I'm sorry about not being active.  I've been feeling very overwhelmed and so this is just going to be a regrouping post to get caught up.  I'm skipping Tacit Tuesdays this week.  I didn't have time to put it together yesterday and because I'm typing this post I'm just going to skip it.  It will be here next week, though, don't worry. =)

   Okay, first off, responding to comments. 

   Thank you Abigail, Natasha, and Jaime Lynn for commenting/following!  I'm so glad you guys found my blog and that you like it!  It makes me so happy! =D  I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you. =)

   Plus, Jaime, I really liked what your brother said about turtle necks being a really weak guy strangling you all day!  That is so funny, and so true!  Haha! =D

   Ty, (and everyone else) the link to the article about the blog pictures is: http://www.blogher.com/if-emily-posted-fair-use  I personally read through it and it doesn't make much sense to me.  I guess it's just over my head!  So I just decided better safe than sorry.  Also, I clicked on another article at the bottom about the same issue and Pinterest.  That link is here: http://www.blogher.com/pinterest-and-intellectual-property-conundrum  *Please note, I don't know much about this website, so while these links are safe, I can't vouch for all of the posts or the advertisements.  Thanks. =) * 

   Also, as a side note, you can get pictures that are free to use off of Google.  If you go to Google Images and type in something random, like dog, it will come up with tons of pictures.  Go over to the gear sign at the top right and click on it.  A drop down menu will appear.  Click Advanced Search.  When a page load, scroll all the way down to the bottom.  The last "bar" will be a thing called usage rights.  If you click the little arrow a drop down menu will appear allowing you to change it from: not filtered by license to a whole list.  Click on the free to use or share button.  Then the big blue Advanced Search button right below that.  Your search will not be filtered so that you can use it.  Now, make sure you check it, because I think it undoes that every time you type something new into the search engine.  Also, it greatly limits the choses.  But, it's always worth a shot. =)

Mikayla, I'm sorry you didn't get any snow!  We got about 6 inches!  It was nice. =)  But I wasn't sad to see it go, either.

    Okay, now I have some questions!

I now have 14 wonderful followers.  I'm thankful for each and EVERY one of you.  I went through the list the other day and I was surprised how many of you I don't know in real life!  I'm very glad you all found your way to my blog.  Anyway, I was wondering what your opinions are.  Do you prefer blog posts that are more organized; that have a theme and a point, or ones that are random, where I more just ramble?  Are things that you would like me to talk about?  Would you like more tutorials, or useful things such as that?  I'm more than willing to listen to your thoughts and ideas.  You can email me or just comment. =)

   And just random things going on...

As always, I'm trying to catch up with school, and working on editing my books.  One is almost done, and the other is almost...started...Yeah, I really need to work on that second one.  I'm actually thinking of, once I have edited it, posting chapters at a time.  How would you guys like that?  Of course, if I post the first couple chapters and you guys hate it because it is terrible, I will save you the misery of reading the rest.  But I think you'll all like it. =) (See how I said you'll all to try to stay northern?  I'm turning southern...I'm startin' to take the "g" off the end of thangs.  My Yankee-ness is slipping away...) ;)  It has been exactly a month today since m birthday.  And I have driven about 10 hours.  Yah!  I love driving!  =D

  Well, I suppose I ought to get another lesson of math done.  Thank you for reading, everyone.  It seems kind of weird that I "own" the blog and the rest of you are "following."  I feel more like it's a community!  LOL  Thank you all for commenting.  Each and every comment makes my day!  And you guys add so much, not only to this blog, but also to my life in general.  =)  <3

  God Bless,
Jessica Joy.



  1. Hey hey hey! Never be ashamed of turning Southern, we have more fun down here anyway. =D

    1. Leave it to you to, out of the whole post, pick out the thing about southerners! ;) tehe. Yeah, I know. I don't really mind it. Your right, we do have more fun down here! =D

    2. I'm good like that. ;D The Carolina's are more East then south, you should come try it down here, you'd like it. =D

    3. Well, at least our state has south in the name! ha HA! ;) Well, and besides, we are south AND east. Our eastern-ness does not diminish from our southern-ness! =D I'm just joking with you....mainly... ;D tehe

  2. I like organised posts but the occasional ramble is ok ! I would like to see more tutorials. Maybe some crafty things ? Anything really though ! I like tacit Tuesdays !

    Catching up on school is such a pain. I am having a hectic time right now with work !

    Keep being brilliant !
    Eb x

    1. Thanks for your comment, Eb. It was so sweet. =)
      I'll try to do more crafty things. We aren't really that crafty of a family, but my sister loves it so I'll see what I can do. ;) =)

      Thanks. I'll try! (hehe)


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