5th Update and a Surprise!

    First off, I guess that you will want to know what my surprise is, right?  Well, I have started another blog!  It is a cooking blog, but it is not just going to be recipes.

 I plan on talking about how to use different ingredients that may not be familiar to you, and also meals to make for large families, or even individual servings.  I might even talk about how to keep the kitchen clean!!  =)  Don't worry, there will be plenty or "normal" stuff, too, like cookies.  The name of it is "Teenagers in the Kitchen."  You can go to it here. 

   Now that the surprise is out, it is time for the updates!

   NaNoWriMo:  Yeah, this is kinda over.  It's been over a week since I even OPENED the document.  But, I do have REALLY good news....I GOT MY LAPTOP BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Plus, there was a lot of stuff that I thought that I had lost when my computer crashed, but I found out that I hadn't!!  YAH!!!!  =)  I am working on reloading all of my documents and pictures back onto it.

   Count Your Blessings:  I'm nine days behind, but I'll catch up on three right now.  This is for the 10th, 11th, and 12th.

 1.  Kittens to entertain us
 2.  Friends that want our company
 3.  The opportunity to serve others
 4.  The ability to go to church without threat of persecution
 5.  Whoever invented roller skating
 6.  All of my family being healthy
 7.  Babies giggles
 8.  Hymns
 9.  The ability to talk to people
10.  Christ's example
11.  Clothing
12.  Being born in a Christian home
13.  Plenty of food
14.  A mom that takes me roller skating
15.  Not having lost all of my pictures
16.  A camera that I can use
17.  A car (Safe modes of transportation)
18.  Laughter
19.  The ability to read
20.  Fall colors
21.  Summer


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