A Confession

To my fabulous, amazing and incredible followers,

                        I have a confession to make.

 There is a certain young boy I adore with all that I am. He is oh, so wonderful.
Every moment near him is glorious! His gaze is loving and true.
He is the best colt around. His name, Carmel Apple, ought to be know 'or the globe,
and with his name, such honor bestowed!
 He is certainly the best colt around.
You can pick all his feet or lead him around,
You can hug him tight and long, or hide in his mane.
 He is oh! so precious to me..

Sorry Jess, but I knew you felt it all deep down inside. ;)

~     Her rascal sister, Julia (and of course her baby Carmel)


  1. Haha!!!! You had me worried there for a moment that Jessica was going to do a post on a boy! Give Jessica back her blog someday. ;D

    1. I know, she purposefully talked for a while so that it seemed like that. She is a nut! ;)

    2. A crazy nut. ;D What are we ever going to do with that girl Jess? I'll have to spend a good long therapy conversation with her this evening to see if I can strain her out. ;D

    3. Haha! Well, to be honest, she is only crazy around people she really likes. For how nutty she gets around you, you know you're best friends! ;D

    4. Oh, okay. In that case, I'm honored that shes crazy around me! ;D I'll cancel the therapy seasoin then... ;D


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