New England Trip: Day 1

Day 1:

We woke up early on Tuesday morning; around 6am, which, I realize may not be early for most people, but for me it is, especially when one stays up way to late for, like, months in a row.  We packed our little car as tightly as possibly and finally got it shut.  My mom is the official master of squeezing bags into very tight spaces.  But when I got into the car and turned it on the "Check Engine" light was on.  Oops.


 My dad tried a few things, but we could figure out what it was, so we drove first to an Auto Store to have it tested.  My mom ran in but there was only one guy there, so he had to wait until one of his co-workers arrived.  It wasn't to long before a car came whizzing in the parking lot, parked really quickly, and a pretty frazzled looking guy went running into the building.  Being late is never fun. Haha.  Anyway, a man came out with a little do-dad (I know all these technical terms) and found out it was something pretty minor.  Mom bought something to pour into the gas tank when we filled it.  We went to a gas station, got all gassed up (that sounds so weird) and we were on the road.  Before too long the engine light went off, and stayed off the whole trip!  That was a wonderful blessing.

  We left the house at 7:30, and I was merging onto the expressway at 8:30.  We drove all the way to Maryland, about 7 hours, and I drove all the way besides on hour in the middle.  I was exhausted.  We went straight to the hotel, brought up our bags, and rested for a little while before heading back out for some dinner.  My mom drove all of that. We also went back downtown to get some pictures, because I hadn't been able to get some while I was driving.  (See what I went through for you guys. ;D Haha.)  Some of the pictures of a little blurry because I got them while the car was moving, but some turned out pretty good.  We also parked and got some, too. =)

Me.  You can't really see the picture that well, but I thought I was cool, so here it is.

Lights.  And signs.  Everywhere....


Kind of a weird picture, but I'm kinda a weird person, so whatever.

Tracy must have had a manor: Tracy's Manor

Lanes of traffic.  All going one way.  Chaos...

You needed to stretch your neck anyway...

All these window seats.  Well, if they aren't window seats, they need to be.  I need one of these...

You can't really see it, but they had these cool lamp posts.  I took, like, 17 fuzzy photos of lamp posts.  This was the best one, trust me.

If you don't know the story of the people who started Salvation Army, you should look them up.  It's really cool. 

More potential window seats...

And an adorable porch with a flag and flowers.

Julia wanted me to take a picture of these parking meters....Don't ask me why, cuz I don't know. XD

Double-Decker porch?  Yes.  Very much a yes! =D

This was painted inside a bridge

There is something about old buildings that I just love

I love this name! Especially in the middle of the city...Haha

Washington Street, Blue House, Flag.  I just thought it was cute.

This is just an adorable house.  Reminds me of the one in Up. =)

Old Mini castle tops?  Yes.  Reminds me of "The Little Princess?" Yes. Do I now want one added to the top of my room?  Yes.

One word: HERSHEY!

Now, we stopped to take pictures of this.  It was a Presbyterian Cathedral.  Absolutely Beautiful.

This is my favorite picture <3

These reminded me of dragon scales lol


This was a painting!! 

Someone painted this on a wall!!  It was an amazing piece of art

   It was pretty crazy driving through this town.  There were a ton of one-way roads, which I had never driven down before.  In what would normally be two lanes are three cars abreast, and everyone is changing lanes constantly, and then you don't know where to turn because you can't turn one to a one-way going the wrong way, obviously.  It was pretty stressful, but I did okay, I think.  I mean, no body died, so I think we're good. ;)

   We just got Taco Bell for dinner (Which I love, so was fine by me) and the van in front of us in the drive-through was a big blue van and it had a Batman sticker on the back.  Well, thanks to one-way lanes we had to cut through a McDonalds in order to get back to our road to get back to our hotel.  Well, my mom decided to get a drink, so we pulled into the drive-through there.  And guess what vehicle was in front of us.  That same big blue van with the Batman sticker!  It was soo weird!!!!

  That night be watched the last half of an Chopped episode.  I like that show.

Well, that was all that really happened that first day.  I hope you liked hearing about my trip! =D



  1. Sounds fun! Love the photos!

  2. Wowww, adventurous! :D Awww, that house does look like It was fun Up. All it needs it some neon paint! Lol! Sounds like you had a great time! :D I love chopped too! It's just such fun. Though, it's like real life, except you don't have a timer and your family doesn't usually complain about anything you make! Lol! :D glad to have ya back! That was a lotta pictures! I bet your camera has a lot of pics on it! Hehe! :D
    ~Sarah Margaret

    1. Doesn't it? It was so cute. I had a very good time! Haha, I could NEVER be on Chopped, because I don't work well under stress, let alone trying to make a dessert out of the weirdest things, like marshmallows, potato chips, and cucumbers! Haha Ah, yes, I'm glad families aren't judges! Although my little brother can be, sometimes. ;) Haha, I had to empty my camera Sim card every night! lol I hope to get the next ones up pretty soon!


  3. Nobody died? that is a good thing, lol! =) I love the pics!! They're amazing! (just like you!! <3) another awesome post by Jessica!! #bffforever #loveyou

    1. Haha, yup, everyone is still in one piece! LOL Aww, well thank 'ya. Your amazing-ness just rubbed off on me, I'm sure. <3 #loveyoutoo

  4. Okay, that is just wicked awesome! ;) Hahaa! Let me explain. :D My dad grew up in New England (he still even has the accent at times) and while joking about it, he usually says "It's wicked awesome". :D So, yeah, those are some awesome pictures, and driving for 6 hours?! How tiringly ;) awesome! I can't wait for part 2 and are hoping for part 3, 4 and possibly 5?! :D And, I'm really hoping for some photos of you! Can't wait to catch up with you soon. :)

    -Julia Ryan<3

    1. Whenever I hear the phrase "wicked" I always think of when I was little because in the Disney movie "The Incredibles" a kid at the end says something like, "That was totally wicked!" or something like that, so as a little kid, me, Julia, and some best friends hooked onto that phrase and that was our phrase for a while. ;) Haha That is cool that your Dad still has the accent some! Um, there will probably be up to a Part 8 or so. lol So don't worry. ;)

  5. Amazing post Jessica! Not to mention adorable. =D I love the picture of you in the sidveiw mirror. =) Ahh Jessica, you make me laugh. I guess my neck did need to be stretched after all... ;D All those windowseats are awesome, I wish I had one... =) I love the lampposts! =D Okay, tell Julia shes weird, but I love her anyway. Parking meters? ;D I can't wait to see more, this was awesome!

    1. P.S. I'm glad nobody died, its a nice record to hold. ;D

    2. Aww, thank you. I like being called adorable. =D haha Oh, good. Haha, I'm so glad I can make you laugh! =D We should get a window seat together; could you imagine reading and writing in one of those! Ooooh! Haha, trust me, she is awesomely weird! =D I'm glad you liked it so much, there will be more to come! =D

    3. oh, and I LOVE YOU, TOO, MIKAYLA!!!!!

    4. You are very adorable. =) Yea, we don't need a whole house just a really big, room to work as a library with one of those in there and we'd never have to leave! ;D I would LOVE to write in one of those, talk about a miniature heaven.. =D Yea, she is pretty amazing! =)
      Don't forget how awesome you are!

  6. Thank you for your sweet comment! Looks like an adventurous trip! :) Great pictures taken, too!

    MJ // www.littlepandacrafts.blogspot.com

    1. Aww, thank you for finding my blog! I just started following you; I had visited your site before and when I felt like doing a craft I went right to your blog, so I don't know why I wasn't following officially. lol I made about 8 of those bows! I've hung them on my wall. Thank you!



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