The Land No One Knows

The time fell from my life
Like petals from a rose
Silently slipping away
To the Land No One Knows

The time will never be back,
Don't let it doze,
For if you do it will surely go
To the Land No One Knows

How many sleepless hours, 
How many highs-and-lows,
How many angry days reside
In the Land No One Knows

How many "I Love You"s 
Lost in time
How many sad last glances
There could you find?

Oh, what questions
we could pose
to the time lost
in the Land No One Knows.

This poem is a little different than anything I've ever published here.  A little strange.  What do you think?



  1. I adore this, Jessica! It's so beautiful and thought-provoking. Your poems are simply masterful. Thank you for sharing<3
    In Christ,

  2. Thats really cool Jessica! A little sad, I have to admit because I hate to think of time slipping away, but really cool!

  3. I've never seen metaphors about time quite like that. Very original! Your poem was beautiful, as always. :)

    --Rebecca at The Silver Flute

  4. Absolutely beautiful poem, Jessica. You write some of the best poems I've ever had the pleasure of reading! Thank you so much for posting, very thought provoking!

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous! Such a unique, wonderful poem :)


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