"Count Your Blessings" Contest


    Below is information about a "Count your blessings" contest.  You can go read that now, it starts below the rose picture.  Did you??  Alright, you may now continue reading!  
       I'm going to do this, and lucky for you guys, I hope to post my blessings here!  I may not post everyday, but I will record them on a physical piece of paper (Can you believe that some people still use those?? ;) and then post them every couple of days.  If anyone reading this would like to do it with me, go ahead!  And you can even comment about it and let me know, and we can do it together!  And even if you are a couple days late, say you read this November 3, then you can just come up with 14 or so blessings that day, and then 14 or so the next day, and then you can catch up.  Also, I hope you will look into the Kings Blooming Rose Magazine.  It is a very good, Christian, encouraging magazine for all women, but especially young woman.  The website is kingsbloomingrose.com.  =)  Here is the information about the contest: 


    The Kings Blooming Rose magazine is a magazine written and published by Sarah Bryant. Sarah is doing a contest for November that encourages you to count your blessings! Here are the contest rules!

Begins: November 1, 2013
Ends: November 30, 2013

Rules: Record at least 7 things each day that you are grateful for either in your personal journal, this ready-made chart, or on our private group where we can keep one another accountable throughout the month. [If you miss a day, please make it up the next day.]

Reward: Send us a letter by December 4, 2013, letting us know that you completed the 2013 GiveThanks! challenge. (Letters received after this date cannot be rewarded.) Include your name, age, parent's signature, and mailing address (or fill this form out and mail it to us). We will send you a small gift.

 That's all for now!

  In Christ's Love,

Jessica Joy 

Rose Hill Plantation

Hi! <3

   If you have been up to this post reading my blog, you may notice (I hope you would notice!) that I have re-named and changed the template of my blog.  I decided to, kinda as a spur of the moment thing.  What do you guys think?  I may make slight changes as the time goes on, but I'm not sure.  Anywho, the last time my grandparents were here, we went with a neighbor to this place called Rose Hill Plantation.  It is a State Park now, but it used to be the house of the governor of South Carolina.  That governor happened to be the one who declared that South Carolina would leave the Union!  It was quite interesting.  We even got to take a tour of the house, and there are a lot of interesting facts.  The governor had a relative, I believe it was a nephew, whose parents were on the Confederate side.  You can very easily tell by the name of the boy; State Rights.  =D  Well, I can't find my photos of inside the house (More electonic trouble, oh joy!) but I do have some very (I think) pretty pictures of the grounds, which we were able to walk around by ourselves.
      So, without further Ado, allow me to take you on a photographic stroll through Rose Hill Plantation's gardens.  Enjoy. <3


Come, Take a Walk in the Garden

Why, what is that up ahead?  Could that be a house?

Why, goodness, yes it is!  Come, let us explore!!



This is reconstructed model of a kitchen.  Would you like to see inside?


Now, For the Nature!
(Plus Some Samples of Different Photography Styles) 

Now, look that these next two pictures, and notice what is in focus.

In the top one, the house is in focus, while the leaves are fuzzy.
In the bottom photo, the leaves are in focus, while the house is behind it.
I personally like the second style better, because it focuses on something that normally unimportant, and shows you the beauty of that, and yet, in the background is the real thing.  It tells both that you should look at the small things, but also to not loose sight of the big thing.
But yet the first picture is good too because it gives a foreground, so that the picture is not so "flat."
Which Do You Like Best?


   Well, that's about it for now.  I hope that you enjoyed the pictures! =)

In Christ, Jessica Joy <3


Brain Scribbles

Hey-Lo, Everyone!

    I feel like writing, but I don't know what to write about!  Hmm...Okay, yeah, this is awkward.  Hm.  Oh, well, just to let you guys know, I made this blog because I gave up Pinterest.  Yes, I "deactivated" my Pinterest.  I was way to addicted.  I spent way to much time on it, and thus I was going to bed way later then I should have been, which meant I wasn't getting as much sleep, which also meant that I couldn't function so well in the morning, and was getting behind in school.  And my mom was complaining at me.  So I gave up my Pinterest.  And then I needed something else to do that had an "ending point."  Like, on a blog, once you have posted, and checked all the blogs that you are following, and maybe clicked around, then your done.  You have to log off and live your life so that you have more to write about!  As with Pinterest, there is no end.  You can scroll through thousands and thousands of pins and boards and topics, and, and, and... 
      But surprisingly, I don't miss it that much.  The first couple of days I kept thinking, "Oh, I'll go on Pinterest."   Then I thought,  "Oh, wait..." but besides that, it hasn't been that bad.  If you don't know what Pinterest is, or if you don't have an account, good!  Save yourself before it is to late!!  (It is super, super, super addicting!!)

    Now you know why I titled this post the way.  I will now overflow you will horse saying found from a horse clothing (The clothes are for people, not for horses! =P)

     - How to Make a Small Fortune with Horses...Start with a Large Fortune!
     - (Tee-Shirt for a Dad, Customizable) 2 Girls, 1 Horse, No Money
     - Your best friend doesn't always have to be human
     - Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away!
     - girl + horse = bff

     - Wrong.  Diamonds aren't a girl's best friend...unless they can be pawned for a good horse!
     - We bet you know one little girl who would rather clean a stall then her own room.
     - "Remember...a horse can tell you a lot of things, if you watch and expect it to be sensible and intelligent." (My Friend Flicka)
     - Here's one little girl who would rather post a trot then post on facebook =-) (Smiley included on tee)
     - Horse Crazy- I'd rather clean a stall then my own room.
     - (Sweatshirt for a Toddler/Baby Girl) Someday you'll buy me a pony
     - Silly Parents!  Horses aren't a phase!
     - True Friends Leave Hoof Prints on Your Heart!
     - My <3 Belongs to My Horse (Julia got this one for her birthday)
     - Faith, Family, Farm (She got this one for her birthday, too!) 

  Okay, enough of that!   Hmm, let's see.  Okay, how about some stuff that happened to me today!  Well, for one, my mom is sick in bed, so while my little brother stayed with her, my sister and I went with our grandparents to go run errands.  We ate lunch at a gas station (way out in the middle of no where, might I add,) and we had hotdogs.  Well, as we were eating, my grandpa (who is almost either 72 or 73, but still has pitch black hair) said that as he was pumping diesel, the man next to him asked, "So, how much mileage do you get on that truck, young man?"  We all laughed.  My grandpa was the same age as the man, possible ever older!! =D  So, I have a "young man" for a papa! =)

    Well, I was going to write more, but I have get off now, because I have some stuff that I have to get done before dinner!  Bye, everybody!!

-Jessica J.


Random Pictures!!

    I have to go to bed in just a minute, but I wanted to post something random, so here it is!

The Sky! (I love taking pictures of clouds and sunsets!)
More Clouds
You should be able to figure out by now what these are! ;)
Look at that!!
Are you tired of these yet? ;)
Beautiful Purple! =)

 Okay, moving on from clouds!

This is our cat, Stickers, just chilling!
This is Memphis, the donkey! (Yes, we own a donkey!)

I love taking pictures of the sky through the grass!
(I have better ones, but they are on my computer, which is broken!)
Why take the energy to stand while eating when you can kneel?

By the way, when the goats go down in order to kneel, like in the picture above, they have to be careful because there has been times when they go down so fast that they bonk their nose! =)

Look at the curly "hairs!"

The one is the front is a GIRL (horns does NOT equal male!)
and the one leaning on her back is her mama, Catherine! =)
Random feather with sky behind it

Angel! =)
Chick in the feed bucket!
(Which is actually a sour cream container!)

More chicks!
(Aren't they cute?)

(Love his beard!)
Memphis' ears! =P
Pecan, just chillin'!
(Look at that belly! He looks pregnant!) 

 I guess that's it for now, folks!  Thanks for looking! =)  Have a good night!

-Jessie Joy

ps. I LOVE the way the webpage is laid out for uploading photos!! On all my old blogs (hosted by other sites) it was so hard, almost impossible, to upload anything.  It is so easy here! (When your computer is working, that is!)