It's Me Again! (And It's My Sister's Birthday!) And I Have Pictures!!!!


    I would apologize for not writing for the last couple of days but you were all probably glad to have a break from me babbling, right? ;)  Haha, ha.  My grandparents are still here and my grandma is teaching me to crochet!  It's pretty fun!  I'm making a lap blanket, or just something to throw over you as your watching a movie, or on the computer or something.  If it doesn't look to horrible, I may give it to a older lady who lives down the road from us that Julia and I go and visit every couple of days.  Anywho, my computer still is not working, and now it is a pretty much definite that I will lose everything on there.  I have already thought of a couple of things on there that weren't backed up.  =(  *Sigh Again*  Okay, well, I didn't get on here to complain anyway!  (You are all cheering right now, correct?)  =)

     Today I am going to talk about my darling sister, Julia, because it is her birthday today.  She has officially turned 13.  I am no longer the big sister of a "little girl" any more, although I always thought of her as an equal in age anyway.  She is my best friend and playmate.  I love her to the end of the world, and back, and then around again!  =D  She is a wonderful sister, both biologically and in Christ.  I can, and do, tell her everything, and we talk constantly.  To be completely truthful, we do have our squabbles, and our arguments, but in the end we make up, usually because we have something we need to tell each other! =)  One of our biggest "things" that we tease each other about is our age, because as of today and until January, I am 14 and she is 13.  But as I turn 15 in January, I say we are closer to two years apart.  But she says, "14 - 13 = 1, so we are only one year apart."  Then I will say that 21 months apart is much closer to 24 months (2 years) then it is the 12 months (1 year.)  Anyway, I love her very, very, very, VERY much.
            If you don't have a sister, enjoy your brothers (if you have them) and stay close to your mom. (I'm also very, very close to my mother) and if you do have a sister/sisters, make sure you spend time with them and really try to listen and enjoy being with them, because they may not be there forever. 

     Okay, well, in honor of my sister, I am now going to post some pictures!!  Now, because I don't have a laptop, and thus don't have access to all the pictures of ALL the animals, I can only post from the pictures that are still on the computer stick.  So I will introduce you to the animals that I have pictures of, and later I will have an entire post about our animals!

      In this post, (Because I have the most pictures of him,) I will introduce to you our new colt (baby boy horse) Caramel! =)

And her is another of him and his Mama:

Can you tell that they are related? ;)

                                                             And here he is nursing:

I honestly have HUNDREDS of pictures of him!!
And here is another of him being really goofy!

See, my sister works with him while he is nursing because he is still.
Well, he is trapped normally because one side is next to his mom,
and Julia is on the other side.
Here he is walking away.
Now he is trying to go straight out, but it didn't work well enough, I guess...
Because he figured out how to nurse from behind, so that he can get away before Julia
can work with him!
Pretty sneaky!
(Have you ever seen a foal drink like this???)
  Well, that is all for this post.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures of Caramel!  =)  By the way, my sister has a new blog (she just started it last night) called The Awesome Cowgirl.  You should check it out.  You may be able to find it on my profile, but if not, the URL is awesomecowgirl.blogspot.com.  As of this morning, she doesn't have any posts, but she will soon!
Thanks, and in Christ Jesus,
Jessica <3


  1. Happy birthday Julia! I like your blog so far too! I can't wait to see what you post about! Hmmm...let me guess...horses? ;) Haha! I pray you have a great day!

    Writingforhisgloryblog.blogspot.com My blog! :D


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