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   You guys all missed me, right?  Right?  hehe.  Well, I am quite a ways "behind" on my Count Your Blessings, so here is the list for the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th.  That is 4 days multiplied by 7, which equals 28.   Okay, here we go!

   1. M&M's (Which I happen to be enjoying while we speak)
   2. Cute goats
   3. Gas money
   4. Art classes
   5. A loving and understanding mom
   6. Salsa and chips (need I say more?)
   7. A grandpa would went to war for me, even though I wasn't even born yet
   8. Cupcakes
   9. Cookbooks
  10. A sister who smiles at me
  11. Music
  12. Not having a TV
  13. Electricity
  14. Missionaries
  15. A computer to type on
  16. Clean water (!!)
  17. Laughter
  18. Warm clothes
  19. Fall colors
  20. Wind
  21. A Bible in my own language
  22. The ability to read
  23. The ability to go to school
  24. School supplies
  25. Friends (Even goofy ones!) =)
  26. A comfy couch to sit on
  27. A dog to call my own
  28. Land to run and play on

   Wow, I did it! =)  It is so neat to get your brain thinking and to look closely at all the things around you to be thankful for!  And, um...need we mention NaNoWriMo?  Um, lets just say that we should imagine that I am further ahead then I am.  Say, let us imagine that I am NOT still working on finishing the work for the 3rd day... *sigh* Depressing, I know.  My NaNo stats say that, at this rate, I will finish on January 12.  Not good when I am trying to finish two months before then!  Agh....oh, well.  I'm going for quality, not quantity. 

    My family rejoined the YMCA, and so tonight we went for the first time.  Last time we were a part of the Y, I wasn't old enough to be in the gym room.  Now I am!  Haha!! =D  I worked out on the bike, and watched tv.  You know, it is sad when the commercials are so long, that I forget what I am watching!  Then my mom found this machine that was like an escalator!  It was about 1 1/2 feet wide, and very tall!  I didn't go on it, but I think I will next time!  My sister stayed in the game room with my little brother, because he is not old enough for the gym yet.  I played a little bit of ping pong.  I'm a little rusty, but I'll get it back!  =)

   Well, it is my bedtime because I have a very busy day tomorrow!  I will post more later! Adios!  =)

Good night, Lovelies!

~ JJ

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