Rose Hill Plantation

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   If you have been up to this post reading my blog, you may notice (I hope you would notice!) that I have re-named and changed the template of my blog.  I decided to, kinda as a spur of the moment thing.  What do you guys think?  I may make slight changes as the time goes on, but I'm not sure.  Anywho, the last time my grandparents were here, we went with a neighbor to this place called Rose Hill Plantation.  It is a State Park now, but it used to be the house of the governor of South Carolina.  That governor happened to be the one who declared that South Carolina would leave the Union!  It was quite interesting.  We even got to take a tour of the house, and there are a lot of interesting facts.  The governor had a relative, I believe it was a nephew, whose parents were on the Confederate side.  You can very easily tell by the name of the boy; State Rights.  =D  Well, I can't find my photos of inside the house (More electonic trouble, oh joy!) but I do have some very (I think) pretty pictures of the grounds, which we were able to walk around by ourselves.
      So, without further Ado, allow me to take you on a photographic stroll through Rose Hill Plantation's gardens.  Enjoy. <3


Come, Take a Walk in the Garden

Why, what is that up ahead?  Could that be a house?

Why, goodness, yes it is!  Come, let us explore!!



This is reconstructed model of a kitchen.  Would you like to see inside?


Now, For the Nature!
(Plus Some Samples of Different Photography Styles) 

Now, look that these next two pictures, and notice what is in focus.

In the top one, the house is in focus, while the leaves are fuzzy.
In the bottom photo, the leaves are in focus, while the house is behind it.
I personally like the second style better, because it focuses on something that normally unimportant, and shows you the beauty of that, and yet, in the background is the real thing.  It tells both that you should look at the small things, but also to not loose sight of the big thing.
But yet the first picture is good too because it gives a foreground, so that the picture is not so "flat."
Which Do You Like Best?


   Well, that's about it for now.  I hope that you enjoyed the pictures! =)

In Christ, Jessica Joy <3

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