Quotes on Poetry

I am in love with quotes.
And words.
And poetry.

So when I found quotes on poetry,
I fell in love again all over.

I hope you will too.

*All pictures were taken and edited by me; quotes from a compilation by Joseph Demakis.  All quotes by name on said picture in question.*


*Chuckles Nervously*

Heey guys.

Remember me?  Short, blonde hair, professional procrastinator, random, and terrible at blogging?  Yah, her.  No?  okay...

Long story short, I really don't have much to say. I am so sorry I abandoned you lovely people.  End of the school year is always crazy, then summer is crazy, then back to school is crazy, and then fall/thanksgiving is crazy, then Christmas is crazy, and then spring is crazy, and then we are back where we started.

In the end, we figured out that we don't have a full 4 days of nothing (excluding my work and school) from last week until AUGUST.   Yes, August.  2015, thankfully.

So, this summer my blogging will be hit-and-miss.  I'll try my best; I'm not calling a break, but I won't be around a ton.

I am leaving you with a challenge, of sorts.  Try and read either one or both of the following books this summer:

I Kissed Dating Goodbye:
I Kissed Dating Goodbye: Amazon
I Kissed Dating Goodbye: joshharris.com

And Passion and Purity:
Passion and Purity: Amazon
Passion and Purity: Barnes and Noble

These are both books I am re-reading this summer, and if you haven't read them yet, take the time too.  One is written by a young man, unmarried; the other by an seasoned author married for her third time.  Both are written with a realistic, honest, open view of managing relationships in this world, and growing closer to our Creator.

Also, if you haven't seen the movie, "God's Not Dead," you really, really should get a hold of it.  No matter your religious beliefs, or age, I think we can all learn from it.  And while the movie probably won't answer all your questions, it is a great starting point to learn from.

Anywho.  Love ya, peeps.

~Jessica Joy


Things Every Teen is Tired of Hearing

Okay, so being a teenage is actually a pretty awkward stage.  It is the stage where decisions have direct links to the rest of your life.  But at the same time we are still expected to hang on and try to spend the last couple years of our childhood.  Expected to act like adults, treated like children.  I could go on.  Basically it is an in-between stage...that lasts 6 years.

So I've compiled a list of things that are true for me and I imagine are true for every other teenager. Enjoy.

"Oh, you're too young for that."
     This is the worse one for me.  If you ask me how I honestly feel, and I tell you that I'm a bit stressed and my joints are sore again, telling me I am too young to be stressed and sore does not help.  Excuse me, I'm pretty sure I know whether I'm stressed.  Just because I'm not a in my 40's does not mean I have nothing going on in my life.  

"So, what college are you going to?"
      I got asked this as soon as I started 9th grade.  At this point, I was overwhelmed with high school. Five years down the road was not exactly on my radar at the moment.  Also, college is not for everyone, and at this point I'm not even sure I'm going to college.  So, like, please stop asking me.  Thank you.

"Do you have a boy/girl friend yet? / I'm sure you can hardly keep the boys/girls away."
      "Actually, haha....No."  Um, not failing high school, plus a job, plus normal house stuff is keeping me plenty busy, without a boyfriend.  This is the ultimate, aunt/uncle-that-you-only-see-twice-a-year question.  I had a dentist that asked me this multiple times each visit.  It was like, nope, I didn't get a boyfriend since you asked me 5 minutes ago...

"Teens are the hardest to parent / the "trouble" stage."
     This is usually said to my mom, but when I'm there, and they look at me while they say it, etc.  And while I admit there are teenagers and drink and do drugs, but I'm not one of them, and I don't know people who do.  So thinking that every teen is talking back and sneaking out at night and suffering from depression is really unrealistic. (Added note, I live literally 40 minutes from anything so it would be a looong way for me to get anywhere if I was going out.)

"By your age (___) was doing (___)."
      Whether is is a relative or a historical figure, being compared to others is not fun.  I have an aunt that got married at 17.  In Bible times boys were officially men by 14, and girls were married even younger than that.  Buuuutt, I don't live in Bible times.  And I don't plan on eloping at 17.  So being told that my generation is "lazy" for taking so long to grow up is kind of ridiculous...

What other things do people say to you that you're tired of hearing?  Let me know and I'll add it to the list!