Tacit Tuesday (15)

Hey, guess what!  I'm posting Tacit Tuesdays before, like, 10 o' clock at night!  =D  By the way, Happy April Fools.  I don't know if they do that in the countries where some of my readers are, but if not April Fools, (April 1st) is a day where people prank and trick each other.  I don't really care for it and I always fall for the tricks.  So, if you were expecting something, sorry.  ;)  This is another really big post, with, like, 23 pictures...So, enjoy scrolling! =D


My Sister took this picture and it basically sums her up in one picture! LOL 

Julia painted this on her thumb.

These are pictures of my Bible. <3

My best friend!....NOT!  -_-

Julia painted this for me!
(My dog's name is Prince.)

And I drew this!

These are all Julia's painting/drawings.

Is this not, like, the best horse sketch EVER??

Okay, so someone asked for a picture of me and I didn't have any recent ones that I liked so I had to take, like, 100 selfies to get one I liked.  Below is the one that I picked and the one under that is a goofy one just for fun. ;)

And that's it! =)


  1. I didn't mean to make you go through all that trouble, now i feel bad... =( I love the sign, wheres it from? =)

    1. You figured it out! Haha. Oh, don't worry; it was fun! =D It is hanging in our house...I'm not sure where we got it from but I'm going to guess my grandparents. =)


    2. Since that's the photo you sent to me it was kinda easy to figure out. =) Thats fun. =)

    3. Haha...Yeah, I forgot about that. LOL =)

  2. Another awesome post by Jessica!! I loved the pics! <3

  3. I loved the pictures. You and your sister seem very close ! I like the cast. How many weeks has it been on now - something like 2 isn't it ?
    Eb x

    1. Thanks! Yes, my sister and I are very close. =) She is a ton of fun. My cast has actually been on almost 4 weeks now. It's hard to believe! But I still have two to go. So I'm 2/3rds done! =)

      Thanks for asking! =)


  4. Wow!! That's a lot of pictures! Happy April Fools day to you too!!! :) Ouch! Your cast looks uncomfortable!! :P Haha! Your pretty! Great post! I love looking at all your pictures!!

    1. Yes, it was! I'm glad you liked looking at them! Ah, my cast is okay. I'm learning to live with it! =) Aww, thanks. You're pretty too! <3



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