Post-Thanksgiving Happenings

 Well, Lovelies, I'm back.

I'm afraid that I failed quite miserably on both of my November Challenges.  I'm sorry.  I was just to busy this November because my grandparents came much more than usual.  So I am waving my surrender flag.  But I will try again next year!  =) 

  Well, after talking about how I failed my November Challenges, now I am going to talk about my December Challenge!  Haha.  I know that you probably think that it is really ironic and maybe even dumb, but I saw this and thought that it was too cute not to try.  And, besides, it is a different kind of challenge.

  Cute, right?  So I am going to take the pictures and than post according to that day.  So, all of the pictures will be taken in December of 2013, they may not have been taken on that exact day.  But close enough, right?  And most of them will be taken on the day that they are assigned.  I think that it will be fun.  I hope that you guys enjoy them.  =)

   I wish that I could do a whole post on Thanksgiving with all these nice and perfect pictures, and I assure you that it was a picture perfect table set with our finest china; the perfectly roasted turkey, everything set and ready.  But unfortunately I have not a single picture.  And right now I really don't feel about talking about it much.  I was, and still am, sick, which made it a little less fun.  My voice is all weird right now because of my cold and it is kinda freaky.  Haha.  It's a good thing that you guys cannot hear me right now.

   Through a friend I found an editing site that is really cool.  I have always been one that leaves pictures as they are; I have never edited photos before.  But I like playing around with it.  Here is a couple of the pictures that I have edited, and the originals:

Here is the original:

Here is the edit:


Unfortunately I can't get the original of this one to come up, but this is the edited one:
(This is Julia's donkey, Memphis)


Here is the original:

Here is the edited one:


Here is the original:

Here is the edited one:


This is my favorite, I think. <3

And here is the edit:
 <3 ~ <3

 What do you think? =)  If you like them I will post more.

I have dishes and another post to do, so I am going to go do one of them.  ;)  Haha.

Enjoy the last day of November!

<3 J.


Power Out


  You may be thinking, wow, this is her second post this day.  How awkward.  Now I have to put up with her twice as much as usual!  Haha, okay, if you were REALLY thinking that, they you can banish my blog from your sight and never visit it again.  But I hope that you weren't think that and that, rather, you were think, Yah, she posted again!  I love her posts, they are so much fun and I will never never, ever get tired of them!  Okay, well, no matter what you were thinking, here I am posting again. 
   Well, I was in the tub because I love taking baths and I have a headache and it is winter, so it was totally bath "weather."  (Haha)  Anyway, right after I had got the water up to a decent level and it was nice and warm, the lights suddenly went off.  Now if you have ever been submerged in water in complete darkness, you know what I felt like.  If not, then you don't want to be!  Haha.  It wasn't that I was scared, it is just kind of weird and disturbing

   So after a while of sitting there in the dark my mom brought a lantern in, and then after sitting there a little longer I just got out and got dressed.  We sat around for a couple of minutes, maybe 10, and then my dad went out and called the power company.  He was explaining what he had told them when the power came back on!  And it hasn't gone off since.  It's amazing how much stuff uses electricity and/or light.  Pretty much EVERYTHING!  What would America do if suddenly all the power went off?  My grandpa says that now we know how Abraham Lincoln felt!  =)  So, just as a reminder, try to get outside as much as you can.  Make sure to get some fresh air, and if you have neighbors, raking leaves or shoveling snow might even put a little money in your pocket.  (And we all like that!)  =)

   Well, I need to get some sleep.  Good night, Lovelies!

~Jessica Joy <3 <3


Yes, people, snowflakes have been spotted in South Carolina!  It was a flurry that went on and off for maybe an hour, but it was snowing pretty heavily.

  It was only a flurry, but it was snow!  My brother Joshua was so excited!  It was so pretty too, although it was kinda weird to see snow on a tree that still has its fall colored leaves!  =)  It was very pretty and peaceful.

I have to cut this post short because I am going to go with my mom to town, but I hope you liked the pictures of snow!  Enjoy your day, whether it is snowing where you are or not!  =)

Happy Early Thanksgiving!

~Jessica Joy


November Challenges (6)

Hi!  Well, I better get my act together.  Here I am talking about how bad my NaNoW...Well, you know what I mean, and here I am weeks behind in my Count Your Blessings challenge.  7 a day is a lot, ya' know.  Well, here is the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th.

 1.  The ability to learn how to drive
 2.  Funny movies to watch with the family
 3.  Amazing grand parents
 4.  Fuzzy rabbits
 5.  Money to buy stuff
 6.  Washing machines (even ones that don't work that well!)
 7.  Parents that are still together
 8.  Being born in a Christian home
 9.  Ability to know how important purity is; so that I can try my very best to maintain it.
10. Godly founding fathers of our country
11. Banana cream pie
12. Warm blankets
13. Summer
14. Makeup to play around with
15. Christmas trees
16. Christmas music
17. Christmas lights
18. An amazing Savior
19. The ability to, as a gentile, be saved through Christ
20. Friends that stay and talk to you
21. The laws of physics (I'm getting desperate, I know!  Haha!)
22. Electricity
23. Handwritten letters
24. Men who gave their life for our freedom
25. Food to eat
26. Medicine for when I get sick
27. The body's amazing ability to heal itself
28. Internet
29. Clothes
30. Friends who want to be with you
31. Awkward situations  (Haha!)
32. Good Sunday school teachers
33. Newborn babies
34. My own laptop
35. A blog and all of my faithful followers!  <3


Blog Button


  I had a blog button made and I am trying to figure out how to put it on the sidebar of my blog.  How do you like it?

I'm going to experiment and try to get it beside my blog.  Hang with me as I figure this out!  Haha


(Almost Perfectly Pink By Jessica)


As Of Lately...

 Hello Lovelies,

   I realized that I hadn't done a post in a while that was really going on in my life.  So I am here to inform you that I do, in fact, still have a life! (haha)  I will fill you in with what has been going on and show you some pictures that I have taken lately.  <3

  First off, sense I'm so excited, I want to tell you about what I wore today.  I didn't mean to at the beginning of the day but I decided to do a post about it.  So here is my first fashion post!

Converse Sneakers: (About) $40
Jeans: Hand-me-downs
Sweater: Hand-me-down
Shirt: Hand-me-down (See a pattern?  haha)
Scarf:  Made by me!  (Actually finished today!)

I had a lot of fun making this scarf and I think I might give it away, and I will definitely be making more.  I would like to somehow sell them so that I can send it off to Christian organizations that help Third-World countries.  If anyone has any ideas (I'm looking into Etsy) I'd love to hear them.

    Okay, so here is the update about my life:

I'm busy with school.   My grandparents are here, and they are staying through Thanksgiving.  We have art class on Friday and today was our last day painting, but we have one class left to get all of our art.  I'll post pictures when I get it.  I sat next to a good friend of mine, whose mom actually runs the class.  The girl, my friend, is a little goofy but I love her.  Every year around Thanksgiving with our grandparents we make gingerbread houses but it is really just graham crackers and frosting with candy.  I have been pretty happy but I had a little trouble this week with some low self-esteem.  But I'm okay.  =)  Here is more pictures:

Baby is still drinking! 

Love the color!

The one in front, grazing, is pregnant

Simon, the Kitten.
Look at those eyes!! <3


 Me Again =P

 Does anyone else love this picture? 
(Not to brag, or anything, I just think it turned out well. 
By the way, I didn't edit it at all; that was natural.)
Me again with Julia working with Caramel in the background.


 Sense my grandmother is here, and she loves Eclaires, we bought some. 
Haha, my eclaire with green beans in the background.  Ironic!  haha


   Okay, so that is all the pictures that I have right now.  I got my laptop back, I am typing on it right now.  I'm also watching Perry Mason, a 60's tv show about a murder lawyer.  It's awesome.  You should totally see if you can get a hold of an episode or two.

    Well, my computer is dying and I am out in my grandparent's camper so I can't plug it in, which means that I need to publish this post.  Thanks for reading and don't forget to check out my other blog, teenagersinthekitchen.blogspot.com!


Jess Joy


5th Update and a Surprise!

    First off, I guess that you will want to know what my surprise is, right?  Well, I have started another blog!  It is a cooking blog, but it is not just going to be recipes.

 I plan on talking about how to use different ingredients that may not be familiar to you, and also meals to make for large families, or even individual servings.  I might even talk about how to keep the kitchen clean!!  =)  Don't worry, there will be plenty or "normal" stuff, too, like cookies.  The name of it is "Teenagers in the Kitchen."  You can go to it here. 

   Now that the surprise is out, it is time for the updates!

   NaNoWriMo:  Yeah, this is kinda over.  It's been over a week since I even OPENED the document.  But, I do have REALLY good news....I GOT MY LAPTOP BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Plus, there was a lot of stuff that I thought that I had lost when my computer crashed, but I found out that I hadn't!!  YAH!!!!  =)  I am working on reloading all of my documents and pictures back onto it.

   Count Your Blessings:  I'm nine days behind, but I'll catch up on three right now.  This is for the 10th, 11th, and 12th.

 1.  Kittens to entertain us
 2.  Friends that want our company
 3.  The opportunity to serve others
 4.  The ability to go to church without threat of persecution
 5.  Whoever invented roller skating
 6.  All of my family being healthy
 7.  Babies giggles
 8.  Hymns
 9.  The ability to talk to people
10.  Christ's example
11.  Clothing
12.  Being born in a Christian home
13.  Plenty of food
14.  A mom that takes me roller skating
15.  Not having lost all of my pictures
16.  A camera that I can use
17.  A car (Safe modes of transportation)
18.  Laughter
19.  The ability to read
20.  Fall colors
21.  Summer



Tips and Tricks: Getting Enough Sleep!


   Getting enough sleep is very important, and it is also something that I have struggled with.  But it really effects the whole next day and even days afterward.

 Because if you don't get enough sleep, then the next day you are tired, grouchy and sluggish.  And who wants to be those things?  Also, being tired you don't do as well in school, at work, or wherever you happen to have commitments.  So if you get behind/do bad work, than that is not good.  Anyway, sleep is very important, especially if you are a teenager.  So here is some ways to try and get those hours in.

    1.  Be Repetitive.   Going to bed early one night is not going to help much at all.  Plus, your body won't be used to it, so you will probably lay awake in bed for a while.  Make sure that you follow a schedule as closely as you can, and keep it up.

    2.  Shut Down.   Don't wait to get ready for bed right before your bedtime.  About a half an hour before, shut the computer down, close the textbook, and turn the TV off.  Let your body relax.

    3.  Do Your Night Routine.   If you shower at night, do it now.  If you don't, then just brush your hair, brush your teeth, wash your face, braid your hair, etc.  Make sure that, if this routine takes more than a half of an hour, that you shut down (#2) sooner to leave time for that.  Let your nightly routine be a calming down time, not were you have to be rushing to get to bed.

    4.  If You Like, Have a Cup of Tea.   If you want, you may do this before brushing your teeth.  If you don't like hot tea, than that is fine too.  Just make sure that you don't drink peppermint or candy cane flavored tea.  That will wake you up more.  They even sell "Sleepy Time" tea.  Remember, leave time for it so that you relax.

   5.  After You Have Finished Everything Outside of the Bedroom...   Go and change your clothes into your sleepwear.  Make sure that you pick up your clothes.  If you have time, and it needs it, tidy your room up a little bit.  It will make you feel better and the room cleaner.  If you like and if it calms you down, read a book.  Your Bible is a good one, especially the Psalms because they calm you down.  Don't read your latest adventure novel, or something that will riel you up.  Poems, or even a fiction book is okay, as long as they aren't scary or something like that. 

   6.  Turn Your Light Off!   This may be hard if you share a room because your siblings may not be quite ready for bed.  Or, they might already be in bed and the light is off.  Or, you may have a room to yourself.   Whatever your circumstance, go to bed at a decent hour.  Don't stay up reading for an hour.  Once again, if you want to read more, start your routine earlier.

    7.  8-10 Hours of Sleep.   Now I'm sure that you have all heard the thing about teenagers needing more sleep.  And yes, I am going to repeat it.  It is SO important to get enough sleep so that your performance can be top notch!  Figure out what time you need to get up in the morning, and count about 10 hours back.  That is the time that you should be getting ready for bed.  Granted, there will be times when you get to bed later, but try to get to bed so that you can get at LEAST 8 hours.  Around 10 is ideal.

     8.  And Lastly...   This is just a guide to get you started on thinking about your own bedtime schedule.  I hope that it had helped you at least a little bit.  Of course, serving our LORD is most important, and should always come first.  Make time in your day to spend with him.  And even, if you go to bed early enough, you can get up earlier to spend the time with him!  Nothing like seeing the foggy morning sunrise with your Bible in your lap.  =)

    I hope that these tips have helped you some.  What did you think?  Would you like more of these "guides," maybe for during the school day or after school?  Let me know.  =)


Jessica Joy <3

ps.  If you are reading this late at night, GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND GO TO BED!! =)  <3    



4th Update of November Challenges.

Wow.  I am way behind on both of my challenges.  Here's the scoop:

NaNoWriMo:  I haven't written on my NaNoWriMo book for almost a week, so I don't even need to go into how behind I am.  Okay, if you really want to know, I have 7,494 words are for today, the 14th, I needed to have 23,338 words.  See, I told you that it was sad.

Count You're Blessings:  I am 7 days behind in this.  I think I will only print 3 days, and then catch up later.  Here it is:

 1. Hot Chocolate
 2. A safe home to spend the night
 3. Rain
 4. The ability to homeschool
 5. The ability to be a Christian without heavy persecution
 6. A hard school curriculum that will give me a good education
 7. Running water
 8. Pencils
 9. Siblings
10. Not having to have dealt with the lost of a immediate family member
11. Tacos
12. Heaters and furnaces to keep me warm
13. Donkeys
14. Dogs who are glad to see you
15. A childhood
16. So many things to be thankful for!
17. Christmas
18. Malls
19. Movies
20. Books
21. Snow

  Well, that is all that I got right now.  How does everyone like the title of my blog right now:  (Almost) Perfectly Pink?  How about the template?  Drop me a comment and let me know!  Also, I added an "About Me" page and a "Random Facts About Me Page."  Take a look at those, if you would like! 


J. Joy


Veterans Day

(This is a day late in publishing, but I wrote it yesterday.)

Veterans day, to some, may just be another holiday.  Another "small print holiday" on the calendar, like boxing day, or Chinese New Year.  Of course, most would probably hold this holiday more of a celebration than the others, but how many of us truly understand what Veterans Day means?

    American soldiers, and every other soldier, no matter what country they are from, has given up something.  Not only time and energy, but many their lives.  No only limbs and injuries, lose of hearing or seeing, but also mentally.  What those men and women have seen, experienced and had to do is far beyond comprehension.  We should celebrate Veterans Day, to honor those who gave so much for our freedom.

  My grandfather is a Vietnam veteran.  This fact is particularly close to my heart because of the fact that this war, though recent, has been almost forgotten, and was certainly in it's time scorned.  It was at the stage where the want for world peace was spreading throughout Americans, particularly the youth.  Many of our soldiers, returning home, found that they were scorned and even hated because of their service, as if they wanted to go out and kill.  Most were drafted in, and had no other choice, and yet when they should have been received with open arms and welcomed home to recover, they were rejected and despised.  My grandfather joined right before they sent out drafts; he did this because he knew that being drafted was coming and he wanted to be able to choose on as many options that he could.  Of the unit that he was sent to Vietnam with, he was the only one to return to the United States alive.  This breaks my heart to think of his friends and comrades that he would have made, being so close to them, and to lose every single one of them.  My grandfather also lost his hearing because of all the explosions, shots and cannons going off around him, and not having access to the right protection.  My grandfather gave, not only his hearing and youth, and risked his life, but also his peace of mind.  My grandmother has told me that he still, even to this day, will have terrible nightmares of things that he saw and did.  I cannot imagine being given a gun and told to shoot oncoming men.  The thought devastates me.

  There is a neighbor that we have talked to that is also a Vietnam veteran, although he never actually went to Vietnam.  He said that he only went to a training camp in Europe, but the war ended before he ever got to Vietnam.  Despite this, he still served his country.  He says that, as a 19 year old farm boy who had never been more then a hour away from home, who had never been on a train, plane or bus, that when he experienced all 4 of those things and went across the ocean with the intent to go to Vietnam, that he felt like a scared little boy, overwhelmed, and just wanting to go home.

So as we celebrate Veterans Day, let us not get caught up and lost in the celebration of it.  We need to stop and think about what each of these soldiers personally gave up to bring freedom to our country, and to us.  Take time to pray for these soldiers that, if they do not know the LORD, that they would be saved, pray for their peace of mind and that the nightmares that plague them would subside.  Pray also for the family members who have also suffered, those who have lost family members on duty, and those who, though many years have past, still think about and mourn for them.  And may we remember, that just as freedom in our country is not free, our spiritual freedom is not free either.  Christ fought and won the spiritual battle, and we need to repent of our sins and turn to him, so that we too can share in His victory, just as we share in the victory of those who have served and are still serving.

Below is a link to a video by Twila Paris that touches of the connection between spiritual and physical battles and veterans.  Please watch it, it is well worth your time and hopefully it will give you something to think about.

Also, take time to thank a veteran, not just on Veterans Day, but everyday!  Take time to write a short, handwritten note or letter, and make sure that these men and women know that you care.  You can find online address to send letter and cards to soldiers currently serving, and there are organizations that take old phones and donations to send them to soldiers so that they can call home.  Today, at a restaurant, I saw a girl, about 13 or so, handing out short, handwritten notes to the men and women that had "I Served" stickers on (They gave them to the veterans at the door) just telling them thank you for serving.  That is a really neat idea, I think.  I even heard of a lady who sent Halloween candy to the soldiers, rather then passing it out to trick-or-treaters.  These are all good ideas, and even if you don't do any of these big projects, even just telling someone that you knew served, or had a close relative serve, thank you will mean a lot.  And it is the least that we can do.

If you are reading this and a close family member of your either has served, is serving, or had died in the fight, I thank them, and you, from the deepest part of my heart.  May the LORD be with you and your whole family.

Thank you, and in Christ,

Jessica Joy


Fun, Thought-Provoking, or Cute Quotes


   I thought that I would share some quotes with you.  Some of these have been close to my heart for a while, some I have heard of, and some I have learned just moments before you.  Now, please, enjoy and think on these quotes as you laugh along with me.  <3
<3 <3 <3

This has been one of my favorite quotes for a long time. 
Both true and funny!

Including an unborn baby in the womb,
No matter what "stage" of being in the womb it is! <3


My mom like to say that she is a bear of very little brain! <3

Youer Than You!  (Ha!) =D

I just found this quote and I LOVE it!

This is one of those thought-provoking ones.

  I hope that you enjoyed these as much as I did.

With Love, my Darlings,

Jessica Joy