I'm Back!!! *DUH DUN DUM!!!!*

Hey ya'll!

Okay, so seriously, how has a month passed since I've been writing??  It seems like my break flew by.  I guess the fact that I was traveling more than I was home, and that I didn't have a free day from not being out of the house for the ENTIRE MONTH until, like, January 16, I guess it does make since.....Anyway.

So, yeah....I'm here.

And this post is a day late.  But let's forget that, shall we?

Guess what yesterday was!!!!??

No really, guess.

(And I'll give you a hint:  Not Martin Luther King Jr. Day, or National Popcorn Day.)  *Okay, so actually it was, but BESIDES that....*

MY BIRTHDAY!!!  Yup.  Whoo!  *throws confetti in the air as you all clap sullenly* ;)

So I'm officially sixteen.  16.  One-Six.  The big sweet sixteen.

Which means I'm going to take drivers ed so I can get a restricted license, so I can drive to a job, so I can get a job, so I can get a bank account, so I won't be broke.  HAha.....

Okay, so I'm like only slightly insane right now from a lack of sleep and science and homework and trying to not spazz about everything.....

So hey, what's up with you?


*this post is to be stricken from the record as Jessica is unable to type normally and actually have sane coherent thoughts.  Please try again later.*


  1. Whoooooooo! Happy late birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! ooh, are you going to get a job? ;) Great to have you back! :D

    1. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D I'm gonna try. ;) At a place that unfortunately, the north has not been blessed with yet. ;D Chick-Fil-A. Ami' right, southern peeps? ;) Thanks Sarah! <3

  2. Happy late Birthday! So happy your back! It's totally fine if your late on posting.

  3. OH YEAH!!!! YOUR BACK!!!!! =D *Three cheers for Jessica*!!! =D Congratulations on your birthday Jessica!! =D

  4. Driver's Ed sounds like fun!!! Happy sweet sixteen! Did you do anything special!? :)

  5. YAYY! You're back :) I've missed your posts! And happy birthday...I hope it was truly wonderful!
    -Lauren <3

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  7. I'm like the youngest girl out there, 15 til September, lol. Cool that you get to join the ranks of the 16 year olds :)

  8. I know this is super late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You're an amazing writer, very inspiration, and one of my best blogging friends. I'm so happy that you're back, Jessica! I hope you had a great birthday and that this year is your best yet:)
    In Christ,

  9. Happy, happy SUPER duper late birthday!!!!! Oh, and just so you know, I actually really enjoy super random posts. Makes me feel better about being random :D


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