eShakti Review, Photo-Shoot, and Exclusive Discount!

  I have developed a love for the 50's.  My family loves watching old tv shows like Perry Mason and I Love Lucy, and I just love everything fashion wise about the decade.  The red lipstick, the high heels, the wide hats and plated dresses.  Polka dots and swing dancing.  Yup, that's my decade, right there.

So when eShakti let me pick a dress to review I immediately thought, "A 50's dress!"

And boy did I find one, y'all.

Talk about perfect.  This dress is AH.MAZING.

I had seen eShakti's site before, but never really looked at it in detail.  But now it will definitely be my first stop when I need a new dress.  The awesome way their site works is that you pick a design of a dress that you like.  But then you have the option to customize the neckline, the sleeves and the dress length!  Say goodbye to "I really like it but the ____ doesn't fit."  Also you can either pick a dress size or actually put in your exact measurements; so the dress actually fits everywhere.  No more will you never have to deal with the waist fitting but the chest being too big, or vise-versa.

Because of the customization in style and size, the dress has a perfect tailored feel.  It feels (and is!) made for YOU rather than you trying to fit for IT. 

Since eShakti has such awesome deals I bought my sister a dress also. ($30 off from the original price!)  When we were talking about how our dresses fit my sister said that her dress was a little hard to get on because it was fit so well to your body but "as soon as you get it on it's like 'Oh ya, this is perfect.'"  The fabric is SOO incredibly soft and comfortable that I know I will be able to wear it all day without the slightest pinch or tug.

Ordering and customizing was a breeze.  The hardest part was trying to decide which dress to get!  I had to order my sister's and I's dresses separately; and the entire process to order both dresses took less than 15 minutes.  The dresses both arrived before I had expected them to and from ordering to wearing it was exactly a week and a half.

 eShakti's website was super easy to navigate and find what I needed.  The dresses are all so adorable, they have tunics, shirts, skirts, and now they offer custom made pants!

And, the most awesome thing about these dresses:  THEY HAVE POCKETS!!! Deep, big, beautiful pockets.  This is the main reason I wear jeans, because I love pockets.  Now I can have my dress and my pockets.  At some event and need somewhere to put your phone, keys, etc without carrying a purse around?  Boom: pockets.  Genius.  (If you happen to not like pockets, you can remove them, but let's be serious.)

The dresses also have bra strap keeps, which are basically clips sewn into the shoulders that you can clip your bra straps to so they don't show or slip down your arms. #girlproblemssolved

The one downside I have found to my specific dress is that it only has a partial side zipper, which can prove a tad tough to get into and out of.  However, I just pull the dress back over my head by flipping it inside out, and that has worked so far.  But, each dress is different and my sister's dress has a back zipper, so she doesn't have that problem.  So in the end it just depends on which style you get.  Also, not all the dresses have all of the customization options; for example you can't always get a boat neckline, or get it in a mini size.  So if you have a certain customization that you know that you want, be sure you check before falling in love with the design.

Overall I have loved getting to know this company and wear this dress.  It is perfect for spring and summer, and I am sure it will be getting a lot of wear!

Yay or Nay? 
    YAY YAY YAY!  10 out of 5 stars!

I hope you will take the time to check out eShakti's siteYour first customization is free, and you can use this code at checkout to save 10%: "homeschooledauthor"*  And they love to make friends, so you can meet them on: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, and Instagram!


ps: I was offered this dress for free in exchange for this review; however all opinions in this post are completely mine and completely honest.

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  1. You look really grown up like that Jess, in the best possible way. =D High five for liking the fiftys, its one time I wish I could have been born into. =D The dress looks awesome, I'll have to cheack out their site. =D

    1. Awwh, thanks Mikayla. =) Well, that's good because then if we had both been born in our dream decades we would still be together. =) <3

    2. Haha, that would have been a real plus. I don't think I would have wanted to be in the 50's if you couldn't have been there with me. =) Love ya!!!

  2. That is an awesome dress, Jess!! I love it! How did you get to do an interview for them? I hope you check out my blog and follow by email! I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment!!! creatingpreciousmoments.blogspot.com
    Love in Christ,

    1. Thank you, Ashley!! They contacted me completely, I was taken by surprise! But they have a special campaign going right now for bloggers, so if you contact them they may offer you an review too. I will definitely check out your blog! Thank you for commenting. =) <3

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous!! Seriously that dress is awesome! And I love 50's style dresses AND it has pockets!!! That is the one downside of most dresses and skirts, not having pockets!! Win all around! <3 love ya bestie!

    1. AWWWH!! Thanks bestie! <3 I know! Pockets are the way of the future and, like, no companies have caught on to this. XD Awh, I love you too!


      ps. we need to call again! That night you called I was so zonked I couldn't even think straight. lol But it still made my day. =)

  4. You look so nice!! I will have to check out their site! I like picture #8 the best - so great!! :) I think the style in the 40s/50s was fun too.


  5. Love this dress. What is it called? I looked on the website, but couldn't find it. Could you please reply by emailing me on the contact me box on my blog? That would be great. Thank you!


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