Special Guest Interview: Riarna!

 *I am the worst blogger-friend ever, Riarna sent me these answers, like, a month ago for my blog anniversary and I completely forgot to post them.  Anyway, her lovely answers are now public for you to all see!  Please check out her blog: Walking on Sunshine (Which is, like, the cutest name EVER!)
Hi!  Welcome to (Almost) Perfectly Pink!  Would you please tell us a little about yourself? =)
    Hi y'all! I'm Riarna, am 15 years old, and I blog on over at Walking On Sunshine! which is about encouraging young teens in their relationship with Christ, and such things! Would love to see ya there! I live in Australia, New South Wales with my family of six. I'm a Seventh Day Adventist, and Pastors daughter, so I move around heaps! I love to write, and play piano! I absolutely adore Christ, he's the reason I am here today! I also have a wild passion for photography, so I adore getting outa the house and taking all kinds of 'snaps'!

Do you know for about how long you've been following my blog?  What made you follow?

Wow! I think I've been following your Blog (Almost) Perfectly Pink for about a month or two now! I have only recently found it, and so far its been amazing! I love the sincerity and creativity with which you write here on your blog, and its just simply beautiful! Love the design too! The Pink Challenge looks so fun! I can hardly wait to see your Q&A video as well! What made me follow? Its really beautiful, and I love to follow blogs, I'm a crazy blog reader, so am always on the lookout for new blogs to read, and I happened to come across yours, and I was like, wow this is really coooool!

If you could change one thing about my blog, what would it be?

Wow.. thats tough! Nothing too much really, its already beautifully unique! I think the most important thing is to be yourself, and allow God to speak through you! 

What is one thing about my blog that you really like?

I really love the Pink Challenge, I think thats really cool! <3 As well as the photo's thats always interesting!!

Do you have any advice, recommendations, or requests to make about how I can make my blog better?

Wow, I'd have to really think about that! I think having the right amount of photo's you add to your post, is quite important, as in, making sure you don't have too less, or even too many pics in one post! A series on a particular topic or something would be really awesome! But honestly.. I can't think of anything else, so your Blog is pretty good!

What types of posts would you like to see more of?  Less of?

I think I'd love to see more constructive posts.. like things people can come back from, and learn something to apply in their life, such as devotionals, a testimony, a unique experience you've had, or something like that, whatever God has put on your heart! Or even a seperate section on your blog, for DIY projects, photography or things like that! 

If you could give one word of advice to new bloggers, what would it be?

To never give up! Thats the most important thing! Its extremely tough at first, I know it has been for me, and still is a struggle every day, but don't loose heart, it might be slow at first, but keep at it, and take it step by step! God will send you the right people, and will help you if you are willing to be used by him!! All the best <3

Thank you so much for being here!  <3

Aww thank you so much for having me!! <3


  1. Great interview Riarna and Jessica! =D

    1. I nominated you for a blog award Jess! http://thebubblegumballerina.blogspot.com/2014/11/awardrandom-photosnormal-for-my-posts.html =)

    2. Thank you, Mikayla!! She had great answers! And thank you! <3


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