NaNoWriMo, Subway, 1 Girl Nation and Skittles

Hopefully that title confused you at least a little bit, because then you will keep reading!  If that title did not confuses you, either you are a good friend of mine and I already told you, or we need to get together, because we have cool things in common! =)

   I am currently sitting in a study room in the library typing on my NaNoWriMo book.  It ws supposed to be a Write-In, which means that you just come and write, write, write!  The only problem is, I'm the only one!  LOL So I am hogging all the candy!  Haha!  =)  I almost have Day 4 completed!!! (which means that I should have 6668 words and I have 5756.)

   Subway is awesome!!  I love their sandwiches!!  Lunch was included with the Write In, and because I am the only one I got a whole foot long to myself!  I felt so bad!  Haha!

   1 Girl Nation is this new Christian girl band that is really awesome!!  I have listened to them almost all day!  There songs are hip and have very good lyrics!  Better then a lot of other Christina music were it's like, "Hm, they could be talking about a boyfriend, or about Jesus."  They are NOT like that.  =) 

  And of couse, Skittles are part of the "hogging all the candy."  Starburst may also be included in there.  =)

   Well, I better get back to writing.  Hopefully we will be going to the YMCA tonight, so you should hear an update about that!


   J. Joy <3


  1. Well I wish I lived closer to you, I love writing groups, then again I'm not sure if I would have been invited. I'm working on my NaNo book to. :) Subway and Skittles are awesome. :D

    1. I would have made sure that you were invited. =) <3 I would have liked to have some company, but it was nice to be by myself, uninterrupted and to just be able to write. Are you keeping up with your NaNo words?

    2. Aww thanks. :)
      Yes I'm keeping up fine. I got one thousand words ahead yesterday so I was proud of myself. :)


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