"Count Your Blessings" Contest


    Below is information about a "Count your blessings" contest.  You can go read that now, it starts below the rose picture.  Did you??  Alright, you may now continue reading!  
       I'm going to do this, and lucky for you guys, I hope to post my blessings here!  I may not post everyday, but I will record them on a physical piece of paper (Can you believe that some people still use those?? ;) and then post them every couple of days.  If anyone reading this would like to do it with me, go ahead!  And you can even comment about it and let me know, and we can do it together!  And even if you are a couple days late, say you read this November 3, then you can just come up with 14 or so blessings that day, and then 14 or so the next day, and then you can catch up.  Also, I hope you will look into the Kings Blooming Rose Magazine.  It is a very good, Christian, encouraging magazine for all women, but especially young woman.  The website is kingsbloomingrose.com.  =)  Here is the information about the contest: 


    The Kings Blooming Rose magazine is a magazine written and published by Sarah Bryant. Sarah is doing a contest for November that encourages you to count your blessings! Here are the contest rules!

Begins: November 1, 2013
Ends: November 30, 2013

Rules: Record at least 7 things each day that you are grateful for either in your personal journal, this ready-made chart, or on our private group where we can keep one another accountable throughout the month. [If you miss a day, please make it up the next day.]

Reward: Send us a letter by December 4, 2013, letting us know that you completed the 2013 GiveThanks! challenge. (Letters received after this date cannot be rewarded.) Include your name, age, parent's signature, and mailing address (or fill this form out and mail it to us). We will send you a small gift.

 That's all for now!

  In Christ's Love,

Jessica Joy 


  1. Hi Jessica! First off, awesome blog you have here. :) Also I think I will try to do this Count Your Blessings challenge.
    In Christ,
    Rachel :)

    1. Hi! Sorry that it took me so long to reply, Rachel! Thanks for reading my blog!! I miss you SO much! We need to get in touch more. You mean so much to me and you really keep me going. Everyone, meet my BFF. I don't care what you say, I have the BEST Best friend EVER!!!! <3 Love ya, Rachel!


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