Just so you all know, this is my 70th post!  So...Yah!!!  Happy 70th Post Day, Everybody! =D ;)

Well, everything is...okay.  The gluten-free thing is going really good.  Sorry I didn't respond to all of ya'll's comments on my last post; I don't know what got into me!  I'm hurting a lot still.  Today I woke up and every joint in my body hurt.  I mean every.  From my fingers to my hips to my ankles and back up to my neck.  I had to lay in bed for a while because my ankles hurt so much I was afraid they wouldn't support me if I stood up.  I actually cried a little bit.  So ya, if you guys could all pray for me, that'd be great. =)

  Besides pain and such, everything is pretty good.  We have a family over from church yesterday after church and that was really nice.  We had gluten-free tacos!!!  And the lady brought gluten-free cookies for me too!  Yah! =D 

My and my friend are planning a girl's sleepover at her house:
    Pizza That Will Completely Break My Diet...Check. 
    Microwave Popcorn...Check.  
    Chick Flicks...Double Check!  =D

Just so you all know, I'm kind of babbling here because I have school to do that I'm trying to ignore and babbling to you guys is a lot funnier than it! 

Today after I lit a candle I broke the tip off the match and wrote with it.  Homemade charcoal pencils, anyone?

My mp3player that I got for Christmas is busted already.  I didn't do anything to it, I promise! =P  It just was cheaply made.  I can still "use" it, kind of.  It works when it is plugged in; I have to push a toothpick into the RESET button on the back in order to get it to boot up.  The buttons don't work, so I have to control the volume on the screen (Thank goodness the touch screen still works!) and other problems.  Also, my headphones are falling apart, but I can adjust the volume by wiggling my headphone cord!  Pretty cool, right? ;D

I have a Twitter account now.  I don't tweet that much.  But I do have one.  If you want to follow me or have me follow you let me know. =)

Well, I better get to school... *Sigh* 

You will hear from me tomorrow, for  Tacit Tuesdays!!!!!  (You guys are excited, right?)  =D


*Oh, ps.  Happy Last Day of March!  Wow, the year is 1/4 OVER!!!  That is CRAZY!!!*



  1. Aww, I'm sorry. I'll be praying for you. I do a lot of those blog posts, Its a great excuse to get out of things. ;) I've written with a match before, it was fun. =) I'm very excited about Tacit Tuesday. =)
    Thanks for the post Jessica, it was just what I needed!

    1. Thanks, Mikayla. Yeah, it's fun to do posts where you can just ramble on...and to have followers/friends who let you do that! =D I'm glad you like Tacit Tuesdays! =)

      You're very welcome. Thank you for reading and commenting! =)

      <3 Jessica

  2. I hope the pain goes away!! Definitely praying!! and Tacit Tuesday!! Can't wait! =) <3

    1. Thanks for praying, Rachel. <3 I'm glad you like Tacit Tuesdays and that you read and comment on my blog. It means a lot and it's easier to keep in touch with you! =)

      ~Jessica <3

  3. Awwww it sounds so awful ! I really hope you get better soon. There's no harm in crying - let it all out but stay strong too ! Have fun at your sleepover ! Don't eat too much pizza !
    Eb x

    1. Thanks Eb. I haven't hurt so much recently, so that is better. Your comments are a big encouragement to me! Haha, I won't...maybe... ;)



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