New England Trip: A Boat Ride and Day 3

Day 2: The Boat Ride

   This part got overlooked because I forgot my camera, so I don't have any pictures.  Nonetheless, I thought I would tell you all a little bit about it:

    We got to my aunt and uncle's house around 3 o' clock I think, and we left pretty soon after for the boat.  We went down to the marina to where his boat was docked.  It was a cute little thing; but it didn't have much seating, so I ended up perched on the edge for most of the ride, which was AMAZING!  You know the Long Island Sound, where George Washington took his men across one foggy night during the Revolutionary War?  WE WENT THERE!!  It was so cool to think that I was at the same place that George Washington had been so many years ago.  It was absolutely beautiful.  I wish I could describe it for you, but even pictures would not have done it justice.  The water was perfectly clear and flat; with a gentle breeze, and the way the sun reflected off the water, and the mist in your face; it was awesome.  Amazing.  Beautiful.  Words cannot describe how wonderful gliding across the water was.  And we were actually in the ocean, which was pretty cool. =)  We were out on the boat for about 4 hours.  It was wonderful! =)

Day 3:

   On Day 3 we drove all the way from Connecticut to Maine.  It was the longest day we drove, and so by the end of it we were pretty tired.  I didn't take that many pictures this day, I think I spend most of the time that I wasn't driving on the computer playing a game or writing.

 Right now I don't even remember what bridge this is....Oh well. Haha

And then....We reached Maine.

 The motto was: The Way Life Should Be, and my sister did a post on this.  

This was at the welcome center.  Ha. Ha.  
Someone traveling would never do this!  Right? ;)

Another mirror selfie.  I was rather addicted to these things.

Okay, you will have to forgive my looks in this picture; I had been traveling all day if you recall, but I thought I'd just post it anyway. =)

This is how the expressway looked most of the time I drove it in Maine.  You couldn't even see the other lanes going the opposite way; there were too many trees in between.

The speed limit in the picture above was 75 mph.  
That was 5 mph faster than I had even seen it. 
 But, I also passed, like, 4 cars in an hour, so it makes sense. lol


We stopped at a scenic outlook.  IT WAS GORGEOUS!!

Back on the road again:

 My grandparents drove about an hour to meet us for dinner and so that we could follow them back to the camp.  There was this cute little bridge with lights strung through it.  It was really pretty. =)

Another lamp post.  I was addicted to these too.  You must admit it they are beautiful, though.

We ate at a Chinese restraunt and had hot tea.  That stuff is delishous!  And sugar buns.  I love those things.  By the time we got to the camp it was dark, but we got to stay in a cabin!  It was a cute little thing.  I'll talk more about it later. =)

 And that's about it!  =D


Tacit (Wednesdays) *sigh* {26}

Well, so yesterday we went out on the boat and were gone all day, so Tacit Tuesdays didn't happen. *Obviously* haha  And since the Maine trip I haven't taken any pictures, and sense "Funny" posts seem to be popular according to my poll, today is thanks to Pinterest.  Enjoy XD


New Poll!

Hey, I just wanted to let you all know that I put up a new poll!  If you would pretty please vote it would make my day!  Thanks! =D




Just Me

~ I thought I should take a little break from my vacation posts and just tell you all what's going on.  This past week was really good for me, as I already said, and had a request to tell you all why. ;)

   Everyone down here started school this past Monday.  The public schools, the private schools, and many homeschoolers, including my brother and sister.  But, after just getting back from a trip, and sense last year went so bad, I wanted to take a little time and get ready.  So, this past week, I worked on re-doing my space.  Where you work makes a big difference.  And no matter how bright and cheery something is, after a while you don't even really notice it anymore.  I wanted to change my environment.  The very first thing I did was get some craft paper out and check out some blogs.  And I found these adorable little paper bows at MJ's Blog.  I made, like, 9 of them in one setting.  I wrote subjects on them and taped them to my walls next to the drawers that they corresponded with.  They are so adorable, and the pictures really don't do them justice.

  On my wall I had taped up all my siblings drawings, and so I took all of those down, and re-taped them.  They look really nice, plus I have more room for more now! =)

I also sprused up my desk with different little things, but together I think they made a big difference:

This is my desk as a whole. =)

I got this at a volunteer party, and I just love the design plus the magnets.  So perfect for notes, reminders and such. =)

My Calendar, which I didn't really fill out for August...lol

You can't read them, but these are my Bible verse bubbles.  =) <3

This is my window!

This is something that a very good friend sent me; I see it every day. =) <3

I have THE coolest rip-off calendar ever.  A new word and dictionary definition.  And sense something like this is just too cool to throw away, I've taped all them all in a notebook.  =D Haha

My planner that I just got.  Is it not the cutest thing ever?  I love it!

It's littered with all these cool little "quotes" which I love {WORDS!}

Not only is this a very encouraging thing to see everyday (Haha) but it is also dry erase, and there are pages like this littered throughout! =)

My school schedule

My camera wouldn't focus, but this is a soup can which I wrapped this special "name tape" around.  An aunt sent it to me.  It's awesome! (She send me the tape, not the soup can.  LOL)

My school books.  (Not all of them, though! haha)

   So, that's what I did this week.  I'm really happy about how it turned out, and I hope that it will make me fell like this is truly a new school year.  See, I finished my legal number of days, but I never finished my curriculum. So, I'm starting 1/2 way through the school year, and I never really finished. Redoing my work space has helped me feel like I am getting a fresh start.

  Also, I wanted to say that in my Day 2 post I completely forgot to tell you about my boat ride!  I forgot my camera (grr) so I don't have any pictures, but I was to try and give you guys a visual "ride."  Anyway, so my next post will be called, "The Boat Ride and Day 3." Haha
   I will definitely do that "God's Not Dead" review.  I'll try to get it up before too long.  Keep reminding me! Lol

  I think that is it.  I may be forgetting something, though, so if I think of anything else today I'll at add it as an extra note at the end, but if you check by tonight that should be it. lol

~ Jess

{ADDED NOTE:}  I changed the title and the background!  What do you think?  Tell me honestly ;)