Random Pictures!!

    I have to go to bed in just a minute, but I wanted to post something random, so here it is!

The Sky! (I love taking pictures of clouds and sunsets!)
More Clouds
You should be able to figure out by now what these are! ;)
Look at that!!
Are you tired of these yet? ;)
Beautiful Purple! =)

 Okay, moving on from clouds!

This is our cat, Stickers, just chilling!
This is Memphis, the donkey! (Yes, we own a donkey!)

I love taking pictures of the sky through the grass!
(I have better ones, but they are on my computer, which is broken!)
Why take the energy to stand while eating when you can kneel?

By the way, when the goats go down in order to kneel, like in the picture above, they have to be careful because there has been times when they go down so fast that they bonk their nose! =)

Look at the curly "hairs!"

The one is the front is a GIRL (horns does NOT equal male!)
and the one leaning on her back is her mama, Catherine! =)
Random feather with sky behind it

Angel! =)
Chick in the feed bucket!
(Which is actually a sour cream container!)

More chicks!
(Aren't they cute?)

(Love his beard!)
Memphis' ears! =P
Pecan, just chillin'!
(Look at that belly! He looks pregnant!) 

 I guess that's it for now, folks!  Thanks for looking! =)  Have a good night!

-Jessie Joy

ps. I LOVE the way the webpage is laid out for uploading photos!! On all my old blogs (hosted by other sites) it was so hard, almost impossible, to upload anything.  It is so easy here! (When your computer is working, that is!)


  1. That last picture of Pecan is totally lol! What a crazy pose! And, Jessica, you forgot to name that girl goat with horns. Everyone, it's Lacy! <3 And, by the way, Stickers, Memphis, and Angel are actually mine.. Keep up the AWESOME posts, Jessic'! Your Truly, now 13, Julia

    1. Yes, I forgot the names! Haha I miss our goats, don't you? I love reading your old comments, Julia! I loved you then, love you now, and always will! <3


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