Tacit *Sigh* Thursdays (19)


   Well, at least it is still two T's, right?  Ha...ha.  I'm sorry.  You all are probably used to it.  Anyway, here are some "real" pictures.  Most of them were taken by me, but a few were not.

Enjoy, and try to pretend that this is Tuesday, and not two days late, kay? ;)

ps. 20 followers!  Squee! =D

I love the picture, not only because of the angle, but because Precious (the mom) is poking her head in like, "What's going on here...Oh, I want in the picture, too!" =) 

Look at our BABY!  He is so grown up!

Donkeys are so cute...Nuff said. =)

 Okay, this is a picture of my computer screen where I paused the movie "Frozen" so that I could draw it.  Below this is my drawing.

I did NOT take these while driving! LOL  I was in the passenger seat. ;)

Balloons still up from my brother's birthday on April 16th.  LOL

My beautiful, rugged sneakers. <3 ;)


  1. Better late then never right? =D I LOVE the photos, especially the brick and the last one. =D I'm glad you didn't take pictures while driving because if you did, I would be worried. ;D Thanks for the post Jessica, it made me smile. =D

  2. Oooooh! Cool! BTW I've never commented on your blog before but i read your blog and i follow your blog! i follow it as Sabrina because i use my moms account for my blog and following blogs and stuff but i'm acctully Hannah =D
    -Hannah =D
    PS You can checkout my blog I only have a few posts though because i just made my blog awhile ago. well actully like three months ago.but I'm gonna do more posts! =)

  3. I agree with Mikayla! =D If you were driving while taking the picture though, I would know you are a pretty good driver! ;) Great pictures, I really like the first one of Precious and Caramel. :) And you know what? Those shoes look REALLY comfortable!!! :D

    -Julia Ryan♥

  4. This city girl thinks she wants a horse to photograph! Great pictures, especially the sneaker one. You are a very gifted artist, Jessica!

  5. I liked the pics! (Even if they were a bit late. ;) ) Especially the one with the raindrops on the window!! <3

  6. OH MY GOODNESS! I LOVE the pic of Olaf! Your photography is amazing! You're an awesome artist! I stink at drawing, so I find beautiful drawings especially great;) (
    Keep blogging!


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