My Amazing and Beautiful Followers

Hi Guys. (Well, Girls...or Ya'll, or whatever) ;)

   Okay.  This post has been in the works for a couple of weeks.  I'm sorry about that.  But, it's here anyways, so here goes. ;)

   This post is celebrating this blog reaching 20 followers.  It baffles my mind that 20 people in this big vast world would want to read the words that I am typing right now.  And to show both my appreciation and how special all of you are to me, I am doing a post about you.  Yes, you.  ;)  I went through each of my wonderful followers and I'm going to write about your blogs.  Some of you don't have blogs, and that's okay, I'll mention you anyway. =) 

ps. All of the links are set to bring up a separate window, so you can click on them and still continue to read this post. =)

pps. I scatted a few random pictures throughout this post so that it is not just a big long boring stream of words.  Some of these you may have seen before...sorry.  But all of these are edited. =)

    Mikayla H. (Age 14)

   I decided to start with Mikayla.  This girl is one of the sweetest, funniest, loving people I know.  Also, ya'll have her to thank for this blog even being here.  Long story short, I found her on a different site, found her blog, and decided to make my own!  She was one of my very first followers.  She also has the amazing amount of patience to try and email-pal me!!  If you take one look at Mikayla's blog, you will instantly see what an amazing writer she is.  She just posted a short story of her's called: Get Back Up Again.  You can read it here.  Isn't that an amazing story?  She is an amazing writer. =)  If you love Robin Hood, you should talk to her.  She has written a series about him!  In conclusion: Mikayla is awesome. =D

   Rachel B. (Age 14)

   Rachel does not have a blog, but she is my "real life" best friend and she has encouraged me this whole way so I have to include her.  I must be brief, though, because I could write an entire book about how much I love this girl!  =)  Rachel and I started pen-palling about 7 years ago, and have been best friends ever since.  She has encouraged me, strengthened me, comforted me, talked to me, listened to my ramblings, and offered advice.  Unfortunately we live about 4 hours away (which isn't that far...Wonder why I've wanted to drive so bad? ;D haha) so I only see her about 2-3 times a year.  And every other time we are the same height...and then she grows an inch or so more than me.  She is so amazing beautiful inside and out.  She is 1/2 Indian (like, from India haha) and so her skin is an amazing light coffee brown and she has beautiful long black hair that is to be envied. ;)  I would not be who I am today without her.  I love you, Bestie. <3

  Israel Noelle Long (Age 14)

   Oh Israel.  How am I to describe you?  Israel and I have been friends for...hmm...4 or 5 years, maybe?  I can't exactly remember.  She swears that we met when I asked her if she was, like, 24, when she was about 10.  But I highly highly doubt that.  Israel is an interesting individual.  She is my "hang out buddy" sense all my other best friends (ahem, Rachel) live so far away.  Israel and I's relationship proves the saying: Opposites attract.  Israel is reckless, overly sarcastic (like me), and not afraid to speak her opinion.  I'm more level headed, caring about my reputation, and, as my mom says: "A perfect mix of caution and fearlessness."  But, Israel also can be quite shy at times.  She draws out my more, "Take some risk; step out of your comfort zone" side, and I (ahem, attempt) to shove some caution into her.  But I love her.  She is a beautiful, goofy, lovable person, and she keeps me on my toes.  And I will always be grateful that she is willing to let me call her my best friend, and to do the same. =)

  Julia Lynn (Age 13)

   This amazing, beautiful, funny, loving, fearless, horse-loving, book-reading, wonderful person is my little sister.  I am 21 months her elder, so for about 3 months we are only 1 year in age apart.  Because of that, she says we are only one year apart.  I always argue that 21 months is a lot closer to 24 months (2 years) than it is to 1 year (12 months.)  But it doesn't really matter.  This girl is my very very best friend.  I love her to the moon and back...and then back again.  She has little quirks that make her all the more lovable.  I seriously could not live without her.  She is my other half.  She encourages me in (most ;D) everything I do.  But in the meantime she is keeping me focused. ;)  You have to check out her blog.  Her posts make me laugh, and I already know what they are about!  She is a beautiful person inside and out.  She also has hair to be envied: straight when down, and yet when you put it up in a ponytail it makes a perfect "ice cream cone swirl" flip.  She never wears makeup and gives me "the look" when I do.  She constantly keeps me laughing and encouraged.  And if you want to get to know her, ask her about Carmel, her "Stud colt."  Oh boy. ;) hehe I love you, Julia. =)  <3

  Julia Ryan (Age 14)

    Maybe I shouldn't put both Julia's together! ;) hehe  Julia actually started out being My Julia (My sister)'s friend, but slowly transitioned to more of my friend, although Julia and her still keep contact.  We met through the "King's Blooming Rose" magazine.  Julia is funny, a little quirky, and loves to bake, read, and write.  On her blog: Writing For His Glory she post recipes, writes about history and interesting people of the past, and just talks about life.  We talk mainly through a wonderful thing known as Facebook, and it is through there that I have gotten to know her.  She lives in a home-state, and so I get to ask her how the weather is, and gloat about how much warmer it is down here. ;)  Julia is a very sweet and beautiful girl, and someone who I hope we will be good friends for years to come. <3


    This is my mom.  She doesn't have a blog, but she is following and consistently reads mine.  She is a very sweet encourager.  I could go and on about how much I love my mom.  She is my best friend, my comforter, my encourager, my caretaker, my teacher.  She always takes the time to listen to me and cares about what I think and feel.  She always does her best in everything she does, and most importantly, she loves her LORD and Savior with all her heart.  I will forever look to her as my role model and best friend.  I love you, Mom! =) <3

  Joshua Brooks (Age 11)

   My little brother claims the spot of "Only Boy Follower," but I don't think he has read a single post! =D  He did a guest post, though, on my blog: A Man's Sense of Invention.  He hasn't written on his blog in a while, but I'm going to encourage him to pick it back up.  I love this (not so little anymore) guy.  He adds so much spark and joy to our family.  Even when he is mad he makes us laugh.  He is a pretty serious gamer, and the only thing you have to say to start a conversation with him is: Clash of Clans.  It's a game.  He is also an amazing artist, and my walls are filled with his drawings.  He loves birds, too.  He is really good at drawing those, and he owns two parakeets, and he has always loved chickens.  My little brother is a big blessing. =)

   Eb has also been one of my faithful followers from almost the beginning.  Although I do not know her in "real life" she has commented consistently, and I consider her a good friend. =)  One of the coolest things about her, right off the bat, is that she lives in the UK.  How cool is that?  Her blog is mainly life, pictures, and crafty things.  She is a wonderful photographer.  Overall her blog is just peaceful, and makes you feel like you are sitting on a quiet porch in the evening to a warm cup of tea.  That is the feeling that it always gives me.  =)  Recently she has been taking a little break from blogging to focus on school, but I hope she gets back to it quickly!  I miss her posts.  <3  I hope you'll take time to visit her blog, because she is a pretty awesome person. =)


   Ty is a very amazing person.  I first "met" her because she commented on one of my pages and I commented back.  She has the biggest heart for adoption.  She loves photography, and has gone on some missions trips.  You can read about it here.  She mainly does two "linky" posts called "Chats on the Farm House Porch" and "Faithful Friday."  Through these I've enjoyed getting to know her better.  She has great insight and a lot of interesting and thought provoking posts.  Ty, I hope you stay close to God and look to Him in everything that you do.  Keep up the good work! =D


   I had thought that I was following pretty much all of my followers blogs, but I discovered that I wasn't.  S.'s was one of them.  I'm sorry.  But, I have since corrected my overlooking and S, you now have an even 80 followers.  Wow.  =)  S.'s blog is mainly about books and movies.  And it's awesome.  She talks about movies she's watched, books she is reading, music she likes, and reviews of it all.  It is a really cool blog.  S. has also, in the past, awarded me blog awards, which was really sweet of her. =)  And I love at the end of her profile where she says simply: Chocolate is good.  Jesus is King. =D


   First off, Noelle is gorgeous!  Second off (hehe) she has a blog called Live.Love.Move which I think is a cute name.  She has an amazing 112 followers.  I can't remember if she followed me first or if I followed her.  One of her posts that really stood out to me was one entitled: The Secret Garden.  You can go to it here.  It is beautiful.  Also, she just did a "Sunshine Award" post so you can learn more about her there.  =)


   Man, another blog I thought I was following!  I'm sorry.  Natasha lives in Singapore, which is not only about the coolest country to say, but it is also has some pretty cool people. ;)  Her blog name is: Savouring Each Moment which I think is one of the best names out there, simply because it captures what the rest of us are trying to get at, I think.  Trying to step back, to think about life and what we have, and to not waste it.  Savor each moment.  Awesome job on the title, Natasha!  If I had an award from best blog title, it would go to you. ;)  Also, your recent post of ice skating was pretty cool.  I love skating. =)

The Pixie

   Ack, another one I wasn't following!  What was wrong with me?  Geez...Anyway, sorry.  First off, is her name not the cutest ever?  Also, I love the line from her "About" page that says: "I take great amusement and annoyance in humanity, love good food, appreciate logic and colors." I like simply phrases like that describe so much.  Hehe  Right there with you, Pixie. ;)

I take great amusement and annoyance in humanity,  love good food, appreciate logic and colors.
- See more at: http://simplythepixie.blogspot.com/p/about-me.html#sthash.CQmeF5zD.dpuf
I take great amusement and annoyance in humanity,  love good food, appreciate logic and colors.
- See more at: http://simplythepixie.blogspot.com/p/about-me.html#sthash.CQmeF5zD.dpuf
I take great amusement and annoyance in humanity,  love good food, appreciate logic and colors.
- See more at: http://simplythepixie.blogspot.com/p/about-me.html#sthash.CQmeF5zD.dpuf
Joy ~ Doodlebug ~  (Age: 15)

   Joy is very sweet.  I started out following her, and then she followed me back!  Squee!  I can say in complete honesty that I was very excited when she followed me. =)  Joy's posts are inspiring and thought-provoking.  She has an amazing 241 followers.  Whew! ;)  Reading through her "About Me" page, she and I are kindred spirits.  On a LOT of things! =)  She is very beautiful, inside and out.  She has written 2 very good pages both About The Writer and a What I Believe page, so you can learn more about her there.  =D  I hope you take the time to visit her blog.  Also, it is extra cool that we have the same name. (Well, it's my middle name, but close enough ;) hehe)

Abigail (Age: 14)

  Abigail is an awesome blogger.  I always enjoy her posts!  She is a home schooled Christian, like me! =)  She also has a marvoulos blog name: Journey of a Lifetime: A Daughter's Musing.  Is that not a great title?  I just love that.  Abigail comments quite a bit on my blog, and I always enjoy hearing from her.  She only has 7 followers, so I'm sure she would appreciate it if you checked her blog out. =)  You won't regret it. ;)  She posts pictures, and different things.  She did a post one time about different ways to use old socks!  That was a fun post. =)  You can see it here.  She just did a "Sunflower Award" post, so you can learn more about her by reading that. =)

Sabrina (Hannah)

  The account following me is Sabrina, but it is really a secret identity. ;)  Hannah is an amazing, beautiful 11 year old who has a blog called "Legos and Stuffs."  She is a homeschooled Christian, and she enjoys singing, dancing, writing, drawing, Frozen, and tobyMac.  Pretty awesome. =)  She posts pictures, about Legos, and other cool stuff.  Hannah just did an award post, so you can learn some cool facts about her there.  

Sarah and Bernie (AKA: Ellie)

   Sarah and Ellie are two sisters.  They had a blog together called Forever Changed, but recently Ellie has gotten her own blog!  She has also decided that she wishes to be called Bernie, which I think is so cute. =) Ellie's blog is called Uniquely You (Seriously guys, everybody's name is so awesome!  It's a good thing I don't have an award for it...You would all be 1st Place Winners!)  Sarah is an amazing AMAZING writer.  She often does this writing thingy (That's a technical term ;) hehe)  and it is almost to painful to read.  Her writing is so good and she always stops it right when you are on the brink of your seat.  It's terrible. ;D  haha  But you should definitely check it out.  She also writes reviews and interesting "notes" on different topics.  I love all of her posts.
    Bernie reminds me of my sister Julia.  Cool, a little goofy, but sweet. =)  Sarah also just did a series on Bernie for her birthday, so you can find out all about Ellie there. =)  I hope you will take some time to read up on these two blogs. =D

Amanda B.

    Amanda runs a blog/newsletter that has 15 writers!  I actually had to get off of the website for now so that I finished this post, otherwise I would have spent hours looking at it!  Amanda likes writing, taking pictures, and making graphics.  One of her goals in life is to publish a book, and that is one of my goals too!  I hope you will take the time to check out her newsletter and find out more about it along with me! =)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And those are all of my followers in which I am able to reach their blogs.  But, I have 3 beautiful followers that, while I don't personally know them, I am sure without a doubt that they are unique, wonderful, fantastic people.  My three followers are Priscilla Fong, Jaime, and Suzanne Long.  I'm terribly sorry that I do not know you.  It hurts me to not have anything personally wonderful to say about you.  But, while I don't know you now, you all following me means the world to me, and I hope that I can get to know you better!  And you are all amazing! =D

Wow!  If you finished this long post, I congratulate you with all the honors.  I hope that through this you have been introduced to some new blogs, and maybe even make some new friends! =D  Thank you all for being my friend.  You do not know how much each and every one of you means to me.  I am so thankful for all your sweet comments and just that fact knowing that you guys want to read my stuff. =)  If I can ever do anything for you, or if you just want to talk, or need a friend, shoot me an email.  I will always listen. =)  And if there is something about you that you want to to say about you or your blog, let me know and I will update this info! =)

Geez, this post is crazy long.  Sorry.  I'm done.


Jessica Joy <3




Tacit Tuesdays (20)

Hey Everyone.

   I am sorry that I haven't been posting.  All I've posted the last couple of weeks is Tacit Tuesdays.  I have a ton of posts planned; some even started, but none of them have made it to print yet.  Life has been busy, but it will slow down at some point.  Long story short, please stick with me and I promise you will have something other than pictures! ;)  I mixed in a couple Pinterest things with my own. =)

Thank you,

 Jessica Joy <3

Me (Haha)



Julia took this picture.  Could this not be a cell phone wallpaper or what? lol

"Give up on your dreams."  Haha! =D

This is powerful, take the time to read it slowly and understand it =)


Tacit *Sigh* Thursdays (19)


   Well, at least it is still two T's, right?  Ha...ha.  I'm sorry.  You all are probably used to it.  Anyway, here are some "real" pictures.  Most of them were taken by me, but a few were not.

Enjoy, and try to pretend that this is Tuesday, and not two days late, kay? ;)

ps. 20 followers!  Squee! =D

I love the picture, not only because of the angle, but because Precious (the mom) is poking her head in like, "What's going on here...Oh, I want in the picture, too!" =) 

Look at our BABY!  He is so grown up!

Donkeys are so cute...Nuff said. =)

 Okay, this is a picture of my computer screen where I paused the movie "Frozen" so that I could draw it.  Below this is my drawing.

I did NOT take these while driving! LOL  I was in the passenger seat. ;)

Balloons still up from my brother's birthday on April 16th.  LOL

My beautiful, rugged sneakers. <3 ;)


Tacit Tuesdays! Yah!! (18)

Hey Besties!

   Tacit Tuesdays is finally back!  Whoo-hoo!  Haha.  These are pictures from Pinterest, but the next one should be pictures that I took.  I hope these put a smile on your face. =)