I Nominate Myself for the "Bad Blogger Award" (and rambles)

I missed Thanksgiving.

I'm seriously a hundred or so posts behind in reading.

I haven't done Tacit Tuesdays in, like, forever.


I lost a follower, also's....Not sure who it was, or what exactly went on there.  That's okay, though.

As for excuses, my grandparents were here this past week, so that was awesome.  They left today =(

On a good note, I've been inspired and have been going through and major cleaning my room.  I bought some wall hanging things, and some Christmas decorations.  I also painted my mirror.  I'm trying to bring out my inner decorator, and it's been wonderful so far. ;)  I have felt inspired to follow what I feel I really like to do; which is decorating.  I posted this on my facebook:

Today I discovered what I really want to do.  I want to be an interior designer/decorator.  Since starting high school I've just been wallowing in so many choices and options, almost "stuck" in them.  But today at Walmart I was looking through some different wall plaques (I bought two of them) and I realized how much I loved truly loved just looking through the different designs.  In clocks and posters.  In fabrics and flowers.  Just being able to take a blank space and make it...beautiful.  And I realized that instead of looking at the rest of my life by thinking of what I "have" to do; like pick a college major, or decide on a career, or get married; I should be looking at what I want to do.  What interests me, what inspires me, and how I can impact others.  I don't have to go to college to be a success.  I don't have to get married someday to be a success.  I can be successful in my everyday life.  So I made up my mind.  I'm not going to keep worrying about what I "have" to do with my future.  I'm going to do what I really love doing; be willing to change if the LORD leads, and just follow Him.  Because that's what really matters."Today I discovered what I really want to do. I want to be an interior designer/decorator. Since starting high school I've just been wallowing in so many choices and options, almost "stuck" in them. But today at Walmart I was looking through some different wall plaques (I bought two of them) and I realized how much I loved truly loved just looking through the different designs. In clocks and posters. In fabrics and flowers. Just being able to take a blank space and make it...beautiful. And I realized that instead of looking at the rest of my life by thinking of what I "have" to do; like pick a college major, or decide on a career, or get married; I should be looking at what I want to do. What interests me, what inspires me, and how I can impact others. I don't have to go to college to be a success. I don't have to get married someday to be a success. I can be successful in my everyday life. So I made up my mind. I'm not going to keep worrying about what I "have" to do with my future. I'm going to do what I really love doing; be willing to change if the LORD leads, and just follow Him. Because that's what really matters."
 Well, I'll try to post later.  Sorry for my...everything XD     ~Jess


A Confession

To my fabulous, amazing and incredible followers,

                        I have a confession to make.

 There is a certain young boy I adore with all that I am. He is oh, so wonderful.
Every moment near him is glorious! His gaze is loving and true.
He is the best colt around. His name, Carmel Apple, ought to be know 'or the globe,
and with his name, such honor bestowed!
 He is certainly the best colt around.
You can pick all his feet or lead him around,
You can hug him tight and long, or hide in his mane.
 He is oh! so precious to me..

Sorry Jess, but I knew you felt it all deep down inside. ;)

~     Her rascal sister, Julia (and of course her baby Carmel)

The Homeschool Autumn Ball!

There are two different kinds of balls.  One I like, one dislikes me.  Ball #1 is round, usually hard, and usually attracted to my face like gravity.  Especially when kicked by boys with apparently strong legs.  Especially when walking innocently in a church parking lot from the sanctuary to the fellowship hall when all of a sudden out of nowhere I'm being face-planted by a RFO (round flying object.)  Especially when forced to attend yet another teen event centered entirely around sports because 90% of my youth group is guys, and the only other girl is athletic.

Ball #2 is a fancy, formal dance in which you dress up in lovely clothes, with lace gloves and fancy shoes; to be asked by a young gentleman to dance in which you as whisked off onto the floor...for square dancing.

Okay, yah, so, it wasn't a Cinderella type ball.  But it was called a ball, none the less, and I attended.

This is that story.

(Sorry for my over-dramatic intro.  I'm feeling drama-ish today)

  This was the first time I had gone to anything like this; and it was a blast.  How it worked was they had two practices, where everyone just dressed casual and they taught everyone the dances; so that on the night of the actual ball everyone knew how to do them.  Now, they call it English-Irish Dancing, or something like that, but it is really just square dancing. And it's not a Cinderella ball with the boy and girl all tangled up together and yet somehow moving.  The only thing that touched was hands.  So, just to get all that out of the way.

My favorites were ones called Posties Jig, and something Waltz.  Those were awesome.  The girls outnumbered the boys at these dances, so the girls can dance with each other but the boys have to ask a girl.  Even at the practices the boys had to come up to the girl, and say, "May I have this dance?"  As a girl I then dipped my head slightly and said something of the effect, "Yes, thank you."  And then we held hands as we walked out to the dance floor.  For the first practice I danced all but 3 dances, but about 1/4 of them with girls.  For the next practice I danced all the dances, and about the same; 1/4 with girls.  For the actual ball, I only danced about 1/2 the dances and boys only asked me for less than half of the ones I danced.  But that's okay.  I had gone roller skating the day before, so I was sore! lol

Well, that was rambl-y.  Sorry.  Ahem.  Okay, here we go:

        Okay, see the guy in the white, on the right, clapping his hands?  I have kinda a funny story about him.  Okay, see I have this really crazy friend (I mean seriously, she's a nut) and she is certain that him and I are going to be married someday.  'course, he don't know t'is, and I don't believe 'er, but that's what she says.  So I laughed and we made a bet that if I am not married to him in 20 years then she owes me a homemade pie.  And if we do get married (haHA......No.) then she gets to help me pick out my dress and be a bridesmaid.  I'm looking forward to my pie.  Anyway, she said that she thought that he would propose to me at this ball, and I'm happy to say he did not.  *Rolls eyes at friend*  Also, now, whenever I mention any other guys she says that she is disappointed because (blank) is my "true."  Waaaahhh?

After that delightful story, here are some pictures from a little photoshoot that Julia and I did with me in mah dress.  Enjoy:

I included this picture because Julia took it while I was starting to lose my balance, and for some reason now the way my hands are moving and the look on my face reminds me of a penguin.  So, yah...Weird, right?

Me in Motion

Julia and I's shoes

My gorgeous sis and I! <3

Well, that's about it.  Sorry this post was so rambl-y, I didn't mean it to be.  Also sorry for my lack of posts and everything.  We've been ridiculously busy.  Like, seriously.

The end.


I Bet You Can't Make It Through This Post Without Laughing.

Hi guys!

   I'm very sorry for my disappearance.  My grandparents were here for a week, and then I was sick for a week, and they are going to be back this weekend, so school has been kicked into maximum overdrive. ;)  I have so re-directing thoughts on my Halloween post, but I haven't written it up yet.

To make up for my lack of...everything, I have put together something that I hope will make you once again happy with me. ;)

So here is your mission.  Make it through the following funnies, courtesy of Pinterest, with a completely straight face.  Put your straight face on now.  Are you looking grumpy?  Good.  The more you furrow your eyebrows, and frown, the better.  Now, continue scrolling, while trying to keep your straight face.

Good luck. ;)

Which one did you finally crack at?  =D

(And if you maintained a straight face through that whole thing, than you need serious, professional help....From a comedian.)



Special Guest Interview: Riarna!

 *I am the worst blogger-friend ever, Riarna sent me these answers, like, a month ago for my blog anniversary and I completely forgot to post them.  Anyway, her lovely answers are now public for you to all see!  Please check out her blog: Walking on Sunshine (Which is, like, the cutest name EVER!)
Hi!  Welcome to (Almost) Perfectly Pink!  Would you please tell us a little about yourself? =)
    Hi y'all! I'm Riarna, am 15 years old, and I blog on over at Walking On Sunshine! which is about encouraging young teens in their relationship with Christ, and such things! Would love to see ya there! I live in Australia, New South Wales with my family of six. I'm a Seventh Day Adventist, and Pastors daughter, so I move around heaps! I love to write, and play piano! I absolutely adore Christ, he's the reason I am here today! I also have a wild passion for photography, so I adore getting outa the house and taking all kinds of 'snaps'!

Do you know for about how long you've been following my blog?  What made you follow?

Wow! I think I've been following your Blog (Almost) Perfectly Pink for about a month or two now! I have only recently found it, and so far its been amazing! I love the sincerity and creativity with which you write here on your blog, and its just simply beautiful! Love the design too! The Pink Challenge looks so fun! I can hardly wait to see your Q&A video as well! What made me follow? Its really beautiful, and I love to follow blogs, I'm a crazy blog reader, so am always on the lookout for new blogs to read, and I happened to come across yours, and I was like, wow this is really coooool!

If you could change one thing about my blog, what would it be?

Wow.. thats tough! Nothing too much really, its already beautifully unique! I think the most important thing is to be yourself, and allow God to speak through you! 

What is one thing about my blog that you really like?

I really love the Pink Challenge, I think thats really cool! <3 As well as the photo's thats always interesting!!

Do you have any advice, recommendations, or requests to make about how I can make my blog better?

Wow, I'd have to really think about that! I think having the right amount of photo's you add to your post, is quite important, as in, making sure you don't have too less, or even too many pics in one post! A series on a particular topic or something would be really awesome! But honestly.. I can't think of anything else, so your Blog is pretty good!

What types of posts would you like to see more of?  Less of?

I think I'd love to see more constructive posts.. like things people can come back from, and learn something to apply in their life, such as devotionals, a testimony, a unique experience you've had, or something like that, whatever God has put on your heart! Or even a seperate section on your blog, for DIY projects, photography or things like that! 

If you could give one word of advice to new bloggers, what would it be?

To never give up! Thats the most important thing! Its extremely tough at first, I know it has been for me, and still is a struggle every day, but don't loose heart, it might be slow at first, but keep at it, and take it step by step! God will send you the right people, and will help you if you are willing to be used by him!! All the best <3

Thank you so much for being here!  <3

Aww thank you so much for having me!! <3


Veteran's Day

 (Sorry that Veteran's Day is almost over by the time I'm posting this.  Sense there is no need to re-invent the wheel, I just copied the post from last year.  I hope you enjoy.  And please, PLEASE watch the music video (I put the link about 3/4's down)  It is way to amazing to be missed.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Veterans day, to some, may just be another holiday.  Another "small print holiday" on the calendar, like boxing day, or Chinese New Year.  Of course, most would probably hold this holiday more of a celebration than the others, but how many of us truly understand what Veterans Day means?

    American soldiers, and every other soldier, no matter what country they are from, has given up something.  Not only time and energy, but many their lives.  No only limbs and injuries, lose of hearing or seeing, but also mentally.  What those men and women have seen, experienced and had to do is far beyond comprehension.  We should celebrate Veterans Day, to honor those who gave so much for our freedom.

  My grandfather is a Vietnam veteran.  This fact is particularly close to my heart because of the fact that this war, though recent, has been almost forgotten, and was certainly in it's time scorned.  It was at the stage where the want for world peace was spreading throughout Americans, particularly the youth.  Many of our soldiers, returning home, found that they were scorned and even hated because of their service, as if they wanted to go out and kill.  Most were drafted in, and had no other choice, and yet when they should have been received with open arms and welcomed home to recover, they were rejected and despised.  My grandfather joined right before they sent out drafts; he did this because he knew that being drafted was coming and he wanted to be able to choose on as many options that he could.  Of the unit that he was sent to Vietnam with, he was the only one to return to the United States alive.  The ONLY ONE.  This breaks my heart to think of his friends and comrades that he would have made, being so close to them, and to lose every single one of them.  My grandfather also lost his hearing because of all the explosions, shots and cannons going off around him, and not having access to the right protection.  My grandfather gave, not only his hearing and youth, and risked his life, but also his peace of mind.  My grandmother has told me that he still, even to this day, will have terrible nightmares of things that he saw and did.  I cannot imagine being given a gun and told to shoot oncoming men.  The thought devastates me.

  There is a neighbor that we have talked to that is also a Vietnam veteran, although he never actually went to Vietnam.  He said that he only went to a training camp in Europe, but the war ended before he ever got to Vietnam.  Despite this, he still served his country.  He says that, as a 19 year old farm boy who had never been more then a hour away from home, who had never been on a train, plane or bus, that when he experienced all 4 of those things and went across the ocean with the intent to go to Vietnam, that he felt like a scared little boy, overwhelmed, and just wanting to go home.

So as we celebrate Veterans Day, let us not get caught up and lost in the celebration of it.  We need to stop and think about what each of these soldiers personally gave up to bring freedom to our country, and to us.  Take time to pray for these soldiers that, if they do not know the LORD, that they would be saved, pray for their peace of mind and that the nightmares that plague them would subside.  Pray also for the family members who have also suffered, those who have lost family members on duty, and those who, though many years have past, still think about and mourn for them.  And may we remember, that just as freedom in our country is not free, our spiritual freedom is not free either.  Christ fought and won the spiritual battle, and we need to repent of our sins and turn to him, so that we too can share in His victory, just as we share in the victory of those who have served and are still serving.

Below is a link to a video by Twila Paris that touches of the connection between spiritual and physical battles and veterans.  Please watch it, it is well worth your time and hopefully it will give you something to think about.

Also, take time to thank a veteran, not just on Veterans Day, but everyday!  Take time to write a short, handwritten note or letter, and make sure that these men and women know that you care.  You can find online address to send letter and cards to soldiers currently serving, and there are organizations that take old phones and donations to send them to soldiers so that they can call home.  Last year, at a restaurant, I saw a girl, about 13 or so, handing out short, handwritten notes to the men and women that had "I Served" stickers on (They gave them to the veterans at the door) just telling them thank you for serving.  That is a really neat idea, I think.  I even heard of a lady who sent Halloween candy to the soldiers, rather then passing it out to trick-or-treaters.  These are all good ideas, and even if you don't do any of these big projects, even just telling someone that you knew served, or had a close relative serve, thank you will mean a lot.  And it is the least that we can do.

If you are reading this and a close family member of your either has served, is serving, or had died in the fight, I thank them, and you, from the deepest part of my heart.  May the LORD be with you and your whole family.

Thank you, and in Christ,

Jessica Joy


Why I Didn't Celebrate Halloween (And Never Will!)

Halloween.  October 31st.  Candy.  Kids dressed in costumes.  Skulls and Spider Webs.  Ghosts and Jack O' Lanterns.  But what is Halloween,  Really?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Halloween started as an Ancient Celtic celebration in the British Isle.  It was a celebration of the feast of Samhain; a time to collect the harvests and welcome their new year.  They believed that spirits of their dead ancestors (Many people groups and religions around the world, even today, believe in the "living spirits" of the dead) would come back around and visit them on what we know as October 31st.  In order to please the spirits, they left food out on their doorsteps, and kept the doors and windows open, to give the spirits free passage into their homes.  They believed that if the spirits were happy, they would not come back and hurt the living.

Around this time Christianity spread into those areas.  Often, even today, so-called "Christians" will come into new areas and try to adapt to the culture by "selling Christianity through the current 'religion'." (I could go much more into this, maybe another blog post. ;)  So, in order to adapt to this feast of the dead, and yet still make them more "Christian," they combined November 1st, an All Saint's Day with this feast.  The prayer that was said on All Saints Day was called Allhallowmas.  The night before that became known as All Hakkiwe’en, or Halloween.

The story is almost identical for the Mexican holiday, The Day of the Dead.  The Aztec's celebrated this holiday, and when the Spaniards arrived in the sixteenth century, the same thing happened as with the Celtics.  All Saint's Day combined with their beliefs and a day to celebrate the dead was accepted.  Interestingly enough, this day also fell on what we call October 31st.  Now it runs from the 31st to November 2nd.  The Mexican holiday is much closer to our current holiday; which bright colors on candies and a cheerful attitude towards it.  Mexican children go on a form of trick-or-treating, and their little catchphrase for it is: pedir muertos, or to ask for the dead.  In some places, they are given things off of what is called the family's Day of the Dead alter.

Jack-o-Laterns came in as ways to keep of evil fairies lurking; almost like a scarecrow.  In the mid-1800's, when waves of immigrants from Scotland and Ireland came to the US, Halloween and making jack-o-laterns became popular, but it is unknown exactly when it started.  However, in 1866, a magazine reported a large amount of pumpkins being "sacrificed" for Halloween.  By the 1920's the holiday had been embraced by the entire nation, and by the mid-1930's trick-or-treating was the norm.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hopefully that gave you a brief history of how Halloween started.  While I know that most Americans do it without even knowing about the spiritual side of it; but for me, knowing about it causes me to stop and think.  I know that people say that you can do things without believing in the spiritual side of it; but I believe that they really can't be separate the two.  Here's an example:

Suppose a music band plainly stated that they were following in Hitler's beliefs.  That was what all their songs were about, they had it plastered all over their website, and even the titles of the songs and album covers were all things related to Hitler.  They supported Hitler conferences, and gave rallies to try and convert people.  Now, what if I went to all of their concerts, and raved about how I liked their music, and wore their shirts and hummed their songs, and bought all their albums, but yet when you asked if I knew what they believed in, if I just replied, "Oh, well I don't 'do' that part of them.  I just like how they sound.  I'm against Hitler and his beliefs entirely."  You would think I was a fool, right?  You would probably laugh in my face if you weren't so disgusted.  How could I be so "for" something and yet not "believe" it?

Now, I know that example was a bit extreme.  But, if you really think about it, it's got the same principle.  If I know Halloween was a pagan worship of dead spirits, can I just turn away and "choose" not to see?  Not to believe?

Halloween is a pagan holiday.  No way around it.  If you choose to try and celebrate it without believing in it, that is your chose.  But I will continue to stand in my Christian faith and only worship my One and True God.  Because HE is what I put my faith in.  Not dead ancestors.


*Disclaimer: I know that there will be people that disagree with me on this issue.  I truly did not mean to insult or put down anyone, despite what holidays they participate in.  These are my individual beliefs.  If you have any concerns, questions, comments, or thoughts, please leave them below.  Feel free to share this post, as long as you always link back to me.  Information was gathered here off of multiple websites, but no direct quotes were taken.  I used multiple sources to verify this information and if you find any fault in this information, it was unintentional on my part.  Please inform me if you catch anything.  Thank you.*