Second Update of November Challenges!


   Here is the updates about my November challenges/contests.  Enjoy! =)

    NaNoWriMo:  Well, I'm *cough* about a day and a half behind *cough cough*  But rather then writing for quantity, I am writing for quality.  So, even if I don't finish it by the end of November, I have still started a book that I have wanted to write for a long time.  If you want to see the information about my book you can go to:   http://nanowrimo.org/participants/dogs4jj/novels/lacy-s-peace.  I have 2806 words done. =)

     Count Your Blessings:  Here is my list of 14 things for Nov. 2nd and 3rd:

   1.  That extra hour of sleep I got on Saturday/Sunday night!
   2.  Friends that come out of town that I get to sit next to at lunch
   3.  A grandmother that teaches me how to crochet, and who is patient with me!
   4.  Babies that can be held and cuddled
   5.  A God who sent his son
   6.  Older people who have so much wisdom and sweetness, and that are willing to share it
   7.  A bike to ride (especially to said older person's home)
   8.  Veterans and soldiers who were willing to face their fear and fight for the freedom of all of us, even if it meant giving up their life.
   9.  A mom who loves and understands me
   10.  The Puritans for setting such a wonderful example of Christ-like living
   11.  Sweet little brothers who give up their seat on the couch for you
   12.  Birthdays
   13.  Christmas music
   14.  Toddlers.

Well, that's it for now! 

In Christ, Jessica Joy


  1. I'm behind to, don't worry. :) I have to write about 3.000 words today. :P

    1. I'm so glad you finished it! I'll try to keep up with you again this year! =D


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