Tacit Tuesdays (22)

Okay, seriously, I was going to post about something and then as I was thinking of a title it hit me that the title better be Tacit Tuesdays! Wow.  See how close I was to missing it again?  Good gracious, I'm terrible.  Ah well, it is here anyway. ;)


ps. I don't think any of these pictures were taken by me.  Most, if not all, are Julia's handiwork.  =)

This was taken a couple of days ago, it got up to 102 degrees F. today!

Julia named him Froggle.  This was NOT my hand... haha

These are the graves of small animals that have died recently. 
The one above is for a blind chick that was named Joseph.
He was Julia's pet for the few days that he lived.  He loved her like she was his mommy.

 Far right is the grave of my rabbit ='(
Middle is 2 moles named Leonard and Benny, both killed by a cat and Julia named them
Far left is Joseph, the chick

We found out that our cat is 3 feet long!  Goodness! Haha

My "Not-Such-A-Puppy-Anymore" Pooch. =)


  1. Pretty cat. =) I love the fields of flowers, there beautiful. =D So, hows the diet working for you? Are you doing better on it? =)

    1. Thanks! He really is. =) Flowers are gorgeous. That was our front yard before it was mowed! lol It didn't really help, so I'm not doing it much now. My grandmother got me some medicine, and it really helped. I haven't had much trouble with my joints lately. Thanks for asking! =) My mom is gluten free right now, though, so I'm still doing partly gf.

    2. I'm sorry it didn't help but I'm glad the medicine is. =) Gluten Free, I'm pretty sure that would be a fate worse then death for me. ;D

    3. Hahahahahaha!! You made me laugh so hard! Haha =D

  2. =) Nice pics!! (and I like the new background of your blog!) <3

  3. Hello Jessica ! Awww your pictures just make me smile, they are so beautiful yet not fake if you get what I mean. They aren't perfect but that's what makes them the best. It is just amazing Jessica capturing every day life ! By the way do you own the horses on your farm ? If you do how many do you have ?! I love horses ! Talk to you soon !
    Eb x

    1. Aw, your comment was so sweet, Eb! =') <3 Life isn't perfect, so why should snapshots of life be? =) Awww, thank you, awesome Eb. Yes, we own 2 horses and a donkey. The horse in the last picture we have to sell, actually, just because her baby is grown now and our field can't support 3 "big" animals. You want her? ;)

      Talk to you soon, Friend. =) <3


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