Just so you all know, this is my 70th post!  So...Yah!!!  Happy 70th Post Day, Everybody! =D ;)

Well, everything is...okay.  The gluten-free thing is going really good.  Sorry I didn't respond to all of ya'll's comments on my last post; I don't know what got into me!  I'm hurting a lot still.  Today I woke up and every joint in my body hurt.  I mean every.  From my fingers to my hips to my ankles and back up to my neck.  I had to lay in bed for a while because my ankles hurt so much I was afraid they wouldn't support me if I stood up.  I actually cried a little bit.  So ya, if you guys could all pray for me, that'd be great. =)

  Besides pain and such, everything is pretty good.  We have a family over from church yesterday after church and that was really nice.  We had gluten-free tacos!!!  And the lady brought gluten-free cookies for me too!  Yah! =D 

My and my friend are planning a girl's sleepover at her house:
    Pizza That Will Completely Break My Diet...Check. 
    Microwave Popcorn...Check.  
    Chick Flicks...Double Check!  =D

Just so you all know, I'm kind of babbling here because I have school to do that I'm trying to ignore and babbling to you guys is a lot funnier than it! 

Today after I lit a candle I broke the tip off the match and wrote with it.  Homemade charcoal pencils, anyone?

My mp3player that I got for Christmas is busted already.  I didn't do anything to it, I promise! =P  It just was cheaply made.  I can still "use" it, kind of.  It works when it is plugged in; I have to push a toothpick into the RESET button on the back in order to get it to boot up.  The buttons don't work, so I have to control the volume on the screen (Thank goodness the touch screen still works!) and other problems.  Also, my headphones are falling apart, but I can adjust the volume by wiggling my headphone cord!  Pretty cool, right? ;D

I have a Twitter account now.  I don't tweet that much.  But I do have one.  If you want to follow me or have me follow you let me know. =)

Well, I better get to school... *Sigh* 

You will hear from me tomorrow, for  Tacit Tuesdays!!!!!  (You guys are excited, right?)  =D


*Oh, ps.  Happy Last Day of March!  Wow, the year is 1/4 OVER!!!  That is CRAZY!!!*



Embarking on a New Adventure

Hello Everyone.  =)

    In my family I was always the healthy one.  I hardly ever got sick and when I did it would only last a couple of days.  Even this past winter my entire family was sick with the flu for over a week, and all I got was the sniffles for a couple of days.  So, when I started hurting a lot last September and had to go to the doctor, it had been the first time I was at the doctor for myself in, I believe, over 7 years!  So, it was kind of a shock, especially sense I am not a dare-devil at all.

    As you all know, I currently have a cast on my left wrist.  Despite wearing the cast, my wrist still hurts almost constantly.  On Monday night my left ankle started hurting almost to the point of me not being about to walk.  Tuesday morning it still hurt but not as bad.  My mom had been meaning to make a doctor's appointment for a while, but this was enough to make her call right away.  Thankfully I was able to go to our family doctor that day.  Well, I have some problems with my bones, so I need to intake more iron.  You can take iron pills, but also foods like oatmeal, raisins, rice, beans, spinach, and stuff like that has iron, so I need to start eating more of that.  I also need to exercise more.  I used to do ballet and moved my body a lot.  But I haven't done anything like that in the last couple of years.  But, the big news that will really change my diet is that I have to go gluten free.  Because of all the joint pain I'm having gluten has to go.  Which basically means:

No More Bread:

Or Buns:

Or Rolls:

Or Pasta:

Or Donuts:

Or Cake:

Or Pizza:

   Yup, these are all gluten...And they are all out.  (I hope I didn't make you hungry!)  Now, I'm not going to be super strict about it.  When ever my dad brings home pizza as a treat, I'll have a piece.  If I go over to a friends house I won't even worry about it.  Mainly I'll be gluten-free at home and mostly-gluten-free while out and about.

     I'm thinking of it as a new adventure; a new chapter in my ever growing "Life-Book."   So, onward and forward we shall march!  =)

~A Casted-Fainting-Gluten-Free-Blogger ;D

(The photos are not mine, but I got them with the "permission to use" thing.  Also, I haven't fainted since my first doctor's appointment and yesterday the doctor said not to worry unless I did it again!)


Tacit Tuesdays: 14

Yup, these are random.  Some were taken by me, some were not.  Some where taken a month ago some three years ago.  Some are on our property, some are not.  So...yeah... ;)


This describes the maximum amount of intelligence capable of being attained by the male goat. 
Trust me, it's worse in real life.

This was taken at a zoo.  Not our house! ;D

Told you it was random!



Hey Everyone,
   I have recently (and not-so-recently) found out that I may have some followers that are following my blog with a different "program" (like Bloglovin) which I am not connected to.  Anyway, I just wanted to get a head-count; see exactly how many followers I have.  So, if you are reading this and you currently follow my blog, would you comment something below.  It could simply be a smiley face; it doesn't matter.   To keep the numbers straight for this post I will not be replying, but I'll still read them. =)  I've thought about this before and just thought it would be fun to see exactly how many regular followers I have.  If you don't see this post until after it has been published a while, don't worry, you can still comment. 

Thanks Ya'll. =)

~Jessica Joy


Tacit Tuesdays: 13 (I think!)

Well, this is another random one.  There are quite a few pictures here; but too few to split into two.  So, enjoy this long post. =)

 Aren't baby goats the cutest thing ever???  I love them so much! =D <3

 I drew this for art class; we were trying to re-create another painting.

 This little guy came out the toaster after re-heating and it was like this!  We didn't touch it at all.  Pretty cute for a waffle, huh? =)

 It's actually a bag from a clothing store that I cut it out and make it a poster. =)

I have over 100 paper cranes like these hanging from my ceiling.  I folded ever single one of them.  Pretty cool, right? ;)

 This is my little rabbit.  Isn't he adorable? <3

This is an interesting word for so many reasons. =P

More animal graves. ='( 
These are still-born baby goats: Gabriel (Like the Angel) and Gabriella (The Female Version)
This one is sideways; for some reason, but anyway, this is our cat, Lilly.  She died about a year and a half ago.  She was only a year old and she just died quietly one day.  I made a video about her, maybe I'll post it sometime. =')

Well, Happy Tuesday, Everyone! =)



New Poll

Goodness I'm posting a lot.  Sorry!  Anywho, just wanted to let you know about my new poll, to the right.  It's about comments.  If you have any questions about it, just...comment.  LOL =P ;)


WHTMA: Continued and A Song

Okay, to make the title shorter I abbreviated "What Happened To My Arm" to WHTMA.  The rest should make sense by the end of this post. =)

   Well, my appointment at the doctor for my arm was early in the morning, so I didn't eat breakfast.  Which isn't really that big of deal, since I hardly eat breakfast, and if I do it is late in the morning, anyway.  Well, I got to the doctor, they took x-rays, asked me a ton of questions, etc.  Normal doctor stuff.  Well, then the doctor came in and asked me about my pain.  He very gently pressed and prodded on the wrist and arm.  He was very gentle, and to be honest it didn't really hurt that much.  Well, near the end I started feeling woozy and the pain was increasing.  So as he got up to go look at my x-rays I asked him for a drink of water.  I was feeling quite woozy and light headed.  I told my mom that I was feeling light headed and I sat down.  You know how when, in the summer when it is really bright outside, after coming inside it takes your eyes a minute to adjust to the darkness.  Well, it was like that, except it didn't get better, and it started getting darker and...that's all I remember.  Next thing I knew I could feel myself being wrestled and moved a lot and I actually thought I was being hurt and pulled in all these directions.  Then my eyes flew open and I was laying on the doctors bed/table thing with my mom and the doctor looking over me.  I had passed out!  According to my mom I had started to lean towards her and fallen onto her.  She started calling to me but I didn't answer.  Just then the doctor came in with the water and my mom told him I had passed out.  So he lifted me onto the bed and a nurse ran for something to put under my nose to wake me up.  After I woke up, I felt fine.  I didn't feel woozy at all.  I still can't believe I just passed out.  It didn't seem to hurt that bad, and I've only passed out once before.  But that was a long time ago and I was sick.  Anyway, that is beside the point.  So yeah, I fainted.  Which, despite being rather disturbing, was also quite embarrassing.  For someone who doesn't really care what people think, it might not have been that bad.  But for a girl who always tries to dress, act, and look put together.  For someone who cares quite a it about her reputation, and who tries to act adult and mature, having to be carried by a 30 year old doctor is a thought that is so horrifying that  it almost makes me want to faint again.  But, overall I'm fine.  It is kind of scary, though, thinking about how easily I just passed out.  I have an aunt who has a problem with that; just fainting all of a sudden.  Its not that serious, I mean I only did it twice in 15 years, but still...

   Well, anyway, that's the interesting story from the doctors office.  Oh, and by the way, in order to get some sugar in me they gave me a coke, and we went out for McDonalds to get me some food.  So, if you ever want soda at a doctors office, and to go out to eat afterward, just faint!  ;)  haha  (Okay, no, really, don't pass out.  It isn't a good idea at all; don't listen to me.)

   As for the "Song" part of this post, there is this one song that I am really liking right now.  It's called Write Your Story and it's by Francesca Battistelli.  It's really good.  The video is not mine, I got it off of youtube.  I've listened to this one, so it's good, but still not mine.  Just letting you know. =)

Well, it seems that either I go 8 days without posting, or I post 3 times in 3 days.  Oh well. =)  And I'm sorry with all these stories.  I don't mean to make you guys feel sorry for me! LOL

~A One-Handed, Fainting Jessica.  (hardy-har-har ;D )


The Big Question: What Happened To My Arm?!

First off, you guys are, like, super observant.  I mean, my brace was barely noticeable in that one picture, and two or three of you caught it.  All the awards.  I decided just to type a post, rather then answer in the comments.  =)

   Well, this long, somewhat pitiful story begins way back in September, on Labor Day, in fact.  Some unsuspecting girl was innocently *ahem* trying *cough cough* to cartwheel.   And, let us be honest, she was failing quite miserably.  But, she promised herself, someday she would learn how to do a full, complete, perfect cartwheel.  Little did she know then, but that day would never come *enter dramatic music.* 

   Okay, to be honest I has attempting to cartwheel when some friends were over and I fell during one of them.  I didn't think much about it until it started hurting a couple days later.  At first it only hurt when I leaned on it, but it started to hurt a lot more.  My dad (who happened to have quite a few injuries back in his younger days) just happened to have a wrist brace close at hand.  (Did you catch the pun? tehe)  That is what you saw in the TT picture, and it is what you see below; in much closer detail.

Fun, right?  Uck is more like it.  Well, we went to the Urgent Care and got it X-rayed.  Yup, I hadn't broke it.  (Caught you off guard, didn't I? tehe)  They said I just sprained it.  So I wore this dumb thing for about 6 weeks.  And it had stopped hurting.  Well, that lasted for about 2 and 1/2 months.  Then, all of a sudden, it started hurting again.  I tried to ignore it, but finally pain won over and I pulled it back out again.  After a week of wearing it, it was only hurting more.  So Mom set up an appointment with a special bone doctor.  We went over there last Friday.  I got it x-rayed again.  And the doctor said that I still hadn't broke it.  But I had injured the joint somehow; something to do with the plates.  Anyway, my next decision was what color cast I wanted.  I wanted light pink, and they didn't have that, only hot pink.  So I decided hot pink.  But, of course, they were out!  So I ended up with blue.  =P

In these pictures I only had about 3 signatures.  Now I have about 12.  Tomorrow I will have had it one week.  I meant to post about it as soon as I got it, but I got busy and couldn't type it up.  I'm sorry it's been so long before you all heard about it.

   Anyway, as of tomorrow it's 1week down, 4 1/2 more to go.  Bleech.  For any of you who have not yet had to wear a cast, I'll tell you right now, it's not fun.  =P

Well, that's all for tonight.  I have a story to tell you about my doctors office trip, but that will have to wait, I've got to go to bed.  Good night, everyone. =)