Power Out


  You may be thinking, wow, this is her second post this day.  How awkward.  Now I have to put up with her twice as much as usual!  Haha, okay, if you were REALLY thinking that, they you can banish my blog from your sight and never visit it again.  But I hope that you weren't think that and that, rather, you were think, Yah, she posted again!  I love her posts, they are so much fun and I will never never, ever get tired of them!  Okay, well, no matter what you were thinking, here I am posting again. 
   Well, I was in the tub because I love taking baths and I have a headache and it is winter, so it was totally bath "weather."  (Haha)  Anyway, right after I had got the water up to a decent level and it was nice and warm, the lights suddenly went off.  Now if you have ever been submerged in water in complete darkness, you know what I felt like.  If not, then you don't want to be!  Haha.  It wasn't that I was scared, it is just kind of weird and disturbing

   So after a while of sitting there in the dark my mom brought a lantern in, and then after sitting there a little longer I just got out and got dressed.  We sat around for a couple of minutes, maybe 10, and then my dad went out and called the power company.  He was explaining what he had told them when the power came back on!  And it hasn't gone off since.  It's amazing how much stuff uses electricity and/or light.  Pretty much EVERYTHING!  What would America do if suddenly all the power went off?  My grandpa says that now we know how Abraham Lincoln felt!  =)  So, just as a reminder, try to get outside as much as you can.  Make sure to get some fresh air, and if you have neighbors, raking leaves or shoveling snow might even put a little money in your pocket.  (And we all like that!)  =)

   Well, I need to get some sleep.  Good night, Lovelies!

~Jessica Joy <3 <3


  1. Yay! You posted twice! ;) I hadn't checked your blog in a couple of days so it is always wonderful when you post! I was once in the shower when the lights went out (the power didn't go out, I was at a church quickly showering and a lady didn't realize I was in there and turned off the light). Anyways, can't wait until you post again! =D

    1. Aww, I love finding old comments of yours! Haha! That's funny! I hope you got it all figured out! lol


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