Tips and Tricks: Getting Enough Sleep!


   Getting enough sleep is very important, and it is also something that I have struggled with.  But it really effects the whole next day and even days afterward.

 Because if you don't get enough sleep, then the next day you are tired, grouchy and sluggish.  And who wants to be those things?  Also, being tired you don't do as well in school, at work, or wherever you happen to have commitments.  So if you get behind/do bad work, than that is not good.  Anyway, sleep is very important, especially if you are a teenager.  So here is some ways to try and get those hours in.

    1.  Be Repetitive.   Going to bed early one night is not going to help much at all.  Plus, your body won't be used to it, so you will probably lay awake in bed for a while.  Make sure that you follow a schedule as closely as you can, and keep it up.

    2.  Shut Down.   Don't wait to get ready for bed right before your bedtime.  About a half an hour before, shut the computer down, close the textbook, and turn the TV off.  Let your body relax.

    3.  Do Your Night Routine.   If you shower at night, do it now.  If you don't, then just brush your hair, brush your teeth, wash your face, braid your hair, etc.  Make sure that, if this routine takes more than a half of an hour, that you shut down (#2) sooner to leave time for that.  Let your nightly routine be a calming down time, not were you have to be rushing to get to bed.

    4.  If You Like, Have a Cup of Tea.   If you want, you may do this before brushing your teeth.  If you don't like hot tea, than that is fine too.  Just make sure that you don't drink peppermint or candy cane flavored tea.  That will wake you up more.  They even sell "Sleepy Time" tea.  Remember, leave time for it so that you relax.

   5.  After You Have Finished Everything Outside of the Bedroom...   Go and change your clothes into your sleepwear.  Make sure that you pick up your clothes.  If you have time, and it needs it, tidy your room up a little bit.  It will make you feel better and the room cleaner.  If you like and if it calms you down, read a book.  Your Bible is a good one, especially the Psalms because they calm you down.  Don't read your latest adventure novel, or something that will riel you up.  Poems, or even a fiction book is okay, as long as they aren't scary or something like that. 

   6.  Turn Your Light Off!   This may be hard if you share a room because your siblings may not be quite ready for bed.  Or, they might already be in bed and the light is off.  Or, you may have a room to yourself.   Whatever your circumstance, go to bed at a decent hour.  Don't stay up reading for an hour.  Once again, if you want to read more, start your routine earlier.

    7.  8-10 Hours of Sleep.   Now I'm sure that you have all heard the thing about teenagers needing more sleep.  And yes, I am going to repeat it.  It is SO important to get enough sleep so that your performance can be top notch!  Figure out what time you need to get up in the morning, and count about 10 hours back.  That is the time that you should be getting ready for bed.  Granted, there will be times when you get to bed later, but try to get to bed so that you can get at LEAST 8 hours.  Around 10 is ideal.

     8.  And Lastly...   This is just a guide to get you started on thinking about your own bedtime schedule.  I hope that it had helped you at least a little bit.  Of course, serving our LORD is most important, and should always come first.  Make time in your day to spend with him.  And even, if you go to bed early enough, you can get up earlier to spend the time with him!  Nothing like seeing the foggy morning sunrise with your Bible in your lap.  =)

    I hope that these tips have helped you some.  What did you think?  Would you like more of these "guides," maybe for during the school day or after school?  Let me know.  =)


Jessica Joy <3

ps.  If you are reading this late at night, GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND GO TO BED!! =)  <3    


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