Start of My Two November Challenges!!


   This will be really quick because it is 10:37 exactly, and that is very late, because I have to get up at 5 tomorrow, because my mom and sister are leaving.  Hopefully, I will be able to go back to sleep for a little bit, but I still want to get up and wish them off.  Anywho, no time to talk!  Here is a update about my challenges:

NaNoWriMo:  This will be very, very hard to do because my computer is broken!  I'm using my mom's right now, and that is what I have started typing on, but I probably won't get to 50,000 words.  But I am going to try anyway, and it is a story that I have wanted to write for at least 3 years, so it will be good to at least get a decent chuck of it done.  Now, I am supposed to do about 1,666 words a day and I only got 1,297....So, yeah.  I will try to catch up tomorrow.  And I am pleased with how the part that I got done turned out.  =)  I face tomorrow with a smile!

Count Your Blessings:  I thought about this today, but I never actually constructed a list, but I am going to write down 7 things anyway.  Here they are:

   I'm Thankful For:

    1.) Safety while traveling by car
    2.) A mom that forgives
    3.) A dad that takes me to football games (Go Indians!) ;) =P
    4.) A warm bed to snuggle up in
    5.) Grandparents that love and visit us
    6.) Being homeschooled
    7.) A LORD and Savior that listens to us (me.)

Well, that's seven!  And I need to go to bed!!  Bye! =)

In Christ,
   Jessica Joy

ps.  If anyone has blog title suggestions, let me know!  I am terrible at those things. And if you like the one right now, you can tell me that too! =)  XOXO <3


  1. Jessica, Wonderful post! I loved your list of things your thankful for! Whats your NaNo profile? I'd love to buddy you.
    Oh I love coming up with titles! Its my favorite part of writing a book, exsept getting to know my characters. :)
    The Sunshine coner
    A bit of Sunshine
    Jessica's Corner
    Simply Jessica

  2. Hi Jessica! I really like your blog name right now but the ones Mikayla suggested are cool as well. :)

  3. Mikayla, first off, thank you for following me! Now I have someone else following me besides my sister and her friend! =) LOL And I like the Jessica's Corner. I may try that, thanks! And for me, writing is a snap, the words just flow through my brain as if I was reading a book and then I just have to write it down. Titles, no way! LOL I have SO much trouble coming up with names for books, or blogs, or anything else!! My NaNo is dogs4jj. The URL to my profile is http://nanowrimo.org/participants/dogs4jj. =) I believe that I have already buddy-ied you, but I'll double check. How is NaNo going for you? I'm behind about 1404 words right now =( But besides that, it's going good. I'm happy with it. You can read more about my novel on my NaNoWriMo page. Thanks, Rachel, for commenting. I love comments! =) And thanks for liking my title, it means a lot. =)

    1. Your welcome, I love your blog so its not that hard to do. :D Your welcome. :) Actually its just the arrangement of the story line that I have trubble with and parts of the slower story. I've got an idea, I'll help you with titles and you help me with some of my story plot. :) My e-mails is Paintyourdreams13@gmail.com if you want to. :D Do you have a goodreads acount?

  4. Hi! Okay, Mikayla, it seems to be a different Mikayla that is following me. Do you have a google+ profile? Because my follower is Mikayla Holman, but then your profile is just Mikayla H. I don't know, quite confusing! And I figured out that I found your profile because you friended and messaged me on NaNoWriMo! Anyway, we are friended. =) (By the way, I like your blog, the Bubblegum Ballerina. Did you ever do ballet? I did about 4 years as a younger kid (like 6-11) and then one year of pointe. I love pointe! I haven't taken any classes sense I was, 12 I think, though =(

    1. Its the same purson on both acounts. :D I just use the name Mikayla H. so that the whole world dose not have my last name. I just hadn't been on my account in a bit, sorry. Thank you. :) I thought about changing the blog title but I thought my small oudiance might get confused. :P No I never took ballet, I really want to but I can't. Its actually one of my book titles. :)


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