Guest post: Julia Ryan - Nice to meet you all!

Hi everyone! 

My name is Julia Ryan, some of you may have seen my blog or some on my comments on Jessica's blog here.  I blog over at Writing For His glory.
Some of my most favorite things include reading.  I especially love reading about history! In that picture above I am reading about a man named Nate Saint. No, he isn't Santa Claus. ;) And, it isn't a fake name.  Believe me, the story is powerful! 
I also enjoy being outside and trying to capture God's beauty through a little man made invention called a camera. ;)
Though, put aside a few little hobbies and deep down I am just a country gal trying to live my life to please Christ.  At times it might be washing dishes and doing schoolwork, and at other times, it might be encouraging a friend or sibling. 
Thank you Jessica for allowing me to guest post and thank you for reading my post! I assure you, if you are guest posting on Jessica's blog, I'll be reading and commenting. 

I pray you all have a wonderful Sunday! ♥

Love in Christ,
 Julia Ryan♥


Now It's Up To You!

Alright.  Tomorrow morning I leave for my first trip.  I'm so thankful that all of you guys are doing this for me.  I thought I'd leave you all with a tentative schedule so you have something to go on, but I'm leaving it up to you.  If you want to post more, or if you don't have time the day you are "assigned" then don't stress.  I didn't want to leave you guys in the dark, but it's not a rigid schedule either. =)

  Okay, there are 5 guest posters total:  Eb, Julia Ryan, Mikayla, Abigail, and Sarah Margaret.  Abigail and Eb, you guys still have to accept the email invitation to become an author on my blog.  If you could try to do that as soon as possible that would be awesome. =)

  Alrighty, my tentative schedule is:

 June 29th, Sunday: Julia
 July 1st, Tuesday: Eb
 July 4th, Friday: I post (Jessica)
 July 6th, Sunday: Sarah Margaret
 July 8th, Tuesday: Mikayla
 July 10th, Thursday: Abigail

 And then I am back!  Once again, if you want to post more, less, whatever, it is fine with me.  I'm going to wait until I get home to ready them, and I'm excited to come home and see all the lovely posts and comments!

If you haven't had a chance to figure it out already, when you accept the email invitation, then my blog is added to your list of blogs, and so you can write, edit, and publish to my blog right from your Blogger account.  If you have any questions you can ask me, but today (Saturday) is my last day.

"See" You (haha) Thursday!



New Plan For Guest Posters!


  I have discovered something and changed me mind about the guest posting.  Instead of you guys all emailing me your posts, I am going to make you guys all temporary authors.  Then you can just write it like a normal post and publish it straight to the blog.  Easier for me, easier for you, and then you also don't have to have the posts ready before hand.  After I get back, I can then "delete' you guys as authors and we are back to normal.  I will email you separately so that I know you guys hear about this plus you will be receiving an email asking you to join as an authors.  Thank you so much, sorry for the mess up.  What I had originally thought was that you had to stay an author for a month, but then I found out that you can delete authors. =)

Thanks Ya'll!


I Did A Guest Post! (#2)

Hey Lovelies!

  I posted over at Forever Changed again.  The link to my posts is: http://foreverchanged13.blogspot.com/2014/06/guest-post-learning-to-remember-small.html

  Thanks!  I'll be posting here tomorrow, is my plan. =)


ps.  Thank you for all of you volunteering to guest post!  I think I fit you all in, and I've sent out emails/messages on Facebook talking about dates and such.  Thank you! =)


Tacit Tuesdays (23)

Here ya' go. =)  These are all old pictures, except the ones of the drawing on my fingers.  I just went scrounging on my computer. lol


ps. If anyone wants to still do a guest post, let me know.  So far I have Eb, Sarah Margaret, and Mikayla.  =)

Here is a drawing of Beauty of the Beast that I did forever ago.

This was the computer screen that I was drawing off of. =)

This was my plate of pains after I was done.  I did a little color mixing, no?

Julia and I drew these on our hands yesterday and today.  =)  This is my hand.

This dog was resqued by a elderly neighbor.  He is missing an eye, as you can see.  Sweet ol' thing.

These were from last fall. lol  I haven't had time to take pictures lately. haha!

These trees are across the road.  Tall is an understatement!!


I Did A Guest Post!


  I just published my first ever guest post!  For a little bit I will be posting at: Forever Changed.  I will continue to post here, don't worry. ;)  I just thought I would let you guys know of the post so you could read it if you wish, and I will let you know of all the other posts that I do there as well. =)  The link to my post is: http://foreverchanged13.blogspot.com/2014/06/guest-post-funny.html

  I had an idea today about a new blog series that I think I will call:  The "My Thoughts On" Series.  I was thinking that you guys could ask me about different issues and topics and I would write what I think about them.  Anything from Biblical issues, to little things, or even big, often talked about controversial topics like abortion.  I don't know.  What do you guys think?  Do you have any topic ideas?  I'd love to hear any thoughts!

  Also, I may be ready to do some guest posters of my own!  Next Tuesday I will not be able to do Tacit Tuesdays, so would someone like to do that?  You could post your own pictures for my followers to see!  And also, on July 7-11, I will be away at summer camp.  Someone could do that weeks Tacit Tuesdays, also, and also any guest posters who would like to post about any topic.

  There was a lot of information and ideas in this post, and please tell me any ideas, thought, concerns, wishes, needs, etc, etc, etc.  about any of them.

Thank you,

Your Dear Friend,

Jessica Joy <3


Tacit Tuesdays (22)

Okay, seriously, I was going to post about something and then as I was thinking of a title it hit me that the title better be Tacit Tuesdays! Wow.  See how close I was to missing it again?  Good gracious, I'm terrible.  Ah well, it is here anyway. ;)


ps. I don't think any of these pictures were taken by me.  Most, if not all, are Julia's handiwork.  =)

This was taken a couple of days ago, it got up to 102 degrees F. today!

Julia named him Froggle.  This was NOT my hand... haha

These are the graves of small animals that have died recently. 
The one above is for a blind chick that was named Joseph.
He was Julia's pet for the few days that he lived.  He loved her like she was his mommy.

 Far right is the grave of my rabbit ='(
Middle is 2 moles named Leonard and Benny, both killed by a cat and Julia named them
Far left is Joseph, the chick

We found out that our cat is 3 feet long!  Goodness! Haha

My "Not-Such-A-Puppy-Anymore" Pooch. =)


Getting My Act Together...Finally!

Whew, well, I finally got around to updating the "My Amazing and Beuatiful Followers" post.  Hopefully I didn't forget anything there!

  I want to make a list of all the awards that I need to do, but I don't have time to do them right now.  If you did award me it would be ever so kind of you to comment below to let me know again, but if not I'll do the work at another time to get them all. =)


Jess <3


Tacit Tuesdays (21??) Photo Shoot


   Sorry about not posting Tacit Tuesdays last week.  Our internet ran out, so I couldn't, and I never got around to posting a post about not posting. But now I am posting a post about not posting the post telling you I couldn't post the post.  Confused? ;) haha  So, anyway, I decided to just post a day early because I know I have internet. =)

   I actually took none of these pictures.  My friend Israel did.  She finally convinced me to do a photo shoot with her, so I'm in all of these pictures.  The outfit grew on me, but I threw a fit trying to get out of wearing it.  But by the end I was okay. ;)  And I think the pictures turned out pretty good. =)

   I'm posting some of them, and then later maybe I'll edit them and you will see some littered about in other posts.  But for now, these are all not edited.  I hope you like them more than I enjoyed being in them at the beginning.  ;) hehe

~J. Joy

I look hideous in this picture, but whateves. ;)

And a selfie one of the both of us. =)