The Homeschool Autumn Ball!

There are two different kinds of balls.  One I like, one dislikes me.  Ball #1 is round, usually hard, and usually attracted to my face like gravity.  Especially when kicked by boys with apparently strong legs.  Especially when walking innocently in a church parking lot from the sanctuary to the fellowship hall when all of a sudden out of nowhere I'm being face-planted by a RFO (round flying object.)  Especially when forced to attend yet another teen event centered entirely around sports because 90% of my youth group is guys, and the only other girl is athletic.

Ball #2 is a fancy, formal dance in which you dress up in lovely clothes, with lace gloves and fancy shoes; to be asked by a young gentleman to dance in which you as whisked off onto the floor...for square dancing.

Okay, yah, so, it wasn't a Cinderella type ball.  But it was called a ball, none the less, and I attended.

This is that story.

(Sorry for my over-dramatic intro.  I'm feeling drama-ish today)

  This was the first time I had gone to anything like this; and it was a blast.  How it worked was they had two practices, where everyone just dressed casual and they taught everyone the dances; so that on the night of the actual ball everyone knew how to do them.  Now, they call it English-Irish Dancing, or something like that, but it is really just square dancing. And it's not a Cinderella ball with the boy and girl all tangled up together and yet somehow moving.  The only thing that touched was hands.  So, just to get all that out of the way.

My favorites were ones called Posties Jig, and something Waltz.  Those were awesome.  The girls outnumbered the boys at these dances, so the girls can dance with each other but the boys have to ask a girl.  Even at the practices the boys had to come up to the girl, and say, "May I have this dance?"  As a girl I then dipped my head slightly and said something of the effect, "Yes, thank you."  And then we held hands as we walked out to the dance floor.  For the first practice I danced all but 3 dances, but about 1/4 of them with girls.  For the next practice I danced all the dances, and about the same; 1/4 with girls.  For the actual ball, I only danced about 1/2 the dances and boys only asked me for less than half of the ones I danced.  But that's okay.  I had gone roller skating the day before, so I was sore! lol

Well, that was rambl-y.  Sorry.  Ahem.  Okay, here we go:

        Okay, see the guy in the white, on the right, clapping his hands?  I have kinda a funny story about him.  Okay, see I have this really crazy friend (I mean seriously, she's a nut) and she is certain that him and I are going to be married someday.  'course, he don't know t'is, and I don't believe 'er, but that's what she says.  So I laughed and we made a bet that if I am not married to him in 20 years then she owes me a homemade pie.  And if we do get married (haHA......No.) then she gets to help me pick out my dress and be a bridesmaid.  I'm looking forward to my pie.  Anyway, she said that she thought that he would propose to me at this ball, and I'm happy to say he did not.  *Rolls eyes at friend*  Also, now, whenever I mention any other guys she says that she is disappointed because (blank) is my "true."  Waaaahhh?

After that delightful story, here are some pictures from a little photoshoot that Julia and I did with me in mah dress.  Enjoy:

I included this picture because Julia took it while I was starting to lose my balance, and for some reason now the way my hands are moving and the look on my face reminds me of a penguin.  So, yah...Weird, right?

Me in Motion

Julia and I's shoes

My gorgeous sis and I! <3

Well, that's about it.  Sorry this post was so rambl-y, I didn't mean it to be.  Also sorry for my lack of posts and everything.  We've been ridiculously busy.  Like, seriously.

The end.


  1. This was awesome!!!!! =D I love the third to last photo. =D Gosh you are so pretty!!! -Mikayla-

    1. I'm so glad you thought so! I wish you could have been there. I love that photo too! Haha, naaaah, not really. ;)


    2. Yes you are, your gorgeous!!!! =D

  2. Woah, that sounds like a lot of fun! And, like you had a lot of laughs. ;)

    1. It was a ton of fun! I think you would have liked it! Haha! =)

  3. Ah, these are such good pictures, Jessica! I've never been to a dance, always daydreamed about it now and then. I love your dress and your sister takes such good pictures! I'm glad you had fun. Happy Thanksgiving:)
    In Christ,

    1. Thank you! It was a lot of fun; I had never been to anything like it either! I hope you get to go to something like it someday! =) Thank you! I know, she does! Have an awesome Christmas! =D

      ~Jess <3

  4. You look beautiful, Jess! Love that "penguin" picture, the caption made me smile. :) Looks like you had a great time!
    --Rebecca at The Silver Flute

    1. Thank you Rebecca! Haha, I'm glad it made you smile. ;) I did, thank you!

      ~Love Jess


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