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Here are some of my favorite blogs!  I hope you will check them out because you will not regret it!

{Listed in no particular order because all of them are so awesome I could never even attempt to choose a favorite} 


*May be a slightly bias opinion because she is my sister, 
but only by the teenist, tiniest bit.
Trusting in the Lord day by day 

A Free Mind


Reasons to Smile

Lynde Avenue

(Please check this site out; it is a mother of adopted kiddos from China;
You can buy tee-shirts to help support children with heart trouble in China.)

Loving Our Creator

Fresh Modesty

The Bubblegum Ballerina

(Almost) Completely Mad

Ty's Blog: The Life of Ty

The Diary of Danielle 

Israel's Blog: I'll Tell You How The Sun Rose
(She hasn't posted since last year,
but I'm in her profile picture,
so I kinda owe it to her. ;)


Writing for His Glory

Wispy and Willowy

The Girl Who Loved to Write

Simply Scribbles

Everything is Blogsome


  1. I love several of the same blogs you do! I'm also a fan of Ni Hao Y'all. I actually did a giveaway of a So Loved shirt once. :) Would you like to swap buttons?

    Christine | Everything is Blogsome

  2. Could you please put my blog button up there?

  3. Yay! I made the list! Thanks, Jessica...hopefully someday I'll have a button... ;)

  4. Aw, thanks so much for putting me in your list! Yay!


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