Random Things About Me!!

Hiya!!  This is another post where you can learn more about me. Enjoy!

   1.  I Love Ballet
      I took ballet for about 5 years, and 1 of those years was on pointe.  I love all ballet.  It is beautiful and graceful.  It is amazing.

   2.  I Don't Use Milk In My Cereal
     I have never really liked milk, and to me, milk in my cereal just makes it soggy.

   3.  I Never Wear PJ Tops
     I told you this was going to be random!  I always wear t-shirts, unless it is SUPER cold, and then I might wear a long sleeved pj top.

   4.  I Make (I Don't Mean To Brag) Some of the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies
     My brother's best friend says that they are the best cookies ever.  I changed the recipe a little bit and it is actually healthier: less butter, less sugar, and healthier flour.  Maybe I will post the recipe sometime. ;)

    5.  I Love Lasagna
       Every year for our birthday we get to chose where to go out to eat (We go out maybe twice a month, so it isn't that big of a deal) and for the last six years or so I have chose to have spinach lasagna at home.  Yum!!

    6.  I Love Beauty and the Beast
      I have to say that it is my favorite movie.   Especially the dancing scene and the song Beauty and the Beast.  That is my movie.  <3 <3  Plus Belle loves to read and lives on a farm like me.

    7.  I Like Decorating Cupcakes
      My mom used to cake decorate, so she has a whole bunch of "old" equipment, and I like playing around with it.  The only problem is keeping the cupcakes from being eaten while I make the frosting!

    8.  I am a People Person
      I can talk to anyone, and making friends is really easy for me.  I am also have the ability to remain calm in tough situations, and to be able to evaluate what needs to happen and to go through with it.

    9.  My Cell Phone is a Hand-Me-Down From My Grandma
      Yeah...It is touch screen, granted, but it is almost worst being a touch screen then having a 4-button control.  And when I get a call, it "shuts off" or the screen goes black, but it keeps ringing, and it won't turn back on.  So if I'm in a meeting or the library and I forget to turn it down, it will go black and then I am sitting there with it ringing.  But one time at home I just pretended to throw it, and it came on!  So now, whenever I get a call, I shake it like I'm throwing it and then I answer it. =D  Haha!

   10.  I Can't Stand Turtle Neck Shirts
       I just can't stand them being on my neck.  I have tried, but I just can't wear them.

   11.  I Don't Wear Makeup
       I own some because a friend gave some to me for my birthday, but I don't really know how to apply it, because my mom doesn't wear it, and I don't think I really need it.  So, when I leave the house, all I have to worry about is my hair.

   12.  I Have a "Special Blanket"
       I know it sounds weird, but I do.  There is a full size comforter that I got for Christmas one year and I LOVE it!  In the summer it is cool and breathes, but in the winter it keeps the heat in and is warm, but it never makes you stuffy, which is really cool because I can snuggle up even in the summer and still be cold. 

      That is all for now!  I would think of more, but I have to go to bed! 

Good Night, Lovelies!

~ Jessica <3

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