Tacit Tuesdays: 9 (Winter)


   This is officially the first new-and-(hopefully)-improved Tacit Tuesdays!  I'm still working on going back and "fixing" all the other ones. 

  Today's theme is Winter because it snowed today!  Which is rare for South Carolina, plus, this is the third, yes, THIRD time it has snowed this winter!  Which is quite amazing.  So, I know that these are mainly pictures of snow, and I assure you that the other Tacit Tuesdays will be more interesting than this.  Enjoy! =)

ps. All of these were taken today. =)

Well, that's about it.  Um, as a random fact, Shirley Temple died yesterday at 85.  I don't really know that much about her besides her career as a child.  I hope she knew the LORD.

~Jessica J.


  1. SO PRETTY!!!! All we have is a bit of ice and lots and lots of rain..... Anyways.. <3 =)

    1. Aw...I hope you got snow today! If not, we have enough for the both of us! =D
      <3 Love ya.

  2. Wow those are beautiful pictures ! Just wind and rain here :(

    Eb x

    1. Thanks! Aw...=( Do you guys get much snow there? We hardly ever do, but this has been a weird winter.

  3. I'm jelous. We didn't get any snow this winter. :P Spring weather has now moved into Texas to stay. :D


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