November Challenges (6)

Hi!  Well, I better get my act together.  Here I am talking about how bad my NaNoW...Well, you know what I mean, and here I am weeks behind in my Count Your Blessings challenge.  7 a day is a lot, ya' know.  Well, here is the 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th.

 1.  The ability to learn how to drive
 2.  Funny movies to watch with the family
 3.  Amazing grand parents
 4.  Fuzzy rabbits
 5.  Money to buy stuff
 6.  Washing machines (even ones that don't work that well!)
 7.  Parents that are still together
 8.  Being born in a Christian home
 9.  Ability to know how important purity is; so that I can try my very best to maintain it.
10. Godly founding fathers of our country
11. Banana cream pie
12. Warm blankets
13. Summer
14. Makeup to play around with
15. Christmas trees
16. Christmas music
17. Christmas lights
18. An amazing Savior
19. The ability to, as a gentile, be saved through Christ
20. Friends that stay and talk to you
21. The laws of physics (I'm getting desperate, I know!  Haha!)
22. Electricity
23. Handwritten letters
24. Men who gave their life for our freedom
25. Food to eat
26. Medicine for when I get sick
27. The body's amazing ability to heal itself
28. Internet
29. Clothes
30. Friends who want to be with you
31. Awkward situations  (Haha!)
32. Good Sunday school teachers
33. Newborn babies
34. My own laptop
35. A blog and all of my faithful followers!  <3

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