Update/More Facts About Me!


     Well, this was a pretty good waste of a day for me.  I slept in accidentally, and then I had trouble getting started on my day, and then I did a little school, and then I laid down, and then I had to leave to go to the library.  While I was at the library, though, I got a lot done!  It was a fall party, and my sister and I ran the "Go Fish" booth.  It was one of those games where I little kids throw the "fishing pole" over the wall and wait until they feel a "bite" and pull it up and there is a piece of candy or a pencil or something.  We have run that for many years in a row now.  Julia (my sister) was behind the wall, and I was handing out the sticks and gasping and going, "Yah!" every time they get something (big surprise.) =)  But its fun.  Most of the kids were dressed up, for Halloween.  Julia went as a cowboy (I thought she looked New Mexican) and I went dressed up as something that no one else can ever be.  Myself!  =D

     Another fact about me that I forgot is that I LOVE Beauty and the Beast!  The dancing scene and the "Beauty and the Beast" song is my most favorite song and scene from any movie. =)  And also, I love sour cream!!  On tortilla chips, on potatoes, on every kind of Mexican dish, etc.

     My internet still isn't working right, so I still can't upload pictures, but I will continue to try!

In Christ,

Jessica Joy

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