Slight Changes


   Recently my mom was reading some articles/blog posts that she emailed to me, so I read them too.  They were about copyrighting laws and the possibility of even getting sued for using pictures that don't belong to you.  While I haven't been using many pictures off the internet and I think I'm safe, since the stuff I did use wasn't photographs, I still would like to be on the safe side.  So, I'm going to try to use all of my own pictures/creations. 

   I'm thinking of this as more of a challenge than something to sulk about.  Tacit Tuesdays will be changing a little bit.  Instead of the stuff I have been doing, I'll be using it as a time to post some of the pictures I have taken recently, and I will add words and edit some of them, so it will be interesting. =)  For now, I'm going to go back and take down some of the pictures from Tacit Tuesdays.  But the funny ones, as long as they aren't pictures, I'll keep or maybe re-do them so they are mine. 

   Plus, we own two cameras and I have the ability to take lots of pictures.

So, don't worry, not that much will change, but I just wanted to let you guys know. =)



  1. I think it will be really good and will make your blog better ! I can't wait to see !

    Eb x

  2. The next yearbook meeting I have, we are going to be discussing copyright and such, and how to tell which pictures ARE copyrighted. If you want, I can tell you what I learned, If you still want to use pics. ;)

    1. Yes, you should tell me about all that stuff!!! I'll make sure to get it from you. Ps. I've seen your profile picture before, it looks familiar... ;)

  3. I'm glad you guys are excited about it. It makes me feel good about it. =)

  4. Oh my... If you get the chance, could you post the link to that article? Golly, I had no idea about that since a lot of bloggers do that. whoops!


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