New England Trip: Day 2

{Side Note:  Guys, I am soo sorry for it taking me this long to post Day 2, and for missing Tacit Tuesdays!  Doy!  I was laying in bed last night when suddenly it occurred to me that I had forgotten it.  My humblest apologizes.  But, this has been a really good week for me, so I kinda needed a break anyway.  Anywho, on to the post!}

Day 2:

   On the first night, in the hotel, my aunt called who we would be staying with the next night, and she told us that if we got to her house soon enough in the day we could go on their boat!  My mom asked how late was too late, to which my uncle called from the other line, "It's never too late!"  We were super excited about that, so we hurried the next morning.  We also got to stay at a fancier hotel, because we had points for it or something or other.  I dunno.  I just drove there.  Anywho, we got these fancy little to-go breakfast baggies, and they each had a granola bar, an apple, a water bottle, and a muffin.  I love those muffins.  And a fancy little sticker on the front that said something like, "Prepared Especially For You."  It was stupendous.  Also, there was this little box that we think should have been breath mints, but they were shaped like little blue pills, and the box didn't say anything on it, except a + sign.  Suspicious?  Yes.  Did we eat them?  No.  I almost did, but then Julia said she loved me to much for me to die, so she wouldn't let me. 

    We had planned to go through NYC, but as I was driving through Pennsylvania my mom noticed that Hershey was only a little out of our way.  So we made a detour to Hershey and that was totally awesome.  The roads were brown.  Like, paved chocolate (Okay, not really, more like paved brown concrete, but I'm sure it was supposed to look like chocolate, which it did!)  We stopped and parked and then just walked across the street.  I also successfully parallel-parked for the first time on a real street. 


There were flowers everywhere! <3

I agree, Giant Poster.  I agree.


THIS WAS TOO!!!  It was even more amazing in real life.  I mean, look at the wrinkles in the letters and everything!

  Okay, so we didn't have time to do the museum, or anything like that, so we went through the....gift shop.  And I took a ton of pictures.  And I think the guy behind the counter might have thought I was a loony taking pictures of gift shop items.  Did I care enough to not take pictures?  Uh, no.  

 A cow mosaic in the gift shop.  So cute.

 ps. Sorry for the glare.

I had heard about the Kiss streetlights, and I have now laid eyes on them.  My life is complete. ;)

Look at their cute little shoes!

  After that we got right back in the car and made our way back to the interstate.  There were a lot of houses there, and some looked like they could be the old factory houses!  Here are some more pictures of just around town:

Best name for a hotel ever!

After getting out of town we reached some beautiful Pennsilvaina countryside.  It started to sprinkle a little bit and it was a very calming, wonderful ride, compared to the stress of merging, honking traffic at 70 mph.


At some point my mom took over driving, after we stopped at a McDonalds.  I was hungrey and in love with my burger so I took two pictures of it.  Just be glad I didn't take a selfie with it!

  (Haha, wait a minute...Don't think I'm weird... ;)

Ahhhh....So much unhealthiness, sooo good!

    I also took another picture of my self in the review mirror.  Boredom + Huge Camera = Rear View Selfies...

Also, sorry for my awkward hand pose.  I was a tad squishedakated.  (Yes, I do actually use that word in real life)

  That was the last I drove that day, because before too long we reached New York!  Tolls.  Traffic.  Signs.  Crazy drivers.  Crazy people.  Stress.  My love for living in the country increased about 10 gazillion that day.  Seriously, we had to go through a ton of tolls, like below:

Add a couple of lanes that you can't see, and this whole thing condensed into 2 LANES.  I'm seriously.  Like, very quickly.  Everybody coming from everywhere.  It was insanity.  Thankfully my mom drove.  We went over the George Washington bridge, which cost us a whooping $13 dollars in tolls.  My grandpa, when he heard about it, said, "You should'a told them you don't want to buy the bridge!"  Well, and, also, you couldn't see much of Ne York City anyway.  But, here are the few pictures I was able to get without a huge semi-truck in the middle of it. XD

I like this picture XD Haha

Ahhh, the city...Now take me away from it. XP (Yes, I just did sound like Grumpy Cat)

Someone was a tad color blind in the making of this building...

A Greek Yogurt car for your enjoyment. 

And...The Bridge!  (See, I told you about the semi-trucks!)

Okay, let me tell you the scary thing about this bridge.  See all these lanes and all the cars you see here?  Yes, well we were on the top story.  Yes, this is a double-Decker bridge.  I could feel the entire bridge vibrating.  It was terrifying.  All these cars....Twice!

This is my favorite picture.  Just the contrast of the rich bright sky, the black edges, and the angle.  {This picture is unedited, just like all of these pictures. :) }

    And finally, we made it to my aunt and uncle's house.  They actually live in Connection, but very close to NYC; my uncle worked there for years and years.  My cousin, who is about 28, still lives at home, so we got to spend some time with him.  They had this huge tub of Lego's that they had acquired and were giving to my brother.  Well, while we were in the kitchen we heard this huge crash and the "Spilling Legos" sound.  My aunt sighed and went, "Oh, Alan dumped those!" And he had.  So, below is a picture of the huge pile.  In the center of it I could stick my hand down to above my wrist before reaching the carpet.  I took another picture of my cousin being a goof ball but for your sake I'll leave it out. ;)

And that's about it!  Sorry about this taking so long, and missing TT.  {I START SCHOOL NEXT WEEK!!!} 

okay, yeah, bye.



  1. HERSHEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should have taken me with you!!! Chocolate Avenue is awesome!! I really like the pic of the bridge, sky, angle, outline, etc.! <3 <3 sounds like you had an awesome time!! =D

    1. I KNOW!!! I should have!!! Someday we will have to! =D Aww, thank you, I did! It was amazing. =)

  2. Okay Jessica I just have to say it THIS IS AWESOME!!!!! We've been to the same place!!!! The Hersey factory was Awesome!!!!! Okay there, I'll try to contain myself just a tad, it just makes me happy to know that we've both been there! =D I know, wern't the streetlights adorable? =D I love the mural, we spent about ten minutes just taking pictures of it when we went. =D You know Jessica, I should really be worryed about you with the whole burger thing but amazingly I can understand why you would do that. I think I'm going to check myself into a mental hospital. ;) Rearveiw mirror photos are very fun. I love the plane to. =) New York looks very... well... lets just say I'm very glad I like in the country to. ;D The Semi truck is awesome! And before you think I'm nuts just look at the name on it and think of Star Trek, have you watched those? Okay so I'm nuts to but at least I have fun.... ;D
    Thanks for the long post, I really enjoyed it! =D
    An ever rambling,

    1. Really? That's AWESOME! I know, I want to go back and actually go to the museum and the factory, and the other places. That mural was amazing; I was so amazed. Haha! Maybe you should be worried about me.... o_O Haha I've heard of Star Trek, and I've seen an episode or two, I think, but it's been so long that the semi-truck rings no bells. Haha, I'm glad you like it! =D

      A Lover of Rambling,


    2. Yea, when we went we went into the factory and one the tours. =D I really loved the girl with blond hair and the green shirt, shes so cute. I loved that whole place. =D Oh, sorry. In Star Trek the spaceship is USS Interprise and the back of the truck is so close to that it was funny!!! =D I guess I'm a bit of a Treky. =P
      Thanks Sunshine!

  3. Okay, that is totally awesome! I remember the last time I went to Maine and when we had to go through all the tolls; it was awful! I always hated how long it took to get over bridges, etc. And, I'm not sure if we were lucky or you were. but, we got to see NYC at NIGHT! We also drove past it like you did (imagine going THROUGH it??!) but, I'll never forget the beautiful lights. :) These are the best posts ever! I'm so glad your having a wonderful week; may your wonderful ;) readers know why? :D I wish I could have gone with you, Jess! Long car trips are a blast. ;)

    1. AT NIGHT?? Awesomesause! Was there still a lot of traffic? That sounds like the lights would have been beautiful! It was funny actually, because even with all the traffic, my aunt said that August is a good time to go because NYC kind of "empties out." HAHA! I would NEVER EVER EVER want to be there during "prime" season during rush hour. Oh, I can't even imagine it! I'm glad you like these posts! I know they are super long lol. Haha, I'm going to post something today on it. =) Long car trips are the best! =D


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