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  I loaded up a new poll a couple of days ago, and I only have one vote, so I thought I would let the rest of you know, in case you hadn't seen it.  =)




Summer is Here!!


   How are you, my lovely readers?  I am sorry once again about having to miss Tacit Tuesdays.  I've been really behind, but I am starting to get my life back in order.  I have some things going on that have been a bit...distracting, but I'm getting into a swing of hard-working-ness.  (Yes, that is now a word.)

   For one, it is getting hot!  Summer is here, I'm pretty sure.  The weather this year doesn't seem to be able to make it's mind up about that!  It goes from hot to rainy, to cold, and then back to hot!  Oh well.  All I can say is that it is hot today!

   I am going to admit exactly how far behind I am in school. I could make up a whole bunch of excuses, but it wouldn't do any good.  I figured out the other day that if I do a complete week of school for one calendar week until I get the school year done, I will be working until...September.  That is close to a month after the rest of the kids start back after their break.  Most of the time we go farther into the year then the rest of the kids, but that would be a new record.  The good news is that today I got about 2 days of work done, and I got some done over the last weekend, so I already ahead of my "schedule" (Can I ever call it that?  It's more like "The Failure Plan.")  So, I'll finish before then, I'm sure.  But it may still be late in the year.  The main point of this is that my summer break is down the drain.  I am going to stay positive, though.  And I am going to keep working.  I'm going to work weekends, and keep moving forward.  And I like school, I really do.  It can get a little tiring after a while, but I still like it.  I'm writing a new schedule, and I am going to make getting enough sleep a top priority, so that I can get a lot done during the day.

    The point, of my point, is that blogging may be on the back burner.  I will still go online.  I promise that it will not be months between hearing from me.  I will try my very best to get Tacit Tuesdays out on time every week, but there may be times where Tacit Tuesdays is all you hear from me.

    But, I mean, it's summer!  Even if I have to do school, I don't think anyone can be sad when the sun is out, the pool is set up, and you get to eat watermelon and Popsicles.  Flip flops, dandelions, driving with the windows down on your car.  =)  Plus, I don't have to mow the grass as much this year (even though I didn't mind it) because my brother and sister are old enough to do it this year. 

   Also, Tacit Tuesdays should be getting more interesting, because there are more things to take pictures of in the summer!  =D

  Well, this post was rather scatterbrained.  I'm sorry for that, but I hope it wasn't terribly terrible for you. ;)  When do the rest of you get out of school?  Soon, I hope! ;D  Do you have plans for the summer?  I hope to have a more formal post about my plans this summer (besides school) so that should be coming up pretty soon. =)

~Jessica Joy 



Hey  Everyone,

    I am sorry but Tacit Tuesdays will not be happening this week.  I am WAY (Like, you would never believe) behind in school, and that is what I spent all day on.  I'm typing this up right before going to bed, and frankly, I'm too tired to pick out some pictures.  I would do it tomorrow, but we are swamped and going to be out of the house all day tomorrow.  I going to try super hard to post something else this week, though, so hopefully you will hear from me before next Tuesday. 

   Happy late Easter!

~Jessica Joy <3


Tacit Wednesdays (erm, um, I mean Tuesdays): Funny (17)

Well, sorry about not posting yesterday.  Well, better late and never, I suppose.  I do have the excuse in my favor that I got my cast off yesterday!  But my arm is a lot skinner than the other one and it is peeling like crazy.  I look like a dinosaur with scales... =P Well, anyway.  I took a lot of gross pictures of it, but I decided to save you guy the horror! Haha! =D  But my arm still hurts.  I doesn't hurt so much now but earlier today it hurt so much that I couldn't even bend my fingers.  So, I'm trying to stay positive and I'm telling myself that it is only the 2nd day, that wearing that cast for almost 6 weeks did help, and that soon I will be over this pain...  Yeah...

   Well, I didn't feel like going through my pictures, so instead I'm going to attempt to make you guys laugh, via Pinterest.  I hope you find these at least slightly funny.  And if you don't, please just fake a smile and pretend that you liked it anyway, kay? ;)

~Jessica <3

ps. I thought there might be some of you who don't know what the word Tacit means, sense you started following my blog after I had already started the series.  While some of you have probably already figured it out, I wanted to link back to my original post, explaining it:

*Rachel B, this made me think of some of the conversations we have had! Haha! =D*

This is seriously me right now...

Read these slowly out loud...It makes it funnier, trust me.
*Bonus is someone else reads them with you; then you can laugh together*


Tacit Tuesdays: 16

Well, thanks to you guys, it looks like I'm going to have to take up photography again just so I have pictures for Tacit Tuesdays!  Haha.  I've taken a break from taking photos and now I'm going though the ones on my computer thinking:  "Already posted that...Eww, I should delete that one...Wow, that was a long time ago...Already posted, already posted, already posted..."  So these are from about a year and a half ago when we went to the zoo.  We have been there since, but these pictures are all from over a year ago.  So, enjoy these pictures and I hope they warm your heart. =)

~ Jessica <3
ps. I have a new poll!  Please vote and be truthful! ;)

He was yawning! Haha!

Doesn't this look like he is laughing???  I love this picture

Yes, there were goats at the zoo... ;)


Tacit Tuesday (15)

Hey, guess what!  I'm posting Tacit Tuesdays before, like, 10 o' clock at night!  =D  By the way, Happy April Fools.  I don't know if they do that in the countries where some of my readers are, but if not April Fools, (April 1st) is a day where people prank and trick each other.  I don't really care for it and I always fall for the tricks.  So, if you were expecting something, sorry.  ;)  This is another really big post, with, like, 23 pictures...So, enjoy scrolling! =D


My Sister took this picture and it basically sums her up in one picture! LOL 

Julia painted this on her thumb.

These are pictures of my Bible. <3

My best friend!....NOT!  -_-

Julia painted this for me!
(My dog's name is Prince.)

And I drew this!

These are all Julia's painting/drawings.

Is this not, like, the best horse sketch EVER??

Okay, so someone asked for a picture of me and I didn't have any recent ones that I liked so I had to take, like, 100 selfies to get one I liked.  Below is the one that I picked and the one under that is a goofy one just for fun. ;)

And that's it! =)