Oh, Bother!


    Well, I'm typing on a different computer then normal, sense yesterday I restarted my computer (Because it had been a while and it's good to shut it off every once in a while) and it wouldn't reboot.  So I called my dad over (He works on fixing computers and helping with problems with the systems and stuff) and he tried almost all night all this different stuff and it still wouldn't reboot.  So we let it sit during the night and try again and it still didn't boot so now, (Thankfully the warranty hadn't run out) so now we have to send it in and somebody is going to take it apart and re-install it, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to lose everything I had on it, =(  Thankfully I believe everything was backed up, but I am still going to have to either start over or take all of the stuff off of the back up thingie and back onto my computer.  *Sigh*

     And if that wasn't enough, today I washed my sister and I's clothes (We share a room, so we have the same laundry) and as I was pulling the clothes out of the washer, I noticed my sister's phone at the bottom of the washer.  I suppose it was in her jean pocket when I put it in the washer.  I took it apart and am letting it dry.  I don't know whether it will work or not!! 

    Sense that is all the bad news, I will now move onto the good.  My grandparents are here.  They have an RV (Fifth Wheel, actually, which means it is pulled by a truck) that they take all over the country.  They have a house in Michigan, but they are only there every couple trips.  They will be in California one week, then New Mexico for a month, then in Maine for two weeks, then they stop a their house for a week, then come and see us (In SC) then to North Dakota, etc, etc, =)  They drove to Alaska last year. =)  But they are here with us for a week, and they will be here for my sister's birthday, which is next Monday, the 28th.  Then they are going to be in NC for 3 weeks, and back for Thanksgiving, or at least some time around there.  They are part of this Christian group that goes around and helps fix up/do odd jobs around camps, churches and such.  So, they work at the campground, or camp, or church for three weeks, and then the last week of that month they can stay there free.  Well, October and November they did/are working in North Carolina, so that last week that they could stay free, they are coming and spending with us! =)

       Today a man from church came over to buy a hay rake that we had.  We had tried using it, but it was to big for our tractor.  We helped his hoist it onto his trailer.  Julia (my sister) is glad we got rid of it because one of our animals had gotten his halter stuck on it before and so she doesn't have to worry anymore.  The man has two sons that our Julia and I's age, and he brought them to help.  We took them around to see the animals.  It was nice to talk to them because even though we go to the same small church they never really talk to us.  After they left we were clarifying to my grandmother who was who and she said about the one, "Was he the one with the pretty blond hair?"  And I wanted to say yes, but I didn't want it to appear that I agreed with the adjective also! =D  So I just said, "Yes, he was the one with the blond hair." =)

      Well, we are going out tonight, and I need to go get ready.

Have a blessed day,

J. Joy


  1. Oh dear! What a day! :) But hey, if life wasn't exciting then where would we be? :) I love your blog so much! Keep on writing because I will keep on reading. :D Your way of writing makes it feel like I am there living through life with you. Great job! :)

    From one writer to another,
    Julia Ryan

    1. Aww, I just found this comment! So sweet! Thanks, Julia. Ditto to you! Haha

      Love Jess


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