. =) Well, I can tell you that you are partly done with that goal! ;D Yes, yes. Yesterday on the car radio all three Christian stations were playing tobyMac! =D Awwh, I hope your mom's appointment went okay. I need to text you!! {(HUGS!!!!!)} I LOVE YOU!!!! <3 It's awesome when a verse makes you think like that.

      Love you, Awesomeness!!

    2. Haha, I'm sure theres still a few things about me you still have to learn. ;D Yep, one down, lots more to go. ;D Oh my goodness, that is awesome!! The only radio staion I listain to really doesn't play his songs. So I have to content myself with listaing to them myself. ;) Thanks Jess! I look forward to it. =D
      (((HUGS))) Love ya!

  5. 1. Julia...like you know. ;)
    2. To bring someone to Christ... but I don't think it is crazy. ;)
    3. PIANO GUYS! :D
    4. Eh, I guess you could say moody. I'm just not enjoying algebra..only 9 lessons to go!
    5. Um.. I would say trying to be more encouraging. Though I fail often... I just try to be there for anyone who needs someone to talk to. And, I would love a hug from you... :D
    How are YOU doing? :)

    1. Haha, yup! I do happen to know that. ;) That is an awesome goal! I only have a couple lessons of Algebra left too! I'm sorry you aren't enjoying it. =/ I hope it gets better! Being encouraging to others is one of the best ways that we can make the world a better place one day at a time. =) <3 {(HUGS!!!!)}

      Awh, thank you! I'm doing pretty good! =D
      Love you!

  6. 1. Amanda
    2. To publish a book!!!
    3. Piano Guys.
    4. I'm actually doing great! It's rainy and gross here, but oh well.
    5. Hm. Great question! I'm trying to learn as much as possible in in my life. I want to be able to do so many different things by the time I'm an old person!!!

    1. Amanda is a really pretty name! I've always liked that name. That is one of my dreams too!! Haha, Piano Guys is pretty popular! That's awesome! I'm glad to hear you are doing great. =) It is rainy here today too! April Showers, I guess. Haha. That is great! We only have one life; learn as much as we can!!
      <3 Thanks for commenting, Amanda! =)

  7. 1. Mariya but most people I know call me Masha (that's in my name in my native language)
    2. My crazy dream is to get my life as much as I can in order.
    3. Definitely Piano Guys. I hardly know any other.
    4. Honestly, I don't know myself. Not bad and not great either. I LOVE a hug. Best things ever!:)
    5. I want to always be able to say that I'm ready for the coming of the Lord. EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT.

    How YA doing?


    1. That is so beautiful!! What is your native language? =)
      If you figure out how to get your life in order PLEASE let me know; so I can do it too ;) haha
      Piano Guys is popular! I better check them out...
      {HUGS!!!!} I hope your days are lovely from now on. =)
      That is...the most important. Beautifully said. <3

      I'm doing pretty good today! It is sppprrriiinnnggg!! So it's hard to be sad. =) <3

  8. 1.laiba nickname lola
    2. my crazy dream is to go to a vacation with all my friends together
    3.1d {duh}
    4.i feel lazy and bored and i very much need a hug
    5.im trying to put others before me

    btw awesome blog lovin it!!! just started my own bcuz of inspiration from urs thnx

    1. That's really pretty! =) <3
      That would be AH.MAZING!! Where would you go? =D
      Haha! Obviously. ;)
      Awwh. =/ {HUUUGG!!!!} I hope today is better! <3
      What a great goal!

      Awh, thank you! This link isn't working; could you try and send it again? Thanks. Because I'd love to check it out!

  9. 1. Abigail, nickname Abby, and sometimes Abby Sue
    2. To go to Paris, or go and spend a month or so at a nice hotel with a beach (like Daytona Beach)
    3. Hmmm, I really like Ellie Goulding's song "Lights".
    4. I am having a pretty good day, I got to workout, shower, and do a good bit of house cleaning :).
    5. Trying to learn to be more kind and forgiving to those around me, and prepare to be a godly wife someday.

    1. I love your name. =)
      That would be awesome! We have missionary friends that are serving right outside Paris and they said that if I ever came to France I'd have a place to stay! So...besides the fact that I'm too young to fly alone and have no money, that's where I'm headed! =D haha
      I haven't heard that; I'll have to check it out! =)
      You win the award for productiveness points! ;) =D I'm glad you had a good day. =)
      Great goals!!

    2. Wow, that is so cool! Paris is awesome! LOL, thnx! Having a full and productive day always makes me feel better :)

  10. I love this idea Jessica!
    1. Ellie. I go by Bernie, Cooker (cause I like to cook) and Ellerton (Sarah calls me that)
    2. To go to Dallas Texas or to just meet some of my blogging friends.
    3. I like Gardiner Sisters and of course of the all time ROYAL TAILOR!
    4. I'm having a great day but my feet are hurting from standing and running all day. And yes I would like a hug from you but not anybody else.
    5. To always smile and laugh and to forget about the things I'm worried about. And to make people do those things!

    1. Thank you! =) Haha, I love your nicknames! Those are awesome! hehe
      Cool! Have you ever been to Texas before? I got to go to San Antonio this year and it is AHMAZING!!!!
      Haha, yup! I love Royal Tailor's song, Hold Me Together!
      I felt like that yesterday! Awwwhhhhh, that's so sweet! =') {HUG!!!!}
      Beautifully put!

  11. 1. I always go by my real name: Arushee doesn't really have any diminutives haha
    2. One of my biggest dreams is to finish writing a novel and perhaps publish it :)
    3. I totally agree with Mariya -- the Piano Guys are AWESOME.
    4. I'm doing pretty well!
    5. One of my biggest goals is to be more positive and friendly in general :)

    PS I'm so happy you're back! I love your redesign and your new posts.

    1. Haha, that's okay, your name is beautiful just as it is! =)
      That is an awesome dream! Keep going for it!!
      Wow, Piano Guys again! They get around! ;)
      I'm so glad! =D
      That's an amazing goal! <3

      Awwh, thank you! <3


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